Convicted Somalian rapist strikes again after avoiding deportation.

When you don’t allow childlike emotion, and delusional optimism to cloud your judgement, you get used to being vindicated over and over again, all while banging your head in frustration at how so many others seemingly can’t predict the obvious. Take today’s case for example. If I had known about this guy and his history, I could have easily predicted what would happen. I don’t see why those who make the decisions find it so hard to do the same.

Who could have possibly predicted that he wasn’t rehabilitated?

From Yahoo News

A convicted rapist who escaped being deported from Britain went on to attack two more women before he was re-arrested.

Nobody could have possibly predicted that the low IQ rapist scumbag would strike again after being given a second chance to alive among civilised human beings. We all really expected that he would use his fantastic intellect and work ethic to cure cancer, or build a manned space shuttle to Mars if we didn’t deport him. But who cares, right? There are more important things going on, like the Euro 2016 tournament, or all the whacky shenanigans in Big Brother.

Random gay Big Brother housemate one is going to marry random gay Big Brother housemate two. This is far more important to know about than invaders raping native women, while being aided and abetted by our “leaders”.

No point in paying attention to depressing stories like this instead. Just stick your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t really happening.

Somalian Dahir Ibrahim successfully challenged a deportation order and was told he was allowed to stay in Britain after his release from a 10-year jail sentence for rape.

The justice system doesn’t work. Why was this creature even in Britain to begin with, let alone allowed to stay after his conviction? Did they really think he was worth having around?

They wanted him to use his genius to raise Britain’s living standards to the same heights as Somalia’s.
It’s a wonder he ever wanted to leave this great nation for the poverty of Britain. The Brits are so lucky that he came to raise their living standards.

However, the 31-year-old, who was originally convicted in 2005, went on to sexually assault and beat two more young women as they walked through Birmingham city centre.

Nobody could have ever seen it coming. Only evil, hate filled ,white supremacist, Neo-Nazi, KKK, redneck, inbred, racists, would have ever made such a prediction… but we obviously don’t ever listen to them because they’re all just evil, hate filled ,white supremacist, Neo-Nazi, KKK, redneck, inbred, racists.

An artist’s interpretation of how the people who predicted this might look.

The terrifying attacks took place just six weeks apart in September and October 2014.

Both women suffered injuries and were helped by passers-by who called police.

Ibrahim has now been sentenced to life in prison and must serve a minimum of ten years for the offences.

He should have just been fucking deported as soon as his previous sentence had ended. No doubt, but as soon as he’s released from prison again in 10 years (because lets face it, he will only do the minimum sentence) he’ll just offend again, and the whole process will repeat itself.

His lawyer argued that Ibrahim did not know that his behaviour was “unacceptable” in Britain after witnessing numerous atrocities in his home country.

But the magical European air and soil should have automatically altered his personality upon reaching Britain. Geographical location, not culture, not race, not upbringing, is the sole determinant of a person’s behaviour. Therefore, those “atrocities” that he witnessed (and probably participated in) should not have effected his behaviour in any way. He should have magically just become a good British person, fully compatible with the British way of life, and therefore he should have been safe for British women to be around.

By suggesting that his past experiences had an impact on his behaviour, you are suggesting that he should never have been allowed to roam freely in Britain. This means that whoever was responsible for implementing the policies which allowed him into Britain in the first place, are partially responsible for what happened. But that can’t be so, because that goes against everything that we’re taught about how “diversity is our greatest strength”.

I’m feeling some serious cognitive dissonance right now.





After his arrest, Ibrahim denied any involvement in the attacks but officers uncovered distinctive clothing described by the women during a search of his home, including a belt with a square silver buckle, a dark body warmer and a woolly hat.

The low IQ moron was too fucking stupid to even get rid of any evidence that might implicate him. Truly, Europe is importing the best and brightest from all over the world, to take us into the future.

A complex forensic examination began and a sample of DNA taken from the first woman’s fingernails was linked directly to Ibrahim.

A knife fragment found by officers at the scene was also found to have DNA traces of both the woman and Ibrahim – the blade had broken off during the attack.

Further DNA matches were recovered from the second woman, where he had bitten her.  

I bet the DNA evidence was planted by racist cops who just wanted to frame him because they couldn’t stand his skin colour… just like those cops in that episode of South Park with Michael Jackson.

The victim also told officers how Ibrahim lost his glasses during the struggle, and CCTV was later recovered showing him returning to the scene apparently looking for something.

Such an idiot.

Analysis of clothing revealed fibres which matched Ibrahim’s woolly hat.

Damning CCTV showed Ibrahim wearing the hat and distinctive white soled trainers, also found at his address.

Detective Constable Gavin McGrath, from West Midlands Police’s Public Protection Unit, said: “The evidence against Ibrahim was indisputable and, in desperation, he tried to claim that it was a ‘fit up’, but a few days before he was due to stand trial changed his plea to guilty.  

So he knew what he did was wrong then after all? So much for his lawyer’s excuse that he didn’t realise his behaviour was “unacceptable”. Though that should have been obvious anyway seeing as he’d already spent time in prison for a previous rape. You think he would have gotten the hint by then.

“I am pleased that he has spared these women the further ordeal of a trial and he will now be behind bars and no longer a danger to the public.”

They could have been spared any ordeal at all if he had been deported to begin with. This is not a victory. Those women suffered needlessly at this monster’s hands. I can only hope that the worthless bastard dies in prison before he has another chance at freedom and offends yet again.

I wouldn’t shed a single tear.

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