A small sample of what we’re up against: Part 2

About a year ago, I made a post in which I provided screenshots of random SJW whining, perpetual victimhood, and identity politics, which had originally been posted to the TumblrInAction Reddit board. I felt that the content in these screenshots, taken together as a whole, provided a fascinating insight into the ongoing decline of sanity and critical thinking in the world. It’s one thing to focus on the big events affecting the world, but these screenshots help to illustrate why these events were ever able to happen to begin with. I originally wanted to follow it up with a second part, and started saving more screenshots to do so, but for some reason, I never got around to it. Well it’s been nearly a week since my last post, and I’m still having some writer’s block, so perhaps now is the perfect time to make part 2, just to get a post out there.

So lets begin.

No straight couples actually like each other apparently. Only gay and bisexual people ever actually like their partner.
Gay people are apparently a race now.
Even though our best current estimates suggest that 99.7% of people have a gender identity which aligns with their biological sex, and most of the remaining 0.3% simply identify with the opposite gender, we should abolish the concept of gender as we know it entirely, in order to cater to that tiny insignificant group which identifies as neither.
Oh look, here’s a member of that tiny insignificant group now. Fair play to the fat guy for mocking her… oh sorry, I can’t say that word.
Damn those oppressive people who have homes with lawns on them
No, you’re not assigned a gender by a doctor. Your biological sex which nature assigned you is just identified. Gender identity doesn’t come until later.
Black guy, who has large penis posts something which “shames” Asian men for having small penises, and this is white privilege apparently according to self hating white guy.
There are apparently transgender cats now.
I bet anything as well that this woman who demands that men must find her attractive also holds the belief that men who get rejected by women that don’t find them attractive should just suck it up, and probably only wants very attractive men herself. No men who are as undesirable as her, would ever get any attention from her.
Before colonialism happened a few hundred years ago, we didn’t have a way to distinguish between males and females apparently.
I don’t think I need to add anything to this one. “Pink” already summed up the stupidity of it perfectly.
Damn those white people for building the richest and most powerful country in the world. If it’s such a horrible place because of all the bad white people decisions, then why do so many non-white people want to live there at all?
While I agree with the point that girls shouldn’t be told to cover their shoulders in class in case it distracts a guy (it’s the guy’s problem, not the girl’s), there is obviously a difference between driving a car, were the person will be focused on what they’re doing, and sitting in class, were it’s a lot easier and safer to let their concentration lapse.
This one just confuses me. I actually can’t understand the point that this person was trying to make.
If you don’t find a certain racial group sexually attractive, the only explanation could be that you’re a racist. Well only if you’re white of course. If other races don’t find different racial groups attractive, that’s fine.
No, I’m perfectly happy with my gender, thank you.
This nut thinks that they’re a galaxy, and doesn’t have a physical body. Why aren’t these people getting put in padded cells anymore?
DVMNMq0 (1).png
Oh the fucking irony. Black people should be ashamed for mating outside of their racial group, but white people should be ashamed for not doing so. This is because the truth is, they hate white people so much and want us to go extinct. One of the best ways to accomplish that would be for us to interbreed ourselves out of existence.
Because soldiers have actual PTSD from having horrible experiences. Tumblerinas are just drama queens who claim to have PTSD because something they saw on the internet offended them somehow.
“Why does my doctor require me to undergo a psych evaluation before making a huge change to my body, when mother nature didn’t require one when giving me the body I have?”

And that’s it for now. Some of them are hopefully just trolls messing around, rather than legitimately believing what they were saying, but that’s Poe’s law for you. It’s honestly impossible to tell anymore because of how ridiculous the world has gotten. The internet allows anybody a platform to present their ideas, even the craziest people imaginable. It is quite possible that these are legitimate people.

And I’ve still got more than enough material to do a part 3 at some point.


One thought on “A small sample of what we’re up against: Part 2

  1. […] Anyway, I’m losing track of myself. For a guy who claims to be suffering from writer’s block, I sure wrote a lot there. I need to get back on topic. On two previous occasions, when I’ve had trouble writing for a while, I’ve made posts full of screenshots taken from the tumblrinaction reddit board, which illustrate some of the stupidity that is infecting the world, and therefore can potentially give us an insight into why things are going the way they are. These people aren’t funny, and should be seen as a threat. If more and more people start thinking like this, who knows what impact it will have on the world. Parts one and two of this series can be read here and here. […]


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