Groundhog day in Germany

Counter has to be reset again.

So there was a yet another terrorist attack on European soil in the last 24 hours. Germany was the victim once again. There was very little information about the attacker for a long time, and it was even suspected for a while that it might have been a group of three shooters working together, although this was later found to be inaccurate, and there was only one. Rumours quickly circulated that the gunman had used “anti-foreigner slurs” and so the biased mainstream media leapt on this and wasted absolutely no time in trying to blame “Neo-Nazis” or “Right wing Extremists” for the attack.

The Local
The Guardian bringing up Anders Breivik in a desperate attempt to remind us that it isn’t always Muslim terrorists. Maybe this time it wasn’t either.
CNN was obviously delighted that the attacker allegedly had a German accent.

And there were plenty of others as well. When I was reading articles earlier trying to find out information about this attack, most sites brought up the “anti-foreigner” description of the attacker, but have since updated their articles to reflect what we now know. The shooter wasn’t a Neo-Nazi after all. He was apparently an 18 year old dual German-Iranian citizen.

Sydney Morning Herald. Also, I think we can make a pretty educated guess what his motive was by looking at the precedent.
The Daily Courier

And there are plenty of other news sources confirming the same thing. Now I’m guessing that seeing as the “far right extremist” narrative has collapsed, the media will try and present a new narrative as they continue to desperately try to lead us away from recognising the obvious truth facing us. They’ll try and play down how religious this guy was, all while trying to find some other motivation for why he did it, such as stress, or racial discrimination he suffered, or something, anything that doesn’t blame his religious background.

Don’t fall for it when they do. And don’t be surprised when they try the same tactic when the next attack inevitably occurs.


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