Marry my son, or else.

With all the vibrant diversity that we’re experiencing here in Europe due to the ongoing invasion, it can be easy to forget about what actually happens in the countries these people people come from. Today, I share perhaps the most romantic story that I’ve ever read. It just warms my heart to read about the love this young man felt for the woman of his dreams… a love so strong that it caused him to do crazy things.

From DW

A schoolteacher in Murree, near the capital Islamabad, has died after she was attacked and burned alive. The woman did not want to marry her school principal’s son.

Sadaqat was teaching at a private school in the hilly resort. The principal of the institution wanted her to marry his son, but she refused, police officer Ishtiaq Haider told dpa news agency.

Stupid woman, don’t you understand that it doesn’t matter what you want. That man’s son wanted to marry you, and what he wanted is all that matters.

“The principal along with two other men attacked her house. They first tortured her and then set her on fire,” Haider said.

Brutally torturing and setting women on fire while they’re still alive. Just one of the many examples of exciting Pakistani culture that we’ll soon have in Europe to enrich us. If you thought acid attacks were fun, just wait until they’re setting European women on fire. 🙂

This woman used to have such a boring life. Not anymore thanks to the excitement of having acid thrown in her face.

Her family members then took her to the hospital, where she died.

A small price to pay for the excitement of being set on fire against your will just because you didn’t want to marry somebody.

Such attacks are not uncommon in Pakistan, where women usually cannot make their own decisions regarding love and marriage. Nearly 1,000 women become victims of honor killing if their families believe they have violated social norms.

And soon enough such attacks will not be uncommon in Europe either. Despite the ridiculous lies we’re led to believe, a country is in fact a reflection of the people who inhabit it, not the other way around. Therefore, when European countries are inhabited by the same kind of people who perform actions like these, then we’ll see more actions like these in European countries as a result. The people aren’t going to magically change their behaviour and cultural norms, just because they’re now in a different geographical location. They’ll take their behaviour and cultural norms with them.

A similar incident took place in April, when a teenage girl was drugged, killed and burned for helping her friend run away with a man and marry him.

People will often take these incidents on a case by case basis and act as if they’re just “isolated incidents” that aren’t a reflection of the demographic that the perpetrator comes from. That’s why it’s important to show that they aren’t isolated at all. It needs to be made quite clear that there is an observable pattern, rather than pretending there isn’t.

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