Somali man goes on stabbing spree in London

Damn. It was getting pretty quiet there for a while, to the point that we were actually able to start counting in days again instead of hours. Unfortunately, the counter has to be reset again after managing to go over a week without any major attacks.

So a Somali man went around stabbing people in London for absolutely no reason. One woman was killed, and several other people were injured. Of course the fact that the man was Somali doesn’t really matter. It could just as easily have been a native white British man of a non-Islamic background going around stabbing random people instead. The fact that it was a Somali man this time was just a chance occurrence and there’s absolutely no reason for us to be alarmed by this.

From RT

A US citizen in her 60s was killed in Wednesday night’s knife attack in Russell Square, Bloomsbury, in which five other people were injured, the London Assistant Police Commissioner has confirmed.
If only Britain had banned knives. If Britain had implemented knife control, that poor woman would still be alive today. The killer wouldn’t have just gone and found another way to kill her instead if knives were banned. Instead, he would have just magically integrated into the society peacefully.

Mark Rowley said among the injured were Australian, British and Israeli citizens. None have life threatening conditions.

He said the attacker was a Norwegian man of Somali origin.

This is Gustav. His parents are Norwegian. His entire cultural background and heritage is Norwegian. He has nothing in common with Somalia and its way of life, but he lives in Somalia, therefore he’s Somali.

If a guy of Norwegian origin came from Somalia, would you consider him to be Somali? I bet not, because we’re naturally conditioned to associate certain ethnic groups with certain geographical areas and certain specific cultural traits… except in predominantly white countries, were the dominant native white groups aren’t allowed to be considered “the norm” in their own ancestral homelands. Instead, we’re supposed to pretend that hostile and alien cultures with no connection to our nations, no connection to our histories, and absolutely no compatibility with our way of life are just as deserving as being thought of as one us as we are. This is ridiculous. A Somali man living in Norway is not Norwegian, because Norwegians aren’t just people who happen to be in the geographical location that is Norway. They are an ethnic group with a shared cultural, social, and genetic heritage. Norwegians are Norwegians, and Somalis are Somalis. The Norwegian people don’t deserve to be slurred by having this man associated with them.

At least Breivik was an actual Norwegian, so when his crimes were committed, it actually made sense to refer to him as such.

Police investigating the attacks are close to ruling out a terror motive, saying “mental health” was a significant factor.

Oh yes, this meme again. Hey everyone, it doesn’t matter that this violent and hostile savage who never should have been living among you, went on a killing spree, because his motivation wasn’t terrorism. He just had mental health problems.

Is this really supposed to make everything alright?  Terrorism isn’t the sole problem. Ethnically cleansing the indigenous European people by gradually replacing them with completely incompatible people from other parts of the world is the real problem. Terrorism is just one way that it manifests itself. Random violence with seemingly no motive like this is just another way.

Needless to say, the media leapt on this narrative of “it wasn’t terrorism”as usual, many making it the headline of their own reports.

The Guardian
Wall Street Journal
New York Post
Breaking News

“The investigation is fast paced and we are making urgent progress.

“While the investigation is not yet complete, all of the work that we have done so far increasingly points to having been triggered by mental health issues.

Mental health issues seems to be a reason that they’re very quick to blame whenever the killer is non-white. Any excuse they can find to lessen the blame to them, they’ll take it. I can guarantee you though that if had been a white guy and his victims were non-white, they would have blamed it on racism straight away. In fact, even if his victims had been other white people, they still would have found some way to hold him responsible for his own actions rather than making excuses.

Salon Tweets.PNG
White guy goes on racially motivated killing spree. All white people need to feel ashamed of it. Muslim goes on killing spree. “NOT ALL MUSLIMS YOU ISLAMOPHOBE!!!”

“At this time we believe this was a spontaneous attack and that the victims were selected at random.”

I can’t believe I used to think those boring diversity free times were all that great. Now we get to experience the excitement of possibly getting murdered randomly in the streets, thanks to the joys of multiculturalism.

The 19-year-old suspect has been arrested on suspicion of murder and is being detained in a South London police station.

Police say they have interviewed the suspect’s family and searched his address. They have also liaised with MI5 and MI6, and neither was aware of him.

Rowley said police had “searched addresses in north London” and would search another in south London.

Damn fine intelligence work there. Damn fine.

The new head investigator in Britain, on loan following his recent successes (or lack thereof) in preventing terrorism in France.

“I emphasise that so far we have found no evidence of radicalisation that would suggest that the man in our custody is in any way motivated by terrorism.”

“We just gotta keep pushing this narrative over and over and eventually, they might actually believe it.”

Rowley said the police started to receive calls from the public at 10.33pm local time to reports of a man attacking people with a knife.

Armed officers were there within six minutes, when they arrested the suspect after one of the officers took him down using a Taser, he said.

“Our firearms officers bravely rushed to that scene with very little information.

“They would not have known if this was an act of terrorism or a random attack we now know it to be.

Although I’m sure they would have pushed the “random attack” narrative anyway, seeing as they know that people are a lot more sensitive to the word “terrorism” than that term. Though as I already pointed out, the motivating factor doesn’t matter. It’s still ultimately another example of a violent outsider who never should have been here, killing native European people.

“They detained an armed and dangerous man – and resolved it using the minimum necessary force – no shots were fired.

Just as well. Seeing as Somali people are black, the Black Lives Matter people probably would have started another riot if he had been shot.

“We should be proud of them and the British tradition of using the minimum necessary force.”

Rowley said as a precautionary measure, the number of officers on the streets on Thursday have been increased.

Two people injured in the knife attack remain in hospital, while three others have been discharged.

But there’s still that one dead woman who needs to be remembered. She wouldn’t be dead right now if not for the disastrous policies that allowed that savage into Europe in the first place. And that’s the core point that needs to reiterated over and over again. These lives don’t have to be lost. We just need to come to our senses and start putting our own needs first and foremost.


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