“Lets burn our shelter and threaten to kill our kids. That will show them how peaceful we are.”

You really just can’t go a single day without hearing yet more news about just how dangerous these so called “refugees” are. It genuinely amazes me that the majority of people can’t see it despite the constant rapes and sexual assaults, the constant riots, the threats of terrorist attacks. I do understand that the media does try to downplay things as much as possible but even so, surely enough information must be getting out. Even if they were genuine refugees and not just economic migrants who don’t fit the legal definition of refugee in the slightest, it still wouldn’t be worth putting up with the dangers they bring. The fact that they aren’t just makes it all the more ridiculous.

The latest story comes from the Greek Island of Chios which is currently swarmed with these invaders (and people wonder why the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party keep getting more and more popular when the answer is right there in front of them). The peaceful “widows and orphans” have lost patience waiting for the applications to be processed and have decided to burn their own camp and threaten to murder their children if they don’t get their way.

From De Welt (Translated by Google)

In protest against the slow processing of their applications around 40 asylum seekers two large tents and several dustbins have put in a refugee camp of the Greek island of Chios in fire. According to police, it took several hours, until the situation in the camp Souda on Monday was back under control.

They’re getting fed up waiting. They want to be able to plunder Europe and “enrich” its native women ASAP.

These poor traumatised men fled to Greece from the brutal civil war in Turkey and now they’re expected to live in a camp. It’s so barbaric for them to not be allowed to roam free, seeing as they’re exactly the same as you and me… better actually because they aren’t racist white people.

When police intervened, threatened one of the rioters, therefore, to kill his wife and his child. Four refugees were briefly detained. In the camp last lived around a thousand people. Part of them has the camp but now rely on their own and wanted around protection as Greek media reported.

Brilliant logic there Mohammad. Using the lives of your own wife and child as a threat against your benefactors. That will surely prove that you’re capable of living among civilised people.

This behaviour isn’t anything new. Other migrants have been known to lie on train tracks while holding their babies. Seeing as Europeans are civilised people however… the trains were stopped.

It was the third violent incident in a refugee camp on the Greek Aegean islands since the beginning of the month.

The date of the article is the 7th. And I’m assuming the incident probably must have taken place on the 6th. Three violent incidents since the start of the month means there is an average of one every two days. Why is this being tolerated?

Currently a total of up to 8,500 refugees are kept on the islands. Many of them have asylum in Greece sought to avoid being deported to Turkey and from there to their home countries.

If their home countries are safe they should be deported back to them. I’m not in favour of sending them to Syria (I’m not that cold) but we know from previous articles that many are coming from the likes of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and various African countries. They aren’t all fleeing from danger and therefore should not be here.

The Greek authorities are unable to cope with the flood of applications, in some cases, waiting for the refugees for months at a decision.

Although they may be interned only 25 days, after which they are allowed to the islands but also not leave until about their applications is decided.

Hofreiter concerned about situation in Greece

Green Party leader Anton Hofreiter has expressed concern about a worsening of the situation of refugees in Greece. “The position of the fugitives in Greece has deteriorated dramatically, more and more people now soft on dangerous escape routes, hundreds lose their lives on the way from North Africa across the Mediterranean to Italy,” said Hofreiter the “world” .

I don’t take any pleasure in people losing their lives crossing the Mediterranean, but I don’t feel any guilt or sadness over it either. They willingly chose to leave perfectly safe (albeit impoverished) sub-saharan African countries with nothing but their fancy clothes and iphones. They tried to take advantage of a situation intended for genuine refugees, and they paid the price for their own bad decisions.

The EU refugee agreement with Turkey he described as “big mistake”. There have Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gives increased power, “which will make us even more difficult to create.” Erdogan to commit political pressure on democratic values and to freedom of expression and independent judiciary is becoming increasingly difficult for the EU.

Yeah, I agree with this. Negotiating with that goat fucking scumbag was indeed a big mistake. And I guarantee, we haven’t even begun to see just how bad a decision it was yet.

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