Germany may have outdone Sweden now

I didn’t think I’d ever make such a statement, but this could very well be the worst case of national cuckoldry and avoidance of accepting reality that I’ve ever seen.

From The Local

Local authorities are calling for classes on Islam to be brought in at schools across the country after a radicalized Muslim youth attacked passengers on a train with an axe on Monday.

Clearly this young man became radicalised because he didn’t understand the true nature of Islam (the religion of peace). He was an innocent victim, just like ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi, who despite having studied Islam his entire life and earning a a BA, MA, and PhD in Islamic studies, somehow failed to comprehend the true nature of the religion. Clearly the German education system knows more about a religion which has no historical basis in their country, than people who have studied it their entire life.

Poor Abu. He spent so much time and energy studying Islam and was even awarded qualifications for doing so, and yet he still doesn’t understand that it’s a peaceful religion 😦

“It is appropriate to bring in classes on Islam in state schools or schools overseen by the state,” Gerd Landsberg, head of the association of local councils, told the Rheinische Post on Wednesday.

In this way the state can gain more control over the upbringing of Muslim youths, Landsberg said.

Ok I’m going to present a crazy idea here. Now just hear me out. But maybe, just maybe, seeing as Islam is not a part of German culture, Muslims are not indigenous to Germany, and there is neither a legal, nor moral obligation to accommodate the needs of these Muslim youths, then perhaps the time has come to weigh up the pros and cons of mass Muslim immigration to see if they’re really worth the hassle. Not just in Germany of course, but in all of Europe. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but for some reason I’m starting to get this weird feeling that they’re more trouble than they’re worth.











Hmm… I wish I could figure out just what exactly is making me have these weird feelings.

On Monday evening, an attacker whom investigators believe was a 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, seriously wounded four people with an axe and is reported to have shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) several times.

Nothing to see here. Isolated incident. Diversity is our greatest strength. There are just a few bad apples here and there. It’s a small price to pay to save people from the brutal civil war in Afghanistan, and are just trying to flee to the first safe country they can find.


Terror group Isis later released a video in which the youth made threats in Pashto while holding a knife.

Damn that ISIS. If only their leader who is highly educated in Islamic studies knew that Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion. They wouldn’t want to be associated with that attack if they knew the truth.

Senior figures in the church had already called at the end of May for Islam classes to become compulsory at schools.

LOL, Christianity has completely lost its teeth. It’s no wonder it’s dying as a religion.

Pope Urban II, instigated the Crusades, not because of aggression, but in response to Muslim jihad against Europe. This is the kind of Pope we need again, not the current cucks.

The head of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, said that religious education was the best way to immunize Muslim youths against the dangers of Islamist fundamentalism.

Or just get them away from the religion entirely. I think that might work too. But what do I know? Clearly, Germany is determined to become an Islamic country, so I should respect their wishes. Not sure if the German people voted for it though.

He also said he was in favour of Muslim religious associations taking over responsibility for providing this education, just as churches are responsible for religious education about Christianity.

Fantastic idea. As we all know, radical Islam isn’t ever caused by the teachings of Muslim religious associations. It just occurs through other means such as poverty, alcohol, racism, voodoo magic, cosmic radiation, warm weather, etc etc.

Six of Germany’s 16 states currently offer classes in Islam at school.

And eventually all 16 will, then the rest of Europe will follow. What could possibly go wrong?



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