Most “refugees” are poorly educated young men.

Geniuses, the lot of them.

It’s just a shame that there aren’t job opportunities for people with skills in gang rape. They’d have no problem finding employment if that was the case.

From RT

Three-quarters of refugees who entered Germany in 2015 are males, two thirds younger than 33 years old, with low working experience, a new study by the German national immigration service says.

“Don’t worry everyone, they’ll be paying your pensions, and using their skills to raise your country’s living standards to the levels of the countries they came from in no time.”

Germany’s Federal Service for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has released a new study on nearly 1.1 million refugees who entered the country last year, offering a closer look at migrants from a social perspective. Based on survey data collected from asylum applicants, it gives the first closer look at migrants’ social status, education, age and occupations. 

The study, called “Asylum applicants: Social structure, qualifications and employability,” says that most of refugees who came to Germany in 2015 are young men. Most males, seen by country, come from Pakistan, followed by Afghans, Syrians, Eritreans and Iraqis. Under-22s make up the biggest proportion among the Eritreans (over 46 percent), the Afghans (40 percent) and Iraqis (27 percent).

“They’re just trying to escape from the Syrian civil war, which has since spread to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Iraq. Also the fact that the majority are young, military aged men, rather than women, children, and elderly, is nothing to be concerned about. They definitely aren’t an invasion force attempting to conquer you in the name of their desert God.”

In total, nearly two-thirds of all refugees are 33 and under, with only a tiny proportion of people older than 52, the study says. Young people predominantly come from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria.

“Again, let me stress that this is nothing to be concerned about. I know you would expect that these young men would be the main demographic staying behind to fight to protect their homelands in the brutal civil wars that are currently happening in every single non-European country on the planet. But that just isn’t the case this time.”

“What? You want me to explain why?”

“Well…um… that’s racist and sexist, what you’ve just asked. I don’t need to justify that accusation. I automatically win the argument by calling you those names. Anyway, lets move on.”

The study also covered the migrants’ literacy and education. According to the research, 18 percent of asylum applicants hold a university degree, 20 percent have attended a high school, approximately one-third a secondary school and 22 percent a primary school. Seven percent of migrants have no formal education at all.

“They’ll be working in the high tech, fast paced, modern economy in no time.”

This is Abdullah. He just arrived in Germany after fleeing the brutal civil war in Pakistan. Abdullah never went to high school. He manages your finances.

While Afghans, Eritreans, Pakistanis and people from the Western Balkans have lower educational attainment, Syrians and Iranians are often better educated. 27 percent of Syrians and 35 percent of Iranians have graduated from a university.

Wow, there are even survivors from the brutal civil war in Iran there too.

The research is also the first comprehensive attempt to understand how to tackle the remarkable number of refugees already in Germany, given their skill set and qualifications. Many in Germany do not believe migrants could successfully contribute to the society as qualified workers.

Those damn Nazis are at it again. How could they say such hurtful things about the skillsets of the survivors from the brutal civil wars in Pakistan and Afghanistan?

There there Achmed. Let the tears flow freely. Don’t listen to those German bullies who think you can’t get a job, just because you have the education of a 9 year old. That’s the same age Aisha was when your prophet had sex with her 😉

Last October, the Federal Employment Agency said that that 81 percent of asylum seekers were “without formal qualifications,” claiming that due to the heavy refugee influx there will be at least 400,000 additional welfare recipients in 2016.

“But don’t worry. Even though these 400,000 extra people are a drain on the country’s resources, in the long run they’ll somehow end up paying back more than they take. We just haven’t figured out how yet.”

Most male and female refugees were either “self-employed” or did manual labor before coming to Germany, the BAMF study revealed. Considerable portion of migrants worked in agriculture and service sector, while only a few of them had experience in trade, commerce or education.

Over the past months, Germany has seen a new wave of Islamophobic and anti-migrant violence, as the refugee crisis is polarizing supporters and opponents of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy of welcoming refugees.

Strange how this Islamophobia and anti-migrant attitudes seems to increase with greater exposure to these people. Their apologists always seem to make the claim that people who hold attitudes like these are “ignorant”. Yet it’s the people with personal experience who hold these attitudes, and the ones who condemn them are the ones who are sheltered from it. If I didn’t know better I would say that they are the ones who are actually ignorant, and that they are just projecting their own ignorance onto those who are actually wise to the truth.

Troubled by rising popular anger at the government, Germany has introduced a new set of measures called “Asylum Package II.” It puts limits on the number of admitted asylum seekers and also includes an attempt to integrate those who have already reached Germany.

Doesn’t address the core problem at all. It’s still going to have the same effect longterm (the replacement and ethnic cleansing of the indigenous German population). All this does is slow down the inevitable because there was the risk of a backlash for over playing your hand too soon.

Refugees will have to take integration courses, costing €10 a month, and to learn German. Otherwise they will be forced to leave the country and/or have their asylum revoked.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

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