Welcome to Airstrip One

“Hey look everyone. Sorry about all those violent Jihadists that we let into our country to live among you, for absolutely no sensible reason. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a fantastic plan to keep you all safe from potential future attacks. I’m sorry? What was that? Mass deportations and a sane immigration policy? No, don’t be stupid, that’s a doubleplusungood idea that you’ve suggested. No, we need to create a massive surveillance state, in order to track the movements of potential Jihadists, before they have a chance to attack anybody ever again. However, we can’t profile certain groups specifically, because that would be racist and Islamophobic, so we’ll have to spy on the entire population. Sorry about taking away your freedoms, but it’s for your own good. There isn’t any other possible solution to this problem we face. Wait what was that? No no no, I already told you, mass deportations and a sane immigration policy is not a viable alternative because… because…um… QUICK, TAKE THIS THOUGHT CRIMINAL TO THE MINLUV, RIGHT AWAY!!!!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll feel convinced soon enough”

From Fria Tider

A planned terrorist attacks against Britain was averted last year at the last moment, writes the Mirror. Now propagate the British government for more mass surveillance to stop jihadists rampage.

If only there was another way to prevent jihadists from rampaging. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Truth told us that there isn’t any other solution. They wouldn’t lie to us, right? I mean, they must be called the Ministry of Truth for a reason.

The planned attack is revealed in a recent report produced by the British government investigator David Anderson.

“The police managed to repel the last moment plans before the attack was carried out”, can be read in the over 200-page report. Terrorist attack should in accordance Mirror plotting performed sometime shortly after the terrorist attacks in Paris last November.

The report is, however, never what it was for the terrorist act was planned, who were part of terrorist preparations, if someone was arrested, they were in such a case were arrested and what happened to them since. The only thing mentioned is a “case study” where the terrorists are described as an “operational cell”.

Not important information. Why would they need to report any details about the would be terrorists? It was probably just a bunch of radical Christians planning to blow up a gay nightclub, or an abortion clinic. If only Christians were as peaceful as other religions, such as the Religion of Peace, Islam.

Requires mass surveillance
The purpose of the report is not so much about analyzing terrorist threats against the United Kingdom as propaganda for mass surveillance as a tool for fighting, not least, Islamist terrorism.

Islamist terrorists aren’t real Muslims though. They just hijacked the Religion of Peace for their own nefarious purposes.

The term used is “bulk Powers” and aimed at the authorities have the right to access and analyze large amounts of data to find, for example, terrorists.It can be about to take part by video from all cameras in an area or listen to mobile traffic to detect suspicious behavior or patterns.

Could probably be used to sniff out “thought criminals” and other undesirables as well, who say things that aren’t approved by the powers that be. Though I’m sure they wouldn’t dream of abusing this power like that. I’m sure we can trust them to only use it for the sake of protecting us from terrorists.

Some of the authorities having the right, the British intelligence agencies MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. The alternative, going through the prosecutor and possibly a court order to obtain the right to search or carry out interceptions, considered by these bodies to be too cumbersome.

Mass surveillance of British citizens is something that is praised in the report and considered a necessity to tackle the emerging Islamist threat.Among other things, lifted another example from 2009, when an Islamist terrorist cell was uncovered, until.

It’s a necessity because other possible solutions such as a a sane immigration policy, and mass deportations of existing hostile, unassimilated, alien populations back to wherver they originally came from, simply aren’t feasible for some reason which is never actually explained.

“[The case] is an example of the use of pattern analysis to identify members of an extremist Islamist cell that would not otherwise have discovered. Although I am not in detail can publish further details of the operation, I have learned that a very real threat an attack that resulted in huge losses averted, “explains Anderson.

Well I guess the argument is made then. It sucks that people will have to lose their freedoms, but protecting innocent people from being killed in attacks, such as this potential attack which was stopped, is far more important than being free and being able to have a private life. It’s a small price to pay for the vast benefits and cultural enrichment of mass third world immigration to the West, benefits which are never actually explained, but are apparently our greatest strength.

Wow, that sure is convincing. If they keep saying something it must be true afterall. They couldn’t all just be lying, right?


War is Peace

Freedom Is Slavery

Ignorance Diversity is Strength








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