Migrants are now suing Germany over their asylum applications.

I really just can’t get over the cheek of these people. How arrogant and entitled do they think they are?

From Washington Times

Germany has a new problem on its hands with asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa: lawsuits.

As if the sex attacks, riots, and terrorism…um…sorry… I mean random acts of violence due to “mental illness” weren’t enough. Now these ungrateful bastards have the audacity to try and take legal action against the cuckold nation that threw open its borders to them, welcoming them with open arms.

Roughly 6,000 refugees have filed lawsuits against the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) in 2016. Asylum seekers say the wait times for a decision on their immigration status — up to two years — is unacceptable.

I actually agree with this, though probably not in the way they would like. Two years is far too long to be wasting energy and resources taking care of these people. They should have been sent packing the second they set foot on German soil seeing as not one of Germany’s neighbouring countries are experiencing any kind of crisis which would necessitate the need to come to Germany at all. In other words, their asylum applications are automatically invalid.

“Please German infidels. We are helpless, so very helpless, yes. We just want to escape brutal civil war in Austria, for make better life my 6 wives and 47 children, yes?”

The German magazine Focus reported Monday that the number of complaints in 2016 more than doubled the 2,300 filed last year.

The number of “refugees” has probably doubled in that time too. I’m sure that probably has something to do with the increase in complaints. And it will probably keep doubling every year going forward unless something is done. No problem though. Europe can afford to have the entire third world come to live here on welfare for the rest of their lives, while they outbreed and eventually ethnically cleanse us. Of course when we reach the point, when we’re all extinct, it might start causing problems because there’ll be nobody left to pay to take care of them, but until then, we’ll just do it anyway, ignore the fact that the strain is already starting to show, and call anybody who questions this policy a “racist” or an “Islamophobe”.

Refugees worry that BAMF will deny their requests as political winds continue to shift against them.

You should be worried. There is an awful lot of very justified anger and resentment being felt towards migrants right now. The truth about what has been happening is getting out. The authorities can’t keep a lid on all the violence they’ve brought with them, or the the greed and entitlement they have shown. More and more people are waking up to the reality that these aren’t refugees at all. They are an invading and hostile enemy force that is here to plunder, conquer, and ethically replace us. People aren’t going to stand for it much longer.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, or CDU, was punished in March elections for her decision to allow 1.1 million refugees into the country in 2015. Increased crime and terrorism prompted authorities to reverse course on her preferred immigration policies.

Hardly enough of a punishment though for the betrayal she committed against the people she was elected to represent. This woman is responsible for so much suffering in Germany right now because of the horrific policies that she has implemented. Every German woman who was raped by a migrant. Every German citizen killed in a “random attack”. All the taxes and resources which have been diverted from German people who need them, to aid these monsters. She is at least somewhat responsible for it all, because it is her policies which have allowed all this to happen. In saner times, there would have only been one such punishment for what she has done.

For the crime of attempted genocide against the European people, I bet there’s a lot who would feel this is simply justice being carried out.

“The federal government has completely changed its refugee policy, even if it does not admit that,” Horst Seehofer, leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), told Bild am Sonntag, Reuters reported March 20.

But unless they start taking different actions such as closing their borders and starting mass deportations of the ones who have already made it to Germany, this won’t make any difference at all.

A survey conducted by Der Spiegel at the time showed almost two-thirds of Germans disapproved of the policies that made Ms. Merkel Time magazine’s 2015 Person of the Year.

So one third of Germans are still delusional enough to accept this insanity.


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