A brilliant plan to stop migrant sexual assaults in Germany, finally.

Wow you guys, I’m so impressed here. The Germans have been having a lot of problems with integrating the millions of low IQ, low impulse control, high testosterone “new Germans”, that have been pouring into Germany by the thousands the past few months. One of the biggest problems, is that these people come from primitive, backwards, sewer like countries, have absolutely no concept of sexual restraint or women’s rights, and aren’t used to seeing women in public who aren’t covered from head to toe in in something resembling a bunch of garbage bags taped together. This has resulted in an epidemic of “cultural misunderstandings”, which has seen a few (hundred or perhaps thousand) women and girls being sexually assaulted and even raped by these poor “refugees” who are just trying to flee the brutal Syrian civil war which has spread to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, and various Sub-Saharan African countries. Fortunately, some enterprising genius has come up with a brilliant solution to solve this dilemma (perhaps taking inspiration from Sweden’s “Don’t touch me bracelets”) . Temporary tattoos of the word “No” which will clearly state to would be rapists that these girls don’t want to be attacked.

From Daily Caller

German girls are now given temporary tattoos that say “no” to try and prevent the trend of sex attacks at public pools.

A brilliant plan. I’m sure Muhammad who escaped the brutal Syrian civil war in Afghanistan, will be dissuaded from sexually assaulting the half naked blonde white meat, when he reads her tattoo. Why was this not thought of sooner?

The Women’s and Family representative in the district of Bodensee in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg is pioneering the new effort with the goal of bringing attention to rampant sex attacks in pools, Express reports.

What a fantastic goal. Lets “bring awareness”, because bringing awareness is definitely the most important thing. Stopping it isn’t as much of a priority as bringing awareness to it is.

Veronika Wascher-Goggerle, the representative, insists the campaign has nothing to do with refugees committing these attacks. She noted public swimming pools have long-suffered from sexual assaults, even before the migrant crisis.


Oh sure there was a already a massive problem. It’s just a coincidence that it only happens to be coming out now, there’s only now an effort to solve the problem, and the women are primarily reporting that the men seem to have a migrant origin. Yeah, definitely just a coincidence.

Even before the barbarians invaded, Fritz here was already playing grab ass in the pools. But nobody reported it because they’re all just racists.

“I think many girls are insecure,” Wascher-Goggerle said. “What is normal in daily interactions and what should not be allowed and needs to be reported?”

“Illustrations have been made available at swimming pools and should make this clear,” she added. “The temporary tattoos are an incentive for young swimmers to think about the issue.”

Although Wascher-Goggerle said the campaign wasn’t specifically a reaction to migrants, the reality is that since the refugee crisis first began, sexual assaults at swimming pools against children have skyrocketed.

A leaked police report from Düsseldorf stated that “sexual offences are recording a huge increase,” adding, “In particular, offences of rape and sexual abuse of children in bathing establishments is significant.”

Must just be a coincidence

In July, a manager of 6,000 pools in Germany commented on the migrant sex assault epidemic.
“The ‘new citizens’, as we call them, have three main problems,” Berthold Schmitt said. “They do not speak German, they have no knowledge of German or European bathing culture, and few are powerful swimmers.”

So they can’t even speak the language or read it (I already knew this part), and they somehow think that they’re going to be able to read the tattoos that say “No”, and do as it says.

Like I said, what a brilliant plan.



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