Black Pigeon Speaks, Video on George Soros

A true hero if I do say so myself.

Black Pigeon Speaks is definitely becoming one of my favourite video producers on YouTube. His videos are not only informative, but concise, to the point, professionally edited, and most importantly,  they’re inoffensive enough that they can be used as a great starting point for waking people up to the problems in the world without scaring them off too quickly by being too politically incorrect.

His latest video is all about George Soros. I think it’s important to share this particular video because Soros truly is one of the biggest threats to the world right now, yet not many ordinary people are aware of him and the things he gets up to. Indeed, many of the things he does get up to sound very nice on the surface. If you didn’t look into him in great detail, you could easily mistake him for being a great humanitarian, whose only concern is helping his fellow man (and woman) whenever they’re in need. In reality, he’s quite possibly the greatest threat to the existence of western civilisation right now. I’ve already discussed Soros in a previous post of mine, and this video brings up a lot of the points that I already mentioned in that post (as well as several others that I wasn’t even aware of myself).

Check it out. It’s important that more people become aware of this guy and his schemes.


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