Turkey: Keeps good Syrians, sends bad ones to Europe

So lets recap on how the whole migrant situation has gone so far. I won’t bother talking about the increases in crime and the strain on resources, which I’ve covered to death already. Just a summary of how the situation has come about, and is being dealt with.


  • Angela Merkel (the other Queen Bitch) offers to take in “no limit” of migrants. Essentially any who manage to reach Germany, gets to stay.
  • This invitation gets out to the entire third world and everyone decides to come, pretending they are fleeing the Syrian civil war, even though many aren’t even Syrian, and even those who are Syrian, have to pass through Turkey (a safe, war free country) on their way to Europe anyway.
  • Merkel then decides to renege on her invitation by closing Germany’s borders, in order to pressure other EU countries to help out, even though it was her own fault for inviting infinity migrants into Germany to begin with.
  • This pisses off many migrants, who feel that she lied to them.
  • Some “refugees” are so disappointed by the lies they were told that they even decide to fly home, despite supposedly fleeing for their lives to Europe. Some even return home, just because they didn’t like the cold weather in Europe.
  • Merkel begins to realise that many of them aren’t legitimate refugees, and decides to do a deal with Turkey to send fake refugees back in exchange for “real” ones on a one to one basis (even though none are real seeing as already pointed out, they’re already safe from the war once they reach Turkey).
  • Turkey demands visa free travel for their citizens and the prosecution of people who say mean things about their president, which Germany stupidly agrees to.
Erdogan doesn’t like when people say mean things to him just because he happens to enjoy fucking goats. Think about his hurt feelings 😦

Ok so now that that is all covered, lets talk a bit more about this deal. The way it’s being presented to the public is that it will result in less migrants coming in to Europe, something which the public would of course welcome after all the trouble they have been seen to cause. This of course is completely false and the reason why is obvious. If the deal involves sending one person back to Turkey, and then getting another from Turkey in exchange, then obviously that means the exact same number of people are going to end up In Europe one way or another. However, when you also add in the fact that Turkey has a population of about 75 Million people (more than every EU country apart from Germany themselves), and is about to receive visa free travel to Europe, then obviously Europe will still be overrun with Muslims no matter what and if anything, it will happen even faster now. The deal also allows Turkey to pick and choose which “real refugees” they send to Europe and they’ve made it quite clear, that they’re only going to send the worst ones.

From RT

European officials are accusing Ankara of foul play within the EU-Turkey refugee deal, claiming that Ankara is not allowing qualified Syrian refugees to leave the country.
Who would have ever expected that our great ally Turkey would try and screw us over like this? I for one am shocked, shocked I tell you, to hear of something like this.

Top EU officials have expressed anger at Turkey’s selective approach to sending Syrian refugees – currently living in the country – to Europe, according to Spiegel magazine.

They insist that most refugees coming from Turkey under the “one in, one out” deal are people with “severe illnesses” and a “low educational background,” stressing that it is Turkish officials who are exclusively in charge of selecting candidates for leaving for the EU.

Wow, I’m sure these severely ill and uneducated people will be a great economic boost to Europe. They’ll definitely be able to fill important job roles , and will be paying our pensions in no time. They absolutely won’t end up living the rest of their lives on welfare.

The hasty deal between the EU and Turkey includes a controversial refugee exchange scheme. Under the plan, Syrian refugees on the Greek islands are being returned to Turkey, while EU countries are taking asylum seekers currently living in the country.

Those poor, helpless  asylum seekers in Turkey clearly are in severe danger. They need to escape some horrible danger in Turkey which only seems to affect them, and not the Turkish citizens.

At an internal EU meeting, a representative of Luxembourg said that the list of departing refugees proposed by Turkey overwhelmingly“contained [people] with serious medical cases or refugees with very low education.” The same tendency was reported by German Deputy Interior Minister Ole Schröder to the corresponding committee of the Bundestag, the lower house of the parliament, according to Spiegel.

During the same meeting, representatives of Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg reportedly told the assembly that over the past weeks Turkish authorities have repeatedly been rejecting exit applications filed by Syrian well-trained engineers, doctors and other professionals, who could successfully integrate into European societies.

Because they want to keep the useful ones who might actually have some value, for themselves. Europe gets left with the worthless dregs that remain. I’d also bet good money that the sick and uneducated will be the least of our problems. I really believe that they’ll send any of the ones who are known to have criminal backgrounds too.

Under the controversial migrant deal, Brussels has given Ankara exclusive rights to select refugees permitted to leave the country and re-settle into the EU. Previously, the UNHCR, which was in charge of this procedure, has been “officially informed” by Turkish authorities that Syrian academics will “no longer be allowed to travel to Turkey,” Spiegel wrote.

So in other words, they aren’t technically violating the deal. They’re perfectly within their rights to choose who goes to Europe and who stays in Turkey. Merkel and company did such a piss poor job of negotiating, that they actually were handed this power.

UN officials and rights groups have criticized the deal pointing out that deporting migrants from Europe en masse contradicts international regulations. Serious concerns also arise from fear that it could leave Syrian refugees unprotected in Turkey, and at risk of being sent back to a war zone they have escaped from.

Turkey itself is subject to international criticism for systematic human rights violations, including the ongoing crackdown on Kurds and suppressing media freedoms, undermining Brussels’ assurances that it could be a safe haven for those deported from Europe.

So now they’re suggesting that Turkey itself isn’t safe or trustworthy, which brings up the question… why are we making deals with them, and why are we allowing them visa free travel to Europe, if we know we can’t trust them?

Amnesty International Europe’s director, John Dalhuisen, previously told The Guardian: “If it is applied in its absolute sense, then the number of refugees that Europe would take would depend on the number of refugees prepared to risk their lives through other means – and that is staring at a moral abyss.”

Meanwhile in Germany – which championed the Turkey pact and has taken in over 1.1 million refugees –56 percent of people described the deal as “rather bad,” compared to 39 percent rating it “rather good,” according to April’s poll by ARD Deutschlandtrend.

Those 39% are fucking morons.

Notably, only 17 percent said Turkey could be a trustworthy partner, while 79 percent said it could not. In the meantime, France, the UK, the US, Greece and Russia are trusted more, the poll data showed.

But of course much like all democracies, the views of the people don’t actually matter. Even though 83% don’t think they’re trustworthy to deal with, the German government is going to deal with them anyway.

The whole situation is just insane.

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