Someone murders Muslims? I know, lets blame Trump.

It’s all his fault.

So two Muslims were murdered in America recently. The current lead suspect is a guy by the name of Donald Trump. Apparently this Trump fellow murdered these people by using hateful words against them.

From Independent

People outraged at the shooting dead of an iman and his assistant are blaming anti-Muslim hatred spurred on by Donald Trump.

Yes you heard it right everyone. If people hate Muslims to the point were they’re driven to murder them, it’s entirely the fault of Donald Trump for saying offensive things about them in the past. People only feel anger towards Muslims because Trump said mean things about them. They aren’t angry because of the constant violent attacks, rapes, and open declarations of wanting to conquer us and force their way of life on us. They literally would never have hated Muslims for doing all these things, if not for Donald Trump saying he wanted to ban Muslim immigration to the US.

Oh by the way, when a bunch of black lives matter supporters murder white cops, the mainstream media aren’t to blame for stirring up hatred towards cops among the black community in their biased articles. This is entirely different because of reasons which we’ll never actually explain. Just remember this narrative and stick with it. If random people kill Muslims, Trump is to blame for creating an environment of hatred towards Muslims. If black people kill cops, the mainstream media isn’t to blame, even though they’ve done exactly the same thing towards cops, that they’ve claimed Trump has done towards Muslims.

Personally responsible for every Muslim murdered in America, just because he called for an end to Muslim immigration in the wake of the number of terrorist and sex attacks committed by Muslim immigrants.
Not personally responsible for every cop killed by a black person, despite their race baiting lies about a non-existent epidemic of police violence against black people.

The men were shot in the back of the head as they walked home from Saturday afternoon prayers in Islamic dress, according to police.

A cowardly attack. Doesn’t make Trump responsible though.

No motive for the killings has yet been established by investigators, but worshippers and community members in Queens said the killings were hate crimes.

Oh yes the classic “hate crime” nonsense. Were despite the fact that we’re supposedly a society where everyone should be equal, we put certain victims of crime on a higher pedestal, because they belong to a minority and the perpetrator belonged to the majority. We never hear cases of white people being murdered by minorities for being white as being victims of hate crimes, but whenever the reverse happens, they’ll always push the hate crime narrative. What does it matter whether the motivation was “hate” or not? They’re still dead. Premeditated and cold-blooded murder is still premeditated and cold-blooded murder, regardless of who was involved. The end result is the same. A Muslim getting murdered in cold blood suffers no more or less than when it happens to a non-Muslim, so it therefore shouldn’t be considered more serious.

The whole thing is so stupid, that South Park was able to make a whole episode around the concept.

“That’s not what America is about,”  Khairul Islam, 33, told New York Daily News. “We blame Donald Trump for this… Trump and his drama has created Islamophobia.”

Don’t you just love hearing an outsider telling you what your country is all about? Who is he to lecture the American people about what America is all about? America was a country built by European people, who were racially white, and culturally Christian. It’s only since 1965 that it has had its borders thrown open to people from Khairul’s demographic, and this was done against the will of the majority of the American people. Nobody was ever given a vote on whether they wanted to be a multicultural society. Not just in America, but in every single western society.

Also, Trump didn’t create “Islamophobia”. Islamophobia is just a natural response to watching the behaviour of people who follow a primitive and violent, totalitarian ideology, which aims to conquer and enslave the entire planet. A phobia is an irrational fear. There is nothing irrational about fearing Islamism.

The real cowards are those who fear the use of the term “Islamophobic” against them.

More than 100 people joined a protest on Saturday night outside the mosque where they chanted: “We want Justice.”

Mosque leader, Malama Akonjee, 55, a married father of seven from Bangladesh, was pronounced dead at the scene, one block away from the mosque. Thura Uddin, 65, also from Bangaldesh, was rushed to Jamaica Hospital but later died.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it is the two main officials of the mosque, it just doesn’t connect,” said Mahfauza Hague, a friend of the imam.

Maybe it isn’t a coincidence. Who really knows? I think maybe we should wait until the guilty party or parties are apprehended though before jumping to conclusions. Maybe the killer just suffered from a “mental illness” like all those recent Muslim killers in Europe (who certainly weren’t terrorists), and just attacked these two Muslim men randomly.

For the record, I don’t really believe that. I’m sure it was a deliberate attack. However, I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of the “mental illness” narrative that is always trotted out lately whenever a Muslim goes on a killing spree.

A leader of another mosque in the area, Kobir Chowdhury, said religious intolerance was to blame for the attack. “Read my lips: this is a hate crime. We are peace loving”, he said at a news conference.

Yes, you’re always “peace loving” when you’re in a minority. It’s when you have larger numbers that things start to change.


But police on Sunday morning had not yet determined the motive for the attack. “There’s nothing in the preliminary investigation to indicate that they were targeted because of their faith,” Deputy Inspector Henry Sautner, from the New York Police Department, said.

Again as I said, lets wait until the killer is apprehended and find out the whole story.

Police were still hunting on Sunday for the man who shot the pair dead shortly before 2pm the previous day. Witnesses described a tall Hispanic gunman, who was wearing a dark blue shirt and shorts.

A Hispanic man. Seriously? On the one hand, we’re supposed to believe that all Hispanic people hate Trump because of his plan to build a wall along the Mexican border and deport illegal Mexican immigrants. Yet despite them hating him so much, he’s also entirely to blame when a Hispanic man murders two Muslim men because of comments he has made about Muslims. This whole narrative is completely insane.

Hispanic men. They sure do hate Trump, and would never dream of voting for him. Yet despite hating him so much, they also hate Muslims enough to murder them, just because Trump said mean things about Muslims.

The imam’s daughter, Naima Akonjee, said her father “didn’t have any problems with anyone”.

Ms Akonjee said her father and Mr Uddin were close friends who lived on the same street and always walked together to the mosque.

“These were two very beloved people,” Afaf  Nasher, of the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said. “These were community leaders. There is a deep sense of mourning and an overwhelming cry for justice to be served.”

Yes, we all speak well about our deceased loved ones. I’d be more surprised if she had said anything different.

City Hall issued a statement: “While it is too early to tell what led to these murders, it is certain that the NYPD will stop at nothing to ensure justice is served.”

And so they shouldn’t. In case I haven’t been clear, I absolutely do not condone violence except in cases of self defence or in the protection of a loved one. This is still a murder, and I hope the killer is arrested and justice is served. I simply have a problem with the scumbag media desperately exploiting it in yet another example of their never ending attacks against Trump. It shows how low they are. Trump is not to blame for this attack.

Mr Trump has made multiple anti-Muslim statements while running for office. In December, he said he supported a blanket ban on Muslims entering the US. Despite claims from Mr Trump’s campaign he has changed his position on the issue, Mr Trump has not publicly disavowed the proposal.

And why should he disavow it? It was a very popular policy. I mean lets be honest here. If people were actually given the opportunity once and for all to vote on whether or not they want multiculturalism, would the majority actually vote in favour of it? The only reason it has any support at all is because of decades of relentless shaming tactics in the media (ie, only racists want to live in a society where everyone is of the same cultural and ethnic background), propaganda, and the pathetic virtue signalling that results from people who want to show off how tolerant and open minded they are. But nobody who has any real experience of the dangers involved actually supports it.

Racism and prejudice is not as a result of ignorance. It’s actually the opposite. Tolerance and apathy comes from ignorance, because the people who are most in favour of supporting these polices, are the ones who are most shielded from its consequences. This is why we often hear wealthier and upper middle classes voicing support for these policies, and working class people being thought of as “racists”. The working class people are the ones who have to live with it, and are the ones who suffer as a result. The wealthier people meanwhile live in their affluent monocultural suburbs, and don’t get to see first hand what is happening.

A report by Georgetown University in May found that hate violence has spiked in the US, in accordance with the US Presidential election.

After the Mr Trump called for shutting down mosques in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks and the San Bernardino mass killings, anti-Muslim crimes initially tripled. Almost half the attacks targeted mosques.

I have no doubt that Trump’s comments have probably emboldened people, because they finally feel as if their fears are being listened to. But as I already said, Trump didn’t create this problem. Islamic extremism, mass Muslim sexual attacks, and creeping Sharia in the West is what caused this. This is just a backlash from people being pushed too far. I don’t condone violence against innocents of any background, but I think this was just inevitable. People have had enough.

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