Some Swedes “feel betrayed” by their country.

This is good news. If even Swedish people are starting to wake up to the ongoing insanity that is enveloping Western civilisation, then there could very easily be hope for the rest of us.

Bangladesh Protest
How could anybody possibly have a problem with this?

From Quartz

Progressive, happy Sweden has long been a haven for refugees, accepting Jews, Eastern Europeans and Bosnians from Europe’s 20th century conflicts and hundreds of thousands more people from the current migrant crisis. Last year, while other EU states debated sending Syrians back to Turkey, Sweden single-handedly took in over 160,000 people. But not all Swedes are happy with their reputation as a humanitarian superpower.

These Swedes care more about protecting their own interests, rather than pissing everything away in favour of another group of people. How evil of them.

 A angry minority of far-right Swedes have lashed out against the government’s open-door policy.
The term “far-right” is thrown around far too much these days and is losing all meaning. If wanting your country to have a sane immigration policy which doesn’t result in your own ethnic group being displaced in your ancestral homeland makes you “far-right”, then so be it. Living with the term over your head is far better than having your way of life completely destroyed, just for the sake of being “tolerant”.
If you are opposed to the idea of your children growing up as a minority in their own country like this little girl, you have “far-right” opinions.
At least 64 active or planned refugee centers and housing facilities (map) were set on fire from June 2015 to April 2016, according to The Local Sweden, which combined police data with reports from newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. In some cases, buildings were set ablaze just one day after authorities announced they would be used to house refugees.
Assuming these weren’t just more cases of the migrants setting their own accommodation on fire, and it really was “far-right” Swedes who were guilty, does that not really send a message? I don’t condone violence, but to me it sounds like these people must be feeling desperate to resort to such measures. I doubt it’s just simply a case of “they don’t like the migrants because of their skin colour”. There’s obviously a lot more to it than that.
 To understand what’s going on with their usually peaceful neighbors, Danish photographers Jonas Fogh and Sofia Busk spoke with members and supporters of Sweden’s anti-immigration groups, including the Swedish Democrats, Nordic Youth and Nordic Resistance Movement. Interviewed from June to Nov. 2015, these are the Swedes who would willingly destroy Sweden’s tolerant, utopian reputation:

No, it’s the rapists, rioters, terrorists, and other assorted criminals that Sweden has imported that are destroying its reputation, not the desperate people who are fighting back to protect themselves and their homeland.

Being opposed to this is destroying Sweden’s reputation apparently.

“In ten years, Sweden won’t exist anymore—not if the refugees keep coming. Then Sweden will stop being Swedish. The children will no longer be allowed to dress up as gingerbread men at the Lucia Parade because they are brown and people will find that racist,” says Kikki Toivola, 22.

But…but… that’s impossible. Geographical location is what determines everything. The soil and air of Sweden will magically alter the personalities and value systems of the “refugees” and they’ll be transformed into Swedish people. They absolutely won’t alter Sweden so that it resembles the countries they came from. Just like how when Europeans went to America and Australia, they all started behaving just like Native Americans and Aborigines, rather than transforming America and Australia into European like societies.


Oh wait…

“The refugees come to Sweden, and we accept them with open arms. We give them money, a roof over their heads, food and clothing. We give them all of what they don’t have. We arrange housing for them, and then they don’t want to live there—I don’t get it. They get everything served on a silver platter. I’m a single mother, and I don’t have as many resources as they do. They get paradise here, yet they aren’t thankful.”

Well madam, don’t you understand that you have white skin? Therefore, colonialism, The Crusades, slavery, the Holocaust, and various other historical crimes are hardwired into your DNA making you personally responsible? You’ll never be able to make amends for all those historical injustices that you are personally responsible for by virtue of your skin pigmentation, but nevertheless, you must spend the rest of your life trying to do so, by doing everything for these people. It’s the right thing to do.

“You can’t say anything without being called a racist,” says Robert Johansson, a woodsman living near Älmhult. “I’ve lost my pride in being Swedish. Instead it suddenly feels wrong.”

You aren’t supposed to feel pride in being Swedish. That’s the whole point. They want to demoralise you and destroy any pride you have in your ethnic heritage. Don’t fall for it.

“The most important part for us is that you don’t mix races. The Nordic race is behind a lot of inventions and much of the culture that have been created. It would be dangerous for all mankind if our abilities disappeared,” says Simon Lindberg, the 32-year-old leader of Sweden’s Nordic Resistance Movement. “We want to have nature’s biological diversity, and ensure that there are different races in the world, but we believe that the Nordic race deserves to endure.”

Wanting to ensure that his race continues to exist? How dare he think that all races have equal rights to continued existence? Who does this guy think he is, a polar bear or something? Nordic people clearly don’t have a right to exist because of their genetic racism.

“In Sweden, the politicians opened up for mass migration in 1965, and we believe that anyone who came here after 1965 should be tested for their race. If they don’t belong to the Nordic race or a closely related people, they should be sent home.”

1965… the same year that America started doing the same thing. And by a funny coincidence in both situations, one of the main forces in each case for pushing for these changes were Jews, David Schwarz in Sweden, and Norbert Schlei in America. Isn’t it funny how God’s chosen people seem to always be involved in promoting multiculturalism? Sure they even admit it themselves.

Must just be a coincidence 😛

Rasmus Johansson Huléen, 18: ‘There are quite a few refugees at my school, but I don’t talk to them.”

“Nationalism is love. Nationalism is love for your country, for your people and for your family,” says Robin Hammarström, 26.

Love (Nationalism) is Hatred (Racism)

That’s essentially how we’re programmed by the media to think about Nationalists.

“I help my own family first, and by extension, the nation and the people. Then I can start helping people from other parts of the world, but not right now: Right now I have to help my own people of Sweden. Swedes are too naive and always pity others, but you can’t help the entire world right now.”

Perfectly reasonable. This is called kin selection. However, if you were to listen to the various cucks, virtue signalling on social media about throwing open our borders to the entire world, you would be led to believe that this basic biological behaviour is evil somehow.

Pieter Bevelander, director of the Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare in Sweden, notes that anti-immigration voices are nothing new. “In the early 1990s, with the Bosnian refugee groups, we had the same kind of reactions from extreme groups,” he says.

I doubt the Bosnians were anywhere near as bad the current crowd. There’s probably a lot more reason to feel uncomfortable with the ones coming in now.

 In Nov. 2015, Swedish prime minister Stefan Lövfan announced that new border controls and mandatory ID checks would be put in place.
He should probably consider building a wall as well 😉
In March 2016, EU leaders decided to start returning migrants to Turkey, in exchange for approved Syrian refugees.
Which of course solves nothing. Literally lets send people back in exchange for an equal number of people who are “genuine”. However none of them are genuine by virtue of the fact that Turkey isn’t a warzone meaning, once they reach Turkey, they shouldn’t be going any further. Add in the fact that Turkey is demanding visa free travel to the EU for their 75 million citizens and you end up being even more overrun than we would have been beforehand. It’s insanity.
The number of people seeking asylum in Sweden has since plunged from 39,196 in Oct. 2015, to just over 2,100 in May 2016.
Still 2100 too many, but it’s a start.

2 thoughts on “Some Swedes “feel betrayed” by their country.

  1. Is it any surprise that there’s the beginnings of an uprising when the country’s issuing ‘don’t touch me’ wristbands to combat rape!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m surprised in the sense that I thought the majority of Swedish people were too brainwashed by political correctness to speak out, but not surprised that there is genuine anger.


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