Yet another terrorist attack in the West

Another exciting day of whacky hijincks in France. Remember how dull and boring our societies used to be before we had the enrichment of diversity?

I’m very angry today. I thought I would have cooled off by now after having a chance to sleep things off. Instead, it has only gotten worse. How much more of this are we going to take? How many more innocent people have to die before we say enough is enough? Islam just is not compatible with European values, which means we need to put European values first and foremost.

As usual, the media is claiming to be “shocked” by what has happened.

Weekend Australian
Live Mint
Christian Today
Euro News

But how can anybody really be shocked at this? This is nothing unusual anymore. These attacks keep on happening. In fact, they happen so damn often that the last post I made was about how there is a worry that another terrorist attack could bring France to the point of civil war. They obviously wouldn’t be worried about terrorist attacks, unless they felt there was a chance that more of them could happen.

“If only France had banned trucks, this would never have happened. We shouldn’t blame the killer’s ideological views or background for what happened, we should blame ourselves for allowing easy access to trucks. It worked when France banned guns after all. Oh what… he had a gun too you say? But they’re illegal in France, how is that possible? Oh… well…um… lets blame white racism then.”

On social media the response is even more nauseating. I expect the mainstream media and the political classes to desperately lie or perform mental gymnastics in order to comprehend this situation, because they have to cover their own asses. They’ve been the ones promoting this insanity the entire time, and they’re in too deep to back off now, but the reaction from ordinary people who have no reason to be invested in these lies is infuriating.

It’s the usual nonsense such as (and I’m paraphrasing here):

“I don’t understand why this is happening. Why can’t we all just live in peace seeing as we’re all just human beings?”

“We can’t allow incidents like this to divide us. We can’t allow fear or hatred to take root. We need to become more united.”

“This isn’t real Islam. Islam is a religion of peace”.

(The leader of ISIS has a BA, MA, and PhD in Islamic studies by the way. I think he has a better idea about “real Islam” than the people who make that claim.)

Or my personal favourite.

“As bad as these attacks are, we need to consider how lucky we really are. This sort of thing happens in the Middle East and North Africa every day”

(LOL, I wonder why that is).

There was however one reasonable post that I saw on Facebook.


I haven’t seen anybody break out the French flag profile picture filter yet, though I really wouldn’t be surprised if some people already have.

Yes good job. This will clearly solve the problem of terrorism in the west.

All this virtue signalling is getting us nowhere. Nobody is willing to speak out and ask the questions that need to be asked. Why are we allowing our countries to be overrun by a hostile and alien culture that wishes to destroy us? What are the benefits of allowing millions of Muslims who aren’t compatible with our way of life, to live among us? What is the point? Assuming any benefits exist (which I doubt), do they outweigh the negative consequences of having them here such as constant terrorism, an increase in rapes, and an erosion of our way of life?

If anyone can honestly answer the above questions in such a way that justifies what is happening, then so be it, I’ll come around. I’m quite open to having my mind changed in the face of new evidence. But honestly, I don’t think it’s possible. I really cannot think of a single benefit (even in theory, much less based in reality) that outweighs all the trouble we’re experiencing. And seeing as there are no benefits to us for doing this, then why should we continue with it? We shouldn’t have to destroy ourselves and the countries which were handed down to us by our own ancestors, all for the benefit of a group which despises us. The whole multicultural experiment has clearly failed, and it’s time we stopped putting our own well-being behind those of our enemies. We need to start looking at other options.



One thought on “Yet another terrorist attack in the West

  1. […] So with all the worry we’re probably feeling right now with regards to the actions of the Ex-Glorious Leader, towards Syria, it can be easy to forget that there are plenty of other serious problems going on, that seem to be getting worse and worse, the near constant terror attacks being the biggest problem I’m referring to specifically. There seems to be a trend these days in Europe, for terrorists to pick vehicles as their weapon of choice when making attacks. The most recent successful example was in London. The day after, there was a failed attempt in Antwerp, Belgium. Just before Christmas, we had one in Berlin, and in July last year, there was the first notable example (that I can remember at least) in Nice, France. […]


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