Somebody get this poor man a pig to cheer himself up with.

Wow, I’ll be damned.  I was starting to buy into the propaganda that it wouldn’t actually happen. Yet here it is. The UK actually voted to leave the EU. With all the negativity in the media surrounding it, I was expecting a very close win for the remain side (like literally around 50.1% to 49.9% in favour of remain), or even for them to rig the vote somehow. I am shocked to see that it really has happened. It feels surreal.

Sorry Angela, you’ll just have to deal with the migrant situation that you orchestrated by yourself now.

There’s a lot of fear and worry about what this will mean, not just for Britain, but for the rest of Europe as well. Most people on social media (at least in my social circles) seem to be convinced that this will be a disaster. The way I see it though, we don’t actually know yet what will happen. It could indeed be a disaster, or it could end up being  the best decision that Britain has ever made.

Have the Brits done this…
…or this?

I do however believe that the EU, in its current form at least, was inevitably doomed no matter what. I think the mishandling of the migrant situation, the Eurozone financial problems, and the rising popularity of extreme parties would have caused the EU to either collapse eventually under its own weight, or force it to become more authoritarian and centralised in its power structure, in order to survive…completely contrary to the ideals it was supposedly set up under. When choosing between the guaranteed misery of less sovereignty, less democracy, and less control of your own destiny, along with the increases in terrorism, riots, rapes, and welfare payments due to the migrant situation, or the great unknown which could go either way… can you really blame people for taking the risk on the great unknown? In fact, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if other countries eventually follow suit, and bring the whole project down with them in the process. I could see economically devastated countries like Greece or Italy getting fed up and leaving at some point. Maybe France might leave as well due to their own growing resentment towards the problems they are dealing with. The UK leaving could just be the first in a domino effect.

Personally, I do believe that there will be a lot of hardship, for the EU and the UK alike, at least in the short term. I can see the EU levying heavy sanctions at the UK, both to spite them, and to make an example of them to any other country which thinks about doing the same thing. In the long term though as I said, I think the EU project itself is doomed so by that point, any sanctions will be meaningless. We’ll all be fending for ourselves as individual nations and will be looking to do what’s best for us including, if necessary, getting back on good terms with the UK.

Black Pigeon speaks made a video where he gives his theories as to what could happen.

Whatever happens, all I know is this. We’re seeing huge historical events unfold before our eyes in real time. These are the times that we’ll be telling our grandchildren about. I’m genuinely excited to see what happens next. Maybe, just maybe…






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