Typical Western stupidity.

Following the last few terrorist attacks in Europe, there’s naturally been a lot of worry about when and where the next one will happen. The Euro 2016 tournament in France is cited as prime target for terrorists looking to make an impact and people are understandably frightened of the prospect.

Fortunately, the brilliant French authorities have thought of a fantastic plan to keep the people safe. Hire the terrorists themselves to do security at the event. This really is just incredibly intelligent. How could I have not thought of it myself? If the terrorists are doing security at the event, then they’ll be too busy doing their jobs protecting people from terrorists, to commit acts of terrorism themselves.

Let me just repeat that again so it sinks in. The terrorists won’t do terrorism, because they’ll be too busy doing their jobs (protecting people from terrorists), and therefore won’t have the time to do terrorism themselves.

Does that make sense to you?


Yeah, me neither.

From RT

A new shocking twist in the Euro 2016 saga has emerged just days after stark warnings ISIS would make the event a target. It turns out 82 of the people hired for security posts on the football cup are on French terror watch lists.

What could possibly go wrong?

“I just don’t understand how this could have happened. Why didn’t our security team prevent this?” ~ Future musings of a shocked French authority figure.

The Directorate General of Internal Security (ISB) has screened a total of 3,500 individuals already hired for the job of ensuring the safety of visitors, according to Le Point. Those among the 82 found on the watch list could by definition either belong to a terrorist group, such as Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), or have a history of questionable behavior or extreme beliefs on either the left or right.

Can I just point out yet again (as if I haven’t enough already)  why is that people who are known members or sympathisers of terrorist organisations are being allowed to roam free on the streets? I do acknowledge that simply holding extreme beliefs is not enough for a criminal conviction  (because if we did that, we’d essentially be enforcing thought crime legislation) but I cannot for the life of me understand why people with these beliefs are being allowed into Europe and are free to live among us. It’s one thing if native European people have extreme views. I don’t condone it from them anymore than when foreign nationals have them, but I at least realise that we have an obligation to deal with them ourselves seeing as they are our own people. But when foreign people who we have no legal or moral obligation to, have such views, then why can’t they just be deported back to where they came from? What possible justification is there  for keeping them?

According to French authorities, some 90,000 personnel in total will be on duty during Euro 2016, including the stadiums, fan zones and on the streets. Of those, 77,000 are police and gendarmerie, while the rest comprise security and military personnel, as well as 1,000 or so volunteers.

“Such a unique event in exceptional circumstances requires extra security measures,” Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told journalists.

Extra security measures which literally include hiring terrorist suspects to protect people from terrorism.

In the meantime, French President Francois Hollande admitted that the risk of a terrorist attack taking place during the Euro 2016 football championship exists.
“This threat will last for a long time. But we must do everything to ensure that the Euro 2016 is a success,” the French president told radio France Inter on Sunday

Everything except stuff that might not be perceived as being politically correct, such as deporting people whose values and beliefs are incompatible with Europe’s.

The French had made promises that the championship would be entirely secure, and the Mediterranean resort of Nice is set to spend about €1.2 million on preparations, which is almost half the €2.5 million budget, according to Le Point. The city will host four matches.

Each football team will also be given 17 police officers and two agents with France’s elite special forces for extra protection.

Russian police officers will also form part of the international operation deployed to maintain order during the championship. Six specially trained officers will be sent to France, while the need for more rank-and-file boots on the ground will depend on how far the national team gets in the tournament.

Well the Russian police are a welcome addition because I have faith in them not to fuck around when it comes to maintaining security. However, the cynic in me also suspects that if an attack does happen, that the Western authorities will try to pass the blame onto them, all in order to continue their demonisation of Russia and Putin himself.

Vladimir Putin as portrayed in the west.

Governments of nations with ardent football fans have been warning citizens to exhibit caution, following warnings by members of the intelligence community that the Euro cup increasingly looks like a high-value terrorist target.

“Euro Cup Stadiums, fan zones and unaffiliated entertainment venues broadcasting the tournaments in France represent potential targets for terrorists,” the US State Department said in a warning to its traveling fans. That statement came following intelligence warnings that the Euro, along with seaside resorts and areas with a high concentration of people are all potential IS targets.

Embassies and consulates in Paris have also been reinforcing their premises with extra staff and security.

France has seen a wave of horrific terrorist attacks in recent months that leave many understandably worried about the prospect of security at the upcoming championship, to be held across 10 French cities, starting on June 10.

They have good reason to be worried. This is fucking insanity.

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