France may be on the brink of civil war.

So some interesting news from France.While everybody is distracted by the stupid racist cop hoax in America, there are things that actually matter happening right now. Now admittedly when looking at the title of the article, and actually reading the content, it seems to be scaremongering a little. Nevertheless, it deserves some attention.

From Blacklisted News

The internal terrorist threat in France is so urgent that the commander of the French security services has twice warned the French Parliament about the possibility of new terrorist attacks could trigger a civil war.

There wouldn’t be a possibility of new terrorists attacks if potential terrorists weren’t in France to begin with. Seeing as it isn’t the indigenous white French people who are committing acts of terrorism, then the problem is easy to solve. Stop importing people who come from terrorism hotspots, and deport any of those already in the country who haven’t bothered to assimilate. The people living in unassimilated ghettos are of no benefit to French society and you don’t owe them anything. Get rid of them before it’s too late. Any non-natives who have made the effort to integrate can stay, but any who haven’t, should be removed. It’s really that simple. It just takes a bit of willpower to implement.

The chief of security, Patrick Calvar, is considered one of those in France with the best insight into the inner threat situation in the country, writes Le Figaro.



In connection with the violent terrorist attack on Friday 13 November last year, which led to the French government appointed a commission of inquiry, he stated behind closed doors in parliament this year that France “stands on the brink of civil war.” He has also warned the Parliament’s defense committee that if there are more terrorist attacks from Islamic ranks, the far right could exploit the situation to trigger a civil war.

So if Muslim terrorists launch attacks against the native white French people, and the so called “far right” retaliates… the far right are to blame? Excellent logic there.

The West is now like “Bizarro World” where everything we’re led to believe is the opposite of what makes sense.

After the terrorist attack on November 13 last year, France introduced a state of emergency. The state of emergency persists to this day, and could earliest cease after the European Football Championships and Tour de France. However, it will probably persist longer than this summer, as long as there are no signs of the terrorist threat increasing. On the contrary.

“Sorry French people, but because all these Muslim terrorists we imported without giving you a vote on the matter keep killing you, we’ll have to take away your freedoms in order to protect you, instead of just removing the actual problem.”

Bizzaro World logic yet again.

Calvar also points out that mass assaults against women like the one we saw in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, could likely trigger civil war like conditions.

And I guess that would be the “far right’s” fault too if that happens. Sure what are you worried about? There’s absolutely no possibility that another mass sexual assault like that could happen again. It was just an isolated incident. Even if it does, it could just as easily be native white French men who do it, seeing as the problem is with men in general, so you wouldn’t need to worry about a civil war happening then.

Damn you “men”. How could all you “men” rape all those little girls? Why is it that “men” have suddenly started committing sexual crimes on a larger scale than ever since we opened our borders? What is that could have possibly caused “men” to change in the last few years?

Just the female perspective may be crucial in the development of Western Europe. There are limits to how long the native population silently and without action allows mothers, wives and daughters to be victims of sexual abuse in public, in what was once the world’s best continent for women.

And yet if you were to listen to a lot of third wave feminists, you would think Europe was Saudi Arabia. Hopefully they might appreciate just how progressive and liberal Europe is when it comes to women’s rights and safety after getting a preview of the alternative.


But I doubt it.

Calvar also points to a growing Islamic extremism in the suburbs of large cities, so-called banlieus.

But of course nothing will be done about it. And then when there’s an attack there will be the usual “shock” and statements of “nobody saw it coming” and people will change their Facebook profile picture to the French flag for a few days, forget all about it, until the next attack and the cycle happens all over again.





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