Yet another attack in France

Why even bother counting the days anymore? Hours is more appropriate. And eventually, we’ll be counting in minutes.

Guys, you’re not going to believe this, but there’s been an attack… by Muslims… in France… yet again. This is truly baffling because Islam is the religion of peace, so it makes absolutely no sense that so many of these attacks by Muslims keep on happening. I’ve decided to link to the French version of “The Local” as my source for this story. Rather than going through the entire article piece by piece, I’ll just copy and paste the summary at the top of the page. Link to the full story will as always be provided if you wish to read the whole thing.

From The Local

Main points:
  • Two knifemen claiming to be from Islamic state took several hostages during mass
  • They killed the 84-year-old priest Jacques Hamel by slitting his throat
  • Three churchgoers were also injured, one of them seriously
  • The attackers were shot dead by police
  • President François Hollande described it as a “vile terrorist attack”
  • Counter terror judges have been called in to investigate
  • Isis then claimed responsibility for the attack 

So how are all the “Refugees welcome”, “Islam is a peaceful religion” and “Trump is the real danger because he wants to temporarily ban Muslim immigration”types, going to explain this one, alongside every other attack that has happened? I’m guessing they won’t even bother trying. They’ll just double down in their delusions rather than admit that they have been wrong.


It’s only going to get worse and worse. And the worse it gets, the worse the backlash is going to be when the ordinary people are finally woken up in significant enough numbers to stand up and say “NO MORE!!!”


Two more attacks in Germany. Both by Syrian migrants.

I think I’m going to be resetting this counter quite often :/

I thought France was getting pretty bad for the sheer quantity of attacks that it’s experiencing, but it looks as if Germany has the potential to surpass them. I bet Mama Merkel must be so proud of what a massive success her blanket invite to the entire third world has been. Obviously the plan is going perfectly. It was so obvious that inviting infinity low IQ, sexually frustrated, primitive, military aged men would only have one possible outcome for Europe, and we’re watching it unfold in real time. This must have been what was expected.

Wait… you look sad Merkel. Is this not what you wanted? I mean this was obviously what was going to happen, so why would you have implemented this policy if you didn’t want this to happen?

So the first of the two attacks I’m going to mention had just one fatality, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s one too many.

From BBC

A machete attack by a Syrian asylum seeker has left one woman dead and two other people injured in Reutlingen, near Stuttgart.

“Germany needs sharp object control. If only Germany had banned sharp objects, this woman would still be alive right now.”

Police said the attack happened after an argument developed between the man and the 45-year-old Polish woman.

Police said there was no indication that it was terrorist attack and it was more likely to have been “a crime of passion”.


Just as I predicted in my last post that the authorities and the media would try to downplay the “Muslim terrorist” angle somehow in the Munich shooting (which they did by trying to say he was inspired by far right lunatic Anders Breivik), they’re doing the exact same thing now, by acting as if this attack was simply a crime of passion. What they don’t seem to understand is that this doesn’t matter. The real issue is that a woman is dead and two others are injured because you threw open your borders carelessly and allowed violent people like this free reign to enter your country. Changing the motivation is not going to make people feel better about this.

The incident comes amid tension after other bloody events in the past week.

Yeah, which is exactly why they’re trying desperately to downplay it.

A shooting rampage in Munich on Friday left nine people dead while an axe attack on a train a week ago injured several people.

It’s just a coincidence that these were also committed by Muslim men. Go back to sleep everyone. Here, why don’t we increase your doses of soma so you don’t start thinking too hard.

The 21-year-old man arrested in Reutlingen was acting alone, police said.

The victim and her attacker both worked at the same Turkish fast-food restaurant close to where the argument took place, German media reported.

Police added that the man arrested had been involved in previous incidents where he had caused injury, but gave no further details.

Not even a citizen. Proves himself to be dangerous by being involved in previous violent incidents. Allowed to roam free anyway. I think that really says it all.

So next, lets take a look at attack number two.

From BBC

A failed Syrian asylum seeker has blown himself up and injured 15 other people with a backpack bomb near a festival in the south German town of Ansbach.

The 27-year-old man, who faced deportation to Bulgaria, detonated the device after being refused entry to the music festival, Bavarian officials say.

Did you hear that everyone? He blew himself up because his asylum application was rejected. I guess the only way to stop more terrorist attacks from happening is to just accept every single asylum application. That will prove that we aren’t mean people, and they won’t be driven to kill us all.

About 2,500 people were evacuated from the venue after the explosion.

It is the third violent attack in Bavaria in a week. The state’s premier described it as “days of horror”.

Bavaria has been on edge since a knife attack on a train last week that so-called Islamic State (IS) said it was behind.

On Friday a gun attack killed nine in Munich.

Funny how these attacks seem to be getting more and more frequent recently. I wonder what could have caused this to happen?




I’ve got it, it must be because these poor innocent “refugees” can’t handle alcohol.

The Ansbach blast took place at 22:10 (20:10 GMT) on Sunday evening, outside the Eugens Weinstube bar in the centre of the town, which has a population of 40,000 and is home to a US military base.

The bomb went off close to the entrance to the Ansbach Open music festival.

A witness, Thomas Debinski, reported “panic” after the explosion, although some people had thought it was caused by a gas explosion.

Genuinely surprised the authorities didn’t try and cover it up by pushing the “gas explosion” story as the official narrative. Maybe they’re starting to care about telling the truth after all.

“Then people came past and said it was a rucksack that had exploded,” he told Sky News.

… or maybe it was just that there were too many witnesses who had seen what really happened.

The town’s mayor, Carla Seidel, confirmed that there were 15 injured, four of them in a serious condition.

No deaths this time at least. That’s something to be thankful for. Hopefully the four with serious injuries pull through.

Security services have sealed off the city centre and experts are trying to establish the kind of explosives the bomber used.

In other developments

  • The mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, suggested backpacks might be banned from the Oktoberfest beer festival as a security precaution

Banning backpacks. Brilliant logic.

“Hey look Fritz, I’m sorry that innocent people like you have to be inconvenienced like this by not allowing you to have a backpack to carry your stuff. Unfortunately, these migrants we invited in without giving you an option to vote on it or not, keep killing people, so we have to inconvenience you because closing the borders is not an option for reasons which are never really explained, and we can’t think of any other solutions to this problem.”

  • An Afghan teenager arrested by Munich police met gunman David Sonboly shortly before he killed nine people and knew that he had a gun, German police say

But I thought he was a “lone wolf”. If he had an accomplice, does this mean that this narrative collapsed now too?

  • An MP from Chancellor Merkel’s party, Stephan Mayer, called for Germany to regain control over its own borders but insisted it was wrong to blame “Angela Merkel and her refugee policy” for last week’s violence

I disagree. It’s entirely within reason to blame Merkel. This is her fault. Every person who was killed, injured, or raped by Syrian migrants in Germany… their blood is on her hands.

A week of bloody attacks has frayed nerves in Germany, which led the way in accepting asylum seekers from Syria. To date, only the first has been linked to a militant group:

So you mean, even if they aren’t associated with terrorist organisations, they can still be very dangerous anyway?

  • 18 July: An axe-wielding teenage asylum seeker from Afghanistan is shot dead after injuring five people in an attack on a train. IS claims the attack, releasing a video recorded by the attacker before the incident
  • 24 July: A Syrian asylum seeker is arrested in the town of Reutlingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, after allegedly killing a Polish woman with a machete and injuring two other people. Police suggest it was probably a “crime of passion”
  • 24 July: A failed Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up outside a music festival in the small Bavarian town of Ansbach, injuring 12 other people. Motive not immediately clear

“See everyone? Not all of them are terrorists. Only the first guy was. The second guy was just a nut obsessed with school shootings. The third guy just committed a crime of passion. The fourth guy, we’re really not sure, but he was probably just angry because his asylum application was rejected. The fact that they’re all Muslims and three out of the four were asylum seekers, is just a coincidence, that does not in anyway suggest that it was a bad idea to throw our borders open to Muslim asylum seekers as we did.”

Failed application

The Syrian man entered Germany two years ago and had his asylum claim rejected a year ago, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said.

He had been given leave to stay temporarily given the situation in his home country and provided with accommodation in Ansbach, Mr Herrmann added.

So he was rejected, but allowed to stay and given free accommodation anyway because his country isn’t considered safe to return to. How does that work?

A federal interior ministry spokesman, Tobias Plate, confirmed the man had faced deportation to Bulgaria.

Wow, what horrible monsters these Germans are. They would have sent him back to face certain death in the brutal civil war in Bulgaria. No wonder he didn’t want to leave as clearly, he was so afraid he might die… that he had to blow himself up in a crowded area. If this narrative doesn’t make sense to you, you’re probably just a xenophobic, Islamophobic, hate filled racist.

“Syrians cannot at the moment be deported to Syria, but that doesn’t mean that Syrians overall cannot be deported,” he told reporters in Berlin.

Mr Herrmann said he was “incensed” by the attack which, he continued, demonstrated the need to “strengthen controls on those we have living in our country”.

Common sense.

Germany has been the main destination of Syrian asylum seekers entering the EU, most of them arriving irregularly in Greece via Turkey.

They have to flee for their lives from the brutal civil wars in Turkey and Greece.

Only 23 Syrians had their applications for asylum rejected by the country last year, out of a total of 105,620 decisions on Syrians’ applications. A common reason for rejecting an application is when the asylum seeker submits false or incomplete information.

Just under half of asylum seekers rejected by Germany in the past two years were allowed to stay on in the country, according to a recent report in German daily Die Welt (in German).

The Ansbach bomber, who was among those rejected for asylum in 2015, appears to have been placed in a former hotel in the town, designated by the municipal authorities for asylum seekers since 2014.

Ansbach deputy police chief Roman Fertinger said there were “indications” that pieces of metal had been added to the explosive device.

“The obvious intention to kill more people indicates an Islamist connection,” Mr Hermann said.

No Mr Hermann, he was clearly just a lone wolf who was afraid of dying in the Bulgarian civil war. That, and he was probably influenced by alcohol, school shootings, and maybe playing violent videogames.

‘He told lies so often’

Mr Herrmann said the man had been known to have tried to take his own life twice and had spent time in a psychiatric clinic.

“We don’t know if this man planned on suicide or if he had the intention of killing others,” he said.

I think it’s pretty obvious that he planned on taking others with him. Why else would he specifically blow himself up in a crowded area if he only wanted to kill himself?

A resident of the former Ansbach hotel where the bomber had lived, Alireza Khodadadi, told the Associated Press news agency that he had occasionally drunk coffee with the Syrian, whom he named only as Mohammed, and they had discussed religion.

Mohammed, he said, told him IS was not representative of Islam: “He always said that, ‘No, I’m not with them, I don’t like them and such stuff.’

And yet he resorted to similar tactics to what many of their supporters would use. Even if I give him the benefit of the doubt here and that he really does have nothing to do with ISIS, he still clearly a Muslim who committed an act of terrorism.

“But I think he had some issues because, you know, he told lies so often without any reason, and I understand that he wants to be in the centre of [attention], you know, he needed [attention],” Mr Khodadadi added.

Oh… so that will be the narrative they push this time. He just wanted attention. Like I said before, don’t fall for these attempts to distort the truth.

Groundhog day in Germany

Counter has to be reset again.

So there was a yet another terrorist attack on European soil in the last 24 hours. Germany was the victim once again. There was very little information about the attacker for a long time, and it was even suspected for a while that it might have been a group of three shooters working together, although this was later found to be inaccurate, and there was only one. Rumours quickly circulated that the gunman had used “anti-foreigner slurs” and so the biased mainstream media leapt on this and wasted absolutely no time in trying to blame “Neo-Nazis” or “Right wing Extremists” for the attack.

The Local
The Guardian bringing up Anders Breivik in a desperate attempt to remind us that it isn’t always Muslim terrorists. Maybe this time it wasn’t either.
CNN was obviously delighted that the attacker allegedly had a German accent.

And there were plenty of others as well. When I was reading articles earlier trying to find out information about this attack, most sites brought up the “anti-foreigner” description of the attacker, but have since updated their articles to reflect what we now know. The shooter wasn’t a Neo-Nazi after all. He was apparently an 18 year old dual German-Iranian citizen.

Sydney Morning Herald. Also, I think we can make a pretty educated guess what his motive was by looking at the precedent.
The Daily Courier

And there are plenty of other news sources confirming the same thing. Now I’m guessing that seeing as the “far right extremist” narrative has collapsed, the media will try and present a new narrative as they continue to desperately try to lead us away from recognising the obvious truth facing us. They’ll try and play down how religious this guy was, all while trying to find some other motivation for why he did it, such as stress, or racial discrimination he suffered, or something, anything that doesn’t blame his religious background.

Don’t fall for it when they do. And don’t be surprised when they try the same tactic when the next attack inevitably occurs.

Germany may have outdone Sweden now

I didn’t think I’d ever make such a statement, but this could very well be the worst case of national cuckoldry and avoidance of accepting reality that I’ve ever seen.

From The Local

Local authorities are calling for classes on Islam to be brought in at schools across the country after a radicalized Muslim youth attacked passengers on a train with an axe on Monday.

Clearly this young man became radicalised because he didn’t understand the true nature of Islam (the religion of peace). He was an innocent victim, just like ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi, who despite having studied Islam his entire life and earning a a BA, MA, and PhD in Islamic studies, somehow failed to comprehend the true nature of the religion. Clearly the German education system knows more about a religion which has no historical basis in their country, than people who have studied it their entire life.

Poor Abu. He spent so much time and energy studying Islam and was even awarded qualifications for doing so, and yet he still doesn’t understand that it’s a peaceful religion 😦

“It is appropriate to bring in classes on Islam in state schools or schools overseen by the state,” Gerd Landsberg, head of the association of local councils, told the Rheinische Post on Wednesday.

In this way the state can gain more control over the upbringing of Muslim youths, Landsberg said.

Ok I’m going to present a crazy idea here. Now just hear me out. But maybe, just maybe, seeing as Islam is not a part of German culture, Muslims are not indigenous to Germany, and there is neither a legal, nor moral obligation to accommodate the needs of these Muslim youths, then perhaps the time has come to weigh up the pros and cons of mass Muslim immigration to see if they’re really worth the hassle. Not just in Germany of course, but in all of Europe. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but for some reason I’m starting to get this weird feeling that they’re more trouble than they’re worth.











Hmm… I wish I could figure out just what exactly is making me have these weird feelings.

On Monday evening, an attacker whom investigators believe was a 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, seriously wounded four people with an axe and is reported to have shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) several times.

Nothing to see here. Isolated incident. Diversity is our greatest strength. There are just a few bad apples here and there. It’s a small price to pay to save people from the brutal civil war in Afghanistan, and are just trying to flee to the first safe country they can find.


Terror group Isis later released a video in which the youth made threats in Pashto while holding a knife.

Damn that ISIS. If only their leader who is highly educated in Islamic studies knew that Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion. They wouldn’t want to be associated with that attack if they knew the truth.

Senior figures in the church had already called at the end of May for Islam classes to become compulsory at schools.

LOL, Christianity has completely lost its teeth. It’s no wonder it’s dying as a religion.

Pope Urban II, instigated the Crusades, not because of aggression, but in response to Muslim jihad against Europe. This is the kind of Pope we need again, not the current cucks.

The head of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, said that religious education was the best way to immunize Muslim youths against the dangers of Islamist fundamentalism.

Or just get them away from the religion entirely. I think that might work too. But what do I know? Clearly, Germany is determined to become an Islamic country, so I should respect their wishes. Not sure if the German people voted for it though.

He also said he was in favour of Muslim religious associations taking over responsibility for providing this education, just as churches are responsible for religious education about Christianity.

Fantastic idea. As we all know, radical Islam isn’t ever caused by the teachings of Muslim religious associations. It just occurs through other means such as poverty, alcohol, racism, voodoo magic, cosmic radiation, warm weather, etc etc.

Six of Germany’s 16 states currently offer classes in Islam at school.

And eventually all 16 will, then the rest of Europe will follow. What could possibly go wrong?


I can’t keep up with all the terrorism anymore.

Don’t worry everyone. Eventually we’ll manage to hit double digits again before we have to reset the counter all over again.

It’s just incredible really. The last post I made just a few days ago, was to express my anger towards the recent major terrorist attack in Nice. Yet here we are, less than a week later and there have been several smaller (but by no means less despicable) attacks that have taken place. I honestly can’t keep up. This blog is not my life. I do have other things going on that take up much of my energy and free time, but at the same time, I do like to try and keep track of as much important news stories as I can. Normally, when there’s a new terrorist attack in the news, I like to dedicate a post to it, but that’s seriously starting to become unfeasible at this point, unless I decide to give up everything else in my life and just chain myself to my computer permanently. As a compromise, I’m going to address multiple recent attacks all at once. I don’t think it really matters seeing as they’re all ultimately part of the same ongoing war between Western Civilisation and Islam.

The first one that comes to mind was the one in Germany committed by a 17 year old “Asylum seeker” from Afghanistan (he was just trying to escape from the brutal civil war in Afghanistan -_-).  CNN was one of many outlets that wrote an article about the attack. I won’t bother linking to the entire text and dissecting piece by piece like I normally do. Instead I’ll just take one extract in particular that stood out to me.

Herrmann said that a hand-drawn flag resembling the one used by ISIS was found in the attacker’s room, and said that he shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack, according to initial distress calls.

He acted by himself, Herrmann said.

Though a pro-ISIS media group said the attacker was a “ISIS fighter,” authorities cast doubt on that claim and it’s believed to be unlikely that he was working under the direct supervision of the terror group.

The 17-year-old was taken in two weeks ago by a foster family, Herrmann said.

Motive unclear

“This is a big mosaic puzzle right now and we will do everything to pull information together in order to assess his motivation,” he said.

This level of skepticism is absolutely unbelievable. But this is what they always seem to do. Every single time a Muslim goes on a rampage in the West, they always have to act as if they haven’t a clue as to why they did this. It’s just a “random attack” possibly motivated by “anger in the workplace”,  which could have just as easily been committed by an indigenous European person instead. This is despite the fact that they are always completely honest with us and make it clear as to why they did it, what their actual motivation is.

They couldn’t possibly be killing and raping us because of their belief system, a belief system which is incompatible with our way of life. The more logical explanation is that they had their feelings hurt by Donald Trump, or they just can’t handle alcohol like Europeans, and this causes them to go crazy. They’re the real victims.

Meanwhile other outlets such as The Independent and The BBC are contradicting this ridiculous “We have no idea what his motive was” narrative with articles which state that ISIS even released a video allegedly of the attacker swearing allegiance to them and promising to attack their enemies. So how can any news media act as if they have no idea what his motive was when it’s so obvious to anyone with even a shred of common sense and ability to recognise behavioural patterns?

Meanwhile, anytime a cop kills a black person, it was deliberate and the motivation was clearly “He hated him for the colour of his skin” and no other evidence is needed before making this statement.

But moving on swiftly, there was another attack that happened in France recently, one that didn’t get as much attention as the Nice attack as it was a lot smaller. In this case, as the Daily Mail reports, a mother and her three daughters were on holiday in the South of France and were stabbed by a Muslim man. His reason for doing so? Because they were wearing shorts and t-shirts and he was offended by how scantily dressed they were.

Stupid women. Don’t they understand that France is now an Islamic country? They shouldn’t be allowed to dress like this, no matter how warm the weather is.
Now this, is more like it. If only this woman and her daughters had dressed like this. They wouldn’t have offended that poor Muslim man and forced him to stab them all.

And while this is happening, we have my old favourite, The Guardian, coming out with this gem.

French authorities have detained a Moroccan man after he stabbed a woman and her three daughters, briefly causing panic in a nation reeling from its third major attack in 18 months.

The motive for the attack was not immediately clear.

The woman, 46, and her girls, aged eight, 12 and 14, were staying at a holiday village near the town of Laragne-Montéglin, in the Hautes-Alpes region. The suspect, 37, from the Paris region, was staying with his wife and children at the same resort.

Jean-Marc Duprat, a deputy mayor for the nearby town, initially said the attacker was upset with his victims because they were wearing shorts and T-shirts. He later said that did not appear to be the case and that the attacker’s motive was not known.

Raphaël Balland, a public prosecutor, said the motive for the attack was “very hazy”. Balland said the idea that the assailant could have been upset over what his victims were wearing was merely a “rumour” and that he had “not uttered any words reproaching them for their dress at the moment of the attack”.

Yet another terrorist attack in the West

Another exciting day of whacky hijincks in France. Remember how dull and boring our societies used to be before we had the enrichment of diversity?

I’m very angry today. I thought I would have cooled off by now after having a chance to sleep things off. Instead, it has only gotten worse. How much more of this are we going to take? How many more innocent people have to die before we say enough is enough? Islam just is not compatible with European values, which means we need to put European values first and foremost.

As usual, the media is claiming to be “shocked” by what has happened.

Weekend Australian
Live Mint
Christian Today
Euro News

But how can anybody really be shocked at this? This is nothing unusual anymore. These attacks keep on happening. In fact, they happen so damn often that the last post I made was about how there is a worry that another terrorist attack could bring France to the point of civil war. They obviously wouldn’t be worried about terrorist attacks, unless they felt there was a chance that more of them could happen.

“If only France had banned trucks, this would never have happened. We shouldn’t blame the killer’s ideological views or background for what happened, we should blame ourselves for allowing easy access to trucks. It worked when France banned guns after all. Oh what… he had a gun too you say? But they’re illegal in France, how is that possible? Oh… well…um… lets blame white racism then.”

On social media the response is even more nauseating. I expect the mainstream media and the political classes to desperately lie or perform mental gymnastics in order to comprehend this situation, because they have to cover their own asses. They’ve been the ones promoting this insanity the entire time, and they’re in too deep to back off now, but the reaction from ordinary people who have no reason to be invested in these lies is infuriating.

It’s the usual nonsense such as (and I’m paraphrasing here):

“I don’t understand why this is happening. Why can’t we all just live in peace seeing as we’re all just human beings?”

“We can’t allow incidents like this to divide us. We can’t allow fear or hatred to take root. We need to become more united.”

“This isn’t real Islam. Islam is a religion of peace”.

(The leader of ISIS has a BA, MA, and PhD in Islamic studies by the way. I think he has a better idea about “real Islam” than the people who make that claim.)

Or my personal favourite.

“As bad as these attacks are, we need to consider how lucky we really are. This sort of thing happens in the Middle East and North Africa every day”

(LOL, I wonder why that is).

There was however one reasonable post that I saw on Facebook.


I haven’t seen anybody break out the French flag profile picture filter yet, though I really wouldn’t be surprised if some people already have.

Yes good job. This will clearly solve the problem of terrorism in the west.

All this virtue signalling is getting us nowhere. Nobody is willing to speak out and ask the questions that need to be asked. Why are we allowing our countries to be overrun by a hostile and alien culture that wishes to destroy us? What are the benefits of allowing millions of Muslims who aren’t compatible with our way of life, to live among us? What is the point? Assuming any benefits exist (which I doubt), do they outweigh the negative consequences of having them here such as constant terrorism, an increase in rapes, and an erosion of our way of life?

If anyone can honestly answer the above questions in such a way that justifies what is happening, then so be it, I’ll come around. I’m quite open to having my mind changed in the face of new evidence. But honestly, I don’t think it’s possible. I really cannot think of a single benefit (even in theory, much less based in reality) that outweighs all the trouble we’re experiencing. And seeing as there are no benefits to us for doing this, then why should we continue with it? We shouldn’t have to destroy ourselves and the countries which were handed down to us by our own ancestors, all for the benefit of a group which despises us. The whole multicultural experiment has clearly failed, and it’s time we stopped putting our own well-being behind those of our enemies. We need to start looking at other options.


France may be on the brink of civil war.

So some interesting news from France.While everybody is distracted by the stupid racist cop hoax in America, there are things that actually matter happening right now. Now admittedly when looking at the title of the article, and actually reading the content, it seems to be scaremongering a little. Nevertheless, it deserves some attention.

From Blacklisted News

The internal terrorist threat in France is so urgent that the commander of the French security services has twice warned the French Parliament about the possibility of new terrorist attacks could trigger a civil war.

There wouldn’t be a possibility of new terrorists attacks if potential terrorists weren’t in France to begin with. Seeing as it isn’t the indigenous white French people who are committing acts of terrorism, then the problem is easy to solve. Stop importing people who come from terrorism hotspots, and deport any of those already in the country who haven’t bothered to assimilate. The people living in unassimilated ghettos are of no benefit to French society and you don’t owe them anything. Get rid of them before it’s too late. Any non-natives who have made the effort to integrate can stay, but any who haven’t, should be removed. It’s really that simple. It just takes a bit of willpower to implement.

The chief of security, Patrick Calvar, is considered one of those in France with the best insight into the inner threat situation in the country, writes Le Figaro.



In connection with the violent terrorist attack on Friday 13 November last year, which led to the French government appointed a commission of inquiry, he stated behind closed doors in parliament this year that France “stands on the brink of civil war.” He has also warned the Parliament’s defense committee that if there are more terrorist attacks from Islamic ranks, the far right could exploit the situation to trigger a civil war.

So if Muslim terrorists launch attacks against the native white French people, and the so called “far right” retaliates… the far right are to blame? Excellent logic there.

The West is now like “Bizarro World” where everything we’re led to believe is the opposite of what makes sense.

After the terrorist attack on November 13 last year, France introduced a state of emergency. The state of emergency persists to this day, and could earliest cease after the European Football Championships and Tour de France. However, it will probably persist longer than this summer, as long as there are no signs of the terrorist threat increasing. On the contrary.

“Sorry French people, but because all these Muslim terrorists we imported without giving you a vote on the matter keep killing you, we’ll have to take away your freedoms in order to protect you, instead of just removing the actual problem.”

Bizzaro World logic yet again.

Calvar also points out that mass assaults against women like the one we saw in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, could likely trigger civil war like conditions.

And I guess that would be the “far right’s” fault too if that happens. Sure what are you worried about? There’s absolutely no possibility that another mass sexual assault like that could happen again. It was just an isolated incident. Even if it does, it could just as easily be native white French men who do it, seeing as the problem is with men in general, so you wouldn’t need to worry about a civil war happening then.

Damn you “men”. How could all you “men” rape all those little girls? Why is it that “men” have suddenly started committing sexual crimes on a larger scale than ever since we opened our borders? What is that could have possibly caused “men” to change in the last few years?

Just the female perspective may be crucial in the development of Western Europe. There are limits to how long the native population silently and without action allows mothers, wives and daughters to be victims of sexual abuse in public, in what was once the world’s best continent for women.

And yet if you were to listen to a lot of third wave feminists, you would think Europe was Saudi Arabia. Hopefully they might appreciate just how progressive and liberal Europe is when it comes to women’s rights and safety after getting a preview of the alternative.


But I doubt it.

Calvar also points to a growing Islamic extremism in the suburbs of large cities, so-called banlieus.

But of course nothing will be done about it. And then when there’s an attack there will be the usual “shock” and statements of “nobody saw it coming” and people will change their Facebook profile picture to the French flag for a few days, forget all about it, until the next attack and the cycle happens all over again.




The truth about “racist” police shootings.


So like everyone else, I have been unable to avoid the omnipresent media circus surrounding the deaths of two more “innocent, unarmed” black men at the hands of “evil white supremacist, white cops” (one of whom happened to be Asian). These racist cops, we’re told,  gunned them down for no good reason, simply because they hated them for the colour of their skin.

This is literally the narrative that we’re being fed by the media right now.

And there are many people out there who actually seem to be buying into this bullshit narrative. Just think about it for a second. Most white people are against racism. Obviously genuine white racists do still exist, but they seem to be an extreme minority these days. Racism is just not socially acceptable these days, especially if you’re a white person. Cops are people like anyone else. Yet we’re supposed to believe that despite genuinely racist people being the minority, that somehow there’s a big racist conspiracy among American cops to murder innocent black people for absolutely no reason, despite the fact that doing so could potentially destroy their careers, and even their lives. We’re literally expected to believe that a large number of cops are so filled with hatred towards the skin colour of black people, that they’re willing to risk everything in order to kill them.

This is one of the stupidest conspiracy theories that I’ve ever heard of.

For those of us who actually bother to research things properly, it’s easy to prove just how flawed this narrative is. And that, is exactly what I’m going to do right now. So first, lets take a look at the estimated percentages of racial demographics in the US currently.



So by looking at both 2010 and 2015 demographics, and the small changes that have occurred in that time,  the combined White and Latino population is roughly 80%. The reason that I’m counting the two together is because in crime statistics, Hispanics are counted as white (and this skews the crime rate numbers committed by “white” people somewhat). Arabs are counted as white too. This is important to remember, as I’ll explain later in this article. The black population, according to 2015 statistics, is roughly 13% of the population.

So next, lets take a look at an article which discusses the demographics killed by cops. According to this article, in the year following the death of Michael Brown (one of the first notable examples of this alleged racist conspiracy, and a topic which I covered in the past), 1083 Americans were killed by cops. The racial breakdown of the dead can be seen in the screenshot below.


So out of 1083 people, 273 of whom (or 25.2%) were black. The combined White/Hispanic death count (again let me remind you that I’m counting them as one group because they’re treated as one group in crime statistics) is at least 660, or could be as high as 781, depending on how many of the “unknown” category are from one of those groups. I think it’s pretty obvious when someone is black, but a mixed white/Hispanic, or a darker skinned white person (for example of Greek or Spanish descent) person’s race might not be so obvious, and therefore would be more likely to fall into the unknown category than a black person. This works out as a percentage of between 60.9 and 72.1%, depending on how much or how little of these unknowns were actually white or Hispanic.

So on the surface, this looks as if there might be merit to the claims of “Black Lives Matter” advocates that black people are killed disproportionately. A group making up 13% of the population has 25.2% of police deaths, versus a group making up 80% of the population, having only between 60.9 and 72.1% of deaths. However, this doesn’t tell the whole story.

When you look at FBI crime statistics on arrests for the three most recent years available, 2014, 2013, and 2012, we can see that blacks are arrested in disproportionate numbers to their population size. The figures show that they make up roughly 28% of arrests per year, as opposed to roughly 69% per year for Whites/Hispanics/Arabs.




So the narrative we’re originally presented is that an encounter with cops is much more likely to end fatally for a black person than a “white” person. But if a group which makes up 28% of all arrests has 25.2% of all deaths by cops, and a group which makes up 69% of all arrests results in somewhere between 60.9 and 72.1% of all deaths by cops, then can that really be true? If anything, it looks as if based on encounter rate with cops, the likelihood of death is roughly equal for all races.

So the next point that people will try and make is that the disproportionately high arrest rate for black people is where the racism really is. That for some reason, cops are going around and harassing innocent black people and then arresting them for no reason. Again, this is a ridiculous narrative, with no evidence to support it. There is however evidence to suggest that black people simply commit crime at a much higher rate than other races, and this leads to them getting arrested a lot more. This can be seen from reading the 2016 Revised Edition of The Colour of Crime , which records crime statistics based on race. I won’t summarise the findings here, because there’s too much to cover, but I would suggest reading it for yourselves. These disproportionately high crime rates from blacks are perfectly illustrated from looking at a list of the 30 cities in America with the highest number of homicides.

The list

Just look up the black population percentages for each city on the list. To save you time, I’ll do it for you and put the results in a table. Figures are taken from the Wikipedia articles for each city and are based on results from the 2010 census. Any city where black people are the largest demographic will be typed out in bold. In addition, any city in which black people make up the overall majority (more than 50%) will have the word “MAJORITY” written beside the percentage. Any city where black people aren’t the largest demographic will be left in normal text.


Just… wow…

Out of a list of the top 30 most dangerous cities in America, 20 have an overall majority black population, 4 more have black people being the largest demographic overall, another 4 have black people being a close second, and only 2 (Desert Hot Springs and Myrtle Beach) have a relatively low black population. The number one worst city of all, East St. Louis has a near 100% black population. Therefore I think it’s safe to say that when looking at this list of the most dangerous cities in America, cross referencing it with its population demographics, and when reading “The Colour of Crime”, that it’s pretty safe to say that no, the disproportionately high arrest rates for blacks aren’t just some racist conspiracy. They really do commit crime at a far higher rate than their population size, and the arrest rates reflect that.

So next up we gotta address the excuses that will be made. One of my personal favourites that I’ve heard is that they commit more crime because they’re profiled more. The sheer stupidity of this logic speaks for itself. They’re literally saying that “people act more suspicious that they’ll engage in criminal behaviour, that it causes them to engage in criminal behaviour”. This kind of logic is on par with “If Donald Trump bans Muslim immigration to the US, it will cause more of them to join ISIS”. The implication in both of these situations is that these people are emotionally unstable ticking time bombs who aren’t capable of controlling their own behaviour.

He was a good boy, just like you and me. He could have contributed greatly to America. Unfortunately Donald Trump hurt his feelings so he decided to blow people up instead. This is the fault of Trump supporters.
GA De’Marquise Elkins 2013 3-22
He was a good boy, just like you and me. He could have been president someday. Unfortunately, a shopkeeper hurt his feelings by racially profiling him by following him around the shop so he wouldn’t steal. Because his feelings were hurt, he went out and raped a bunch of white women, and killed his neighbour to steal his crack cocaine. This is the fault of white people.

Again let me repeat myself, the sheer stupidity of this logic speaks for itself. The next excuse that I’ve heard is that many black people in America come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds at a rate far higher than other races, and this causes them to turn to crime more. While it is true that black people in America are more likely to live in poverty than other races, it’s untrue to blame poverty alone for their crime rates. There was a study conducted which compared the homicide rates of white majority and black majority neighbourhoods, based on the average family income of each neighbourhood. The table from the study which shows the relationship between race, income, and number of homicides can be seen below.

table 6.png

While it is true that on average, the poorer neighbourhoods tended to have the most homicides, when race was factored in as well, the black neighbourhoods had a much higher homicide rate than the white neighbourhoods with the same average income. Therefore, if poverty is what causes an increase in crime, then why aren’t poor white people committing as much crime as poor black people? These results were backed up by another similar study (which is now unfortunately behind a paywall, but I remembered to save the results first) which found that 2.7% of poorest white males end up in jail at some point, as opposed to 10.47% of poorest black males and 7.16% of the poorest Hispanic males. In fact, only the wealthiest black group (with an income between 91 and 100,000 dollars) have a lower rate of incarceration than the poorest whites with a 2.43% incarceration rate. Every other income group for black males has a higher incarceration rate than the poorest white group, thus proving that the poverty excuse is absolute nonsense.


So again, all they’re left with is that some ridiculous invisible white racist conspiracy is causing black people to commit a disproportionate amount of crime, which results in more encounters with police, which results in a higher incarceration rate or a higher fatality rate from resisting arrest (white racism must also cause them not to cooperate when being arrested either). Again, this is a completely stupid argument with absolutely no evidence to support it. As I’ve already pointed out (and as should be completely obvious) but being a racist is not only socially stigmatising if you’re a white person, but most people are genuinely opposed to it. So if most white people are opposed to racism, then where exactly is this invisible, and unquantifiable white racist conspiracy, which nobody can actually explain how it works, or give specific examples of it in action, coming from?

“It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s true, I tell ya. White racists are causing black people to commit lots of crimes by being racist in vague and unexplained ways. It’s the only explanation I can think of”

The reality is that there is no racist white conspiracy at all, but people aren’t allowed to make that claim, because doing so would mean that we would have to admit the forbidden truth. White people aren’t the ones who are at fault for the problems affecting the black community in America. Black people are. Again, let me go back to the most dangerous cities in America again. In the number one worst city for homicides, East St. Louis, with a 97.74% black population, in which you can be sure that the majority of the cops and city officials are black, how can white people possibly be to blame? It makes absolutely no sense, but because we’ve made it forbidden to acknowledge any uncomfortable truths that may be politically incorrect to discuss, we have to ignore the obvious and reach further and further for excuses.

“Ok gentlemen. Lets try to figure out why the room doesn’t seem very spacious any more. Anybody have any ideas?”…. “Yes, Clyde?”….”Um..the moisture in the air caused our table to expand, sir?”….”YES, EXCELLENT WORK CLYDE!!! That must be the reason.”

In conclusion, let me just make the point of this article clear. I’m not trying to excuse police brutality. I’m not saying that racism doesn’t still exist. What I am saying is that the police shootings in America are not a racial issue, and shouldn’t be thought of as one. Police shootings are an issue that effect people of all races. There are more white people killed each year than black people in real numbers and quite possibly also in proportion to their crime statistics as well, but the media just makes a bigger circus out of it when the victim is black because they want to divide us.

It’s easy to find out information about Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, or any of the other black victims. When these people die, it’s an international news story for weeks at a time. However, how often do we hear names like Dylan Noble,  Abraham Smith, William Tracy Patterson, Blake Peacock, or any other white names to have died at the hands of cops? Honestly, it’s very rare. These deaths are never as a big a story as when the person is black so this creates a false perception in the public that almost all victims (or at least a disproportionately high amount) are black. While this is true in terms of population size, when arrest rates are considered, this evens out. And when crime rates (which are also not a racist conspiracy) are considered, these disproportionately high arrest rates make perfect sense.

There is a race problem in America right now. But white people aren’t the ones to blame.



Convicted Somalian rapist strikes again after avoiding deportation.

When you don’t allow childlike emotion, and delusional optimism to cloud your judgement, you get used to being vindicated over and over again, all while banging your head in frustration at how so many others seemingly can’t predict the obvious. Take today’s case for example. If I had known about this guy and his history, I could have easily predicted what would happen. I don’t see why those who make the decisions find it so hard to do the same.

Who could have possibly predicted that he wasn’t rehabilitated?

From Yahoo News

A convicted rapist who escaped being deported from Britain went on to attack two more women before he was re-arrested.

Nobody could have possibly predicted that the low IQ rapist scumbag would strike again after being given a second chance to alive among civilised human beings. We all really expected that he would use his fantastic intellect and work ethic to cure cancer, or build a manned space shuttle to Mars if we didn’t deport him. But who cares, right? There are more important things going on, like the Euro 2016 tournament, or all the whacky shenanigans in Big Brother.

Random gay Big Brother housemate one is going to marry random gay Big Brother housemate two. This is far more important to know about than invaders raping native women, while being aided and abetted by our “leaders”.

No point in paying attention to depressing stories like this instead. Just stick your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t really happening.

Somalian Dahir Ibrahim successfully challenged a deportation order and was told he was allowed to stay in Britain after his release from a 10-year jail sentence for rape.

The justice system doesn’t work. Why was this creature even in Britain to begin with, let alone allowed to stay after his conviction? Did they really think he was worth having around?

They wanted him to use his genius to raise Britain’s living standards to the same heights as Somalia’s.
It’s a wonder he ever wanted to leave this great nation for the poverty of Britain. The Brits are so lucky that he came to raise their living standards.

However, the 31-year-old, who was originally convicted in 2005, went on to sexually assault and beat two more young women as they walked through Birmingham city centre.

Nobody could have ever seen it coming. Only evil, hate filled ,white supremacist, Neo-Nazi, KKK, redneck, inbred, racists, would have ever made such a prediction… but we obviously don’t ever listen to them because they’re all just evil, hate filled ,white supremacist, Neo-Nazi, KKK, redneck, inbred, racists.

An artist’s interpretation of how the people who predicted this might look.

The terrifying attacks took place just six weeks apart in September and October 2014.

Both women suffered injuries and were helped by passers-by who called police.

Ibrahim has now been sentenced to life in prison and must serve a minimum of ten years for the offences.

He should have just been fucking deported as soon as his previous sentence had ended. No doubt, but as soon as he’s released from prison again in 10 years (because lets face it, he will only do the minimum sentence) he’ll just offend again, and the whole process will repeat itself.

His lawyer argued that Ibrahim did not know that his behaviour was “unacceptable” in Britain after witnessing numerous atrocities in his home country.

But the magical European air and soil should have automatically altered his personality upon reaching Britain. Geographical location, not culture, not race, not upbringing, is the sole determinant of a person’s behaviour. Therefore, those “atrocities” that he witnessed (and probably participated in) should not have effected his behaviour in any way. He should have magically just become a good British person, fully compatible with the British way of life, and therefore he should have been safe for British women to be around.

By suggesting that his past experiences had an impact on his behaviour, you are suggesting that he should never have been allowed to roam freely in Britain. This means that whoever was responsible for implementing the policies which allowed him into Britain in the first place, are partially responsible for what happened. But that can’t be so, because that goes against everything that we’re taught about how “diversity is our greatest strength”.

I’m feeling some serious cognitive dissonance right now.





After his arrest, Ibrahim denied any involvement in the attacks but officers uncovered distinctive clothing described by the women during a search of his home, including a belt with a square silver buckle, a dark body warmer and a woolly hat.

The low IQ moron was too fucking stupid to even get rid of any evidence that might implicate him. Truly, Europe is importing the best and brightest from all over the world, to take us into the future.

A complex forensic examination began and a sample of DNA taken from the first woman’s fingernails was linked directly to Ibrahim.

A knife fragment found by officers at the scene was also found to have DNA traces of both the woman and Ibrahim – the blade had broken off during the attack.

Further DNA matches were recovered from the second woman, where he had bitten her.  

I bet the DNA evidence was planted by racist cops who just wanted to frame him because they couldn’t stand his skin colour… just like those cops in that episode of South Park with Michael Jackson.

The victim also told officers how Ibrahim lost his glasses during the struggle, and CCTV was later recovered showing him returning to the scene apparently looking for something.

Such an idiot.

Analysis of clothing revealed fibres which matched Ibrahim’s woolly hat.

Damning CCTV showed Ibrahim wearing the hat and distinctive white soled trainers, also found at his address.

Detective Constable Gavin McGrath, from West Midlands Police’s Public Protection Unit, said: “The evidence against Ibrahim was indisputable and, in desperation, he tried to claim that it was a ‘fit up’, but a few days before he was due to stand trial changed his plea to guilty.  

So he knew what he did was wrong then after all? So much for his lawyer’s excuse that he didn’t realise his behaviour was “unacceptable”. Though that should have been obvious anyway seeing as he’d already spent time in prison for a previous rape. You think he would have gotten the hint by then.

“I am pleased that he has spared these women the further ordeal of a trial and he will now be behind bars and no longer a danger to the public.”

They could have been spared any ordeal at all if he had been deported to begin with. This is not a victory. Those women suffered needlessly at this monster’s hands. I can only hope that the worthless bastard dies in prison before he has another chance at freedom and offends yet again.

I wouldn’t shed a single tear.