A parallel in nature.

So apparently male grizzly bears have in recent times been venturing out of their native territories and been heading north to mate with female polar bears. Instead of celebrating the vibrant diversity, racist scientists are suggesting that this is a negative thing for the polar bear population.

This bear’s name is Muhammad. He is exactly the same as any polar bear because they can produce fertile offspring together. This means they are the same species and any noticeable difference is just a “social construct” created by polar bear supremacists.

From Washington Post

BARROW, Alaska — Most Alaskans and Canadians have a bear story — tales of fearsome grizzlies, even polar bears. But a mix of the two?

They’re known as pizzlies or grolars, and they’re a fusion of the Arctic white bear and their brown cousins. It’s a blend that’s been turning up more and more in parts of Alaska and Western Canada.

A “Grolar” or “Pizzly” bear as they’re known. All the trendy polar bears females are giving birth to these. Only racist bears want children that look like them.

Last week, a strange-looking bear was shot by a hunter in Nunavut, a remote territory that curves around Canada’s Hudson Bay. Its head was large, like a grizzly’s, but its fur was white. The bear’s genetics were not tested, but Arctic researchers seem unified in their analysis: It’s a polar-grizzly mix. A hybrid.

I don’t know how they could possibly tell, when differences are all just social constructs that were arbitrarily invented in order to justify discrimination against grizzly bears for absolutely no reason.

Textbooks say these two species aren’t supposed to inhabit the same environments. Polar bears are marine mammals; grizzlies are terrestrial. But as the Arctic warms, sea ice is shrinking and the tundra is expanding. And the bears’ disparate populations are meeting, mating and creating a new breed that’s capable of reproducing.

Diversity is the Arctic’s greatest strength.

Those grizzly bears are enriching polar bear culture.

Eventually, those grizzlies will integrate and will adopt polar bear behaviour as their own.

Bears sharing both species’ DNA have been recorded several times over the past decade. So why are these two species linking up?

It’s called flexible mate choice: The bears are mating with the best possible partners as opposed to not mating at all, and they’re mating because they share relatively close territories and the same branches of the same evolutionary tree.

Intraspecies mixing between the two happened thousands of years ago, thanks to the advance and retreat of glaciers, and of late, it has been boosted by climate change. Scientists say it’s also probably been assisted by policies that protect both bears from culling and hunting, affording further opportunities for mingling.

The crossbreeds found in Alaska and Canada are not genetic anomalies. Scientists have found the mix in the islands off Southeast Alaska, where bears resemble grizzlies but contain polar bear DNA. That indicates decades of sporadic interbreeding, said Steven Amstrup, chief scientist at Polar Bears International.

And that’s a good thing. Bear diversity is the best thing in the world for polar bears. And of course, we all know that the true definition of diversity means mixing polar bears out of existence.

The polar-grizzly cocktail is also far from the only recent animal hybrid. The coywolf — a coyote-dog-wolf amalgamation — and a lynx-bobcat mix have been popping up along the northern Atlantic coast. The more scientists analyze species’ genomes, the more they realize that animals we label as “pure breeds” actually share DNA — and that includes us.

Many humans carry traces of DNA from Neanderthals, which means we’re all hybrids. It also means there’s no such thing as genetic purity. The concept is a romantic construct, an anthropomorphized take on nature. And what may be most surprising about this, researchers say, is the role interbreeding plays in the futures of endangered species — or, as the case may be with polar bears, accelerating their end.

So they literally outright admitted it. That grizzly bears moving into polar bear territory and interbreeding with them, will inevitably end in the destruction of polar bears as a unique group. Sure, their genetics will be passed on to their hybrid descendants, but there will not be any more actual polar bears in the future if this keeps up.

Amstrup has studied bears in the Arctic since the 1970s and was instrumental in helping list the polar bear as a threatened species in 2008. He, like other experts, characterizes this “new” bear relationship as more beneficial to grizzlies than polar bears. That’s because there are more grizzlies than polar bears and because grizzly territory is expanding while polar bear territory is contracting. What that adds up to is a good chance grizzlies could essentially dilute the polar bear population until it doesn’t exist at all, they say.

Replace the words “polar ” with “white”, “bear” with “people”, and “grizzlies” with “non-white”, and you’ll get the point I’m trying to make by posting this article (just in case it wasn’t obvious already).

“Aw sheeeitt. Can’t wait to ‘muh dick’ some of dem polar beeeiitches”

Polar bears are getting the short end of the stick in this relationship, not “gaining any genetic diversity,” said Geoff York, who led research on polar bears at the World Wildlife Fund for almost a decade before joining Amstrup at PBI.

Andrew Derocher, a professor of biological studies at the University of Alberta, has spent three decades studying bears throughout the Arctic. He, too, has a sobering view about where the hybridization is heading.

“I hate to say it, but from a genetic perspective, it’s quite likely grizzly bears will eat polar bears up, genetically,” he told me. And he says the changes are already at play.

Again, the polar bears will eventually cease to exist as a distinct bear because their genetic distinctiveness will be overwhelmed by grizzly DNA.

All hybrids that have been analyzed had grizzly fathers, because grizzly males roam to establish territory and come in contact with receptive female polar bears. Female grizzlies tend not to stray far from their home ranges, and male polar bears don’t usually creep into grizzly habitats.

Exactly like what is happening in Europe right now. Just as how its male grizzlies migrating to polar bear territory and mating with female polar bears, it is almost entirely young men who are migrating to Europe from Africa and the Middle East using this fake refugee crisis as an excuse to do so. And then the primary victims of their sexual crimes are white European girls and women, many of whom are actually welcoming these men into their countries with open arms.

“I want a grizzly boyfriend. I’ll be the envy of all my friends and it will show how progressive I am.”

Polar bears need the ice — that’s where the seals and walruses they eat live. They don’t hibernate, and they don’t travel south of the tundra. Grizzlies, historically, rarely ventured north of the treeline. Permafrost is too cold for their liking, and they sink into the snow easily. (Polar bears have padded paws that act as snowshoes). Hunting is more challenging in the north, where prey is scarce. They’re not really swimmers.

But shifts are afoot.

“What we’re starting to see in the Canadian Arctic is three-fourth grizzlies,” Derocher said, referring to the offspring of 50-50 hybrids that then mated with grizzlies. “How do they act? Probably more like grizzly bears, living on land. As climate change continues, terrestrial habitat is going to increase, and the likelihood is the habitat for grizzlies, a terrestrial bear, is going to get better. That means a longer warming period and greater food potential.”

Derocher said it will not be long before we start seeing female grizzlies bump into male polar bears, further straining the polar bear’s genetic variation. “I suspect at the same time that that’s occurring, we’ll start to see polar bears on their way out.”

Again I think the point needs to be emphasised. They’re saying exactly what the future holds for polar bears if this continues… their extinction. It’s exactly what is happening to us as a distinct racial group, except it’s not permitted to be spoken about because apparently, speaking out against our own demographic destruction is “racist” and “white supremacist”.

Now again, I just want to make it quite clear that I don’t believe that white people should have supremacy over any other racial group. Nor do I hold any hatred towards other races, just because they’re different. I simply believe that all races, all ethnic groups have a right to exist, and a right to preserve what makes them unique. I value true diversity, not this ridiculous fake diversity that inevitably results in breeding us out of existence in the lands that our ancestors built for us. I don’t see anything wrong or evil about speaking out against our own extinction any more than any other racial group doing the same thing.

Nobody (except the Chinese obviously) have a problem with the Tibetans speaking out against their own destruction, but everyone (even other white people) thinks its wrong when white people do the same. Nobody ever explains why this is. They just insult us and call us names.

When will that be? Impossible to say, but some experts think that as the Arctic continues warming, it may be only a few decades, perhaps a century. There are about 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears in the Circumpolar Arctic, and “an order of magnitude higher for grizzlies in that area” and other brown bears, Derocher said. “It shouldn’t be a big surprise that grizzlies are moving north — everything is.”

So there are essentially 10 times as many grizzlies as there are polar bears and it’s expected that this will result in the demographic replacement of polars with grizzlies over time. Lets look at the global population of humans by race (keeping in mind that most non-whites want to move to white countries, because they’re usually the best ones to live in).

You see people think because white people are the majority in white countries, that they are the majority in general so they sympathise more with the “minorities”. It doesn’t work like that. We could very easily be overrun and ethnically cleansed by the other groups.

Right now, polar bears are also threatened by polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, and other toxic pollution — primarily from eating seals and other animals affected by these carcinogens — that has been linked to brain damage, even causing some bears’ baculums, or penis bones, to break off.

And those outcomes could affect polar-grizzly hybrids as badly as pure breeds. No matter what bear ends up as the Arctic’s future apex predator, scientists say, if the issues up north aren’t solved, it won’t matter what bears are there.

Hybrids are “a normal part of the evolutionary process,” Derocher said. But if the ice disappears, “we won’t have grizzlies or polar bears in this area. If you roll the clock ahead another number of decades or a century, quite clearly it’s going to be no bears eventually.”

Yeah and I’m sure there’ll be no humans eventually too if things continue down the path we’re going. Western civilisation has been at forefront of all human development, and western civilisation is inextricably linked with the the European people. If we go extinct, I just can’t see  humanity continuing to develop.

But of course, that’s just racist to suggest, because we’re all 100% equal in every way, and it doesn’t matter if we cease to exist. -_-


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