Yet another Muslim attack in Germany.

Damn… and we were having such a good run there for a while. What is this, reset number 12 or so by now? I’m seriously losing count at this point.

So guys, you’re not going to believe this, but there’s been yet another attack in Germany, by yet another member of the Religion of Peace. This is so confusing for so many reasons, not least of which is the fact that these Muslim attackers don’t seem to understand that their religion is a peaceful one. You would think they would understand their own religion better than us Westerners who don’t follow it, but for some reason, we understand it better than they do. We know it’s a peaceful religion despite not being raised in it, studying it closely, or ever actually living under it. Our political leaders and media keep telling us so and that must be true because they would never dream of lying to us. Yet these people who have been raised within and taught Islam their whole lives have a worse understanding of it than we do, and keep committing violence in the name of a peaceful religion.


From The Mirror

A couple at a German music festival have been attacked by a knifeman who witnesses claim was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

A 66-year-old woman, believed to be the other victim’s wife, is said to be fighting for her life.

The other victim – a 57-year-old man – is seriously injured however he still managed to overpower the man who was then arrested by police officers in Oberhausen.

Damn, Germany should really consider bringing in knife control laws. The problem isn’t that they’re importing violent savages who are incompatible with the Western way of life. It’s the fact that knife control laws are so relaxed in Germany. Anybody can access a knife so easily and just go on a killing spree straight after.

hqdefault (1).jpg
An artist’s interpretation of the attacker in question. he was just a normal person like you or I, until he got his hand on a knife and was consumed by an irresistible desire to murder people in the name of his God (who is peaceful).

It isn’t their fault of course. The knife makes them do it. If only we didn’t have nasty organisations like the NKA (National Knives Association) defending their constitutional rights to knife ownership. Even though the vast majority of knife owners are responsible and decent citizens, we must strip all citizens of their right to knife ownership, in order to prevent future attacks such as these from happening.

Damn you NKA. This isn’t the fault of the killer or the ideological views that he holds. It’s all your fault.

All jokes aside, I wouldn’t consider myself a gun nut, or even a fan of them for that matter. However, I do think it’s ridiculous how whenever there is a mass shooting in America, the first thing people do is scream about gun control, rather than addressing the real issues. America has always had the same gun laws as they have right now, but it’s only really in the last few decades that gun violence has become such an epidemic in the country. Therefore, there is obviously something (or things) that have changed in the past few decades that have caused this increase in gun violence. People should instead be trying to figure out what those changes are (I have a few theories myself of course), instead of focusing on the gun ownership issue. Even if guns were controlled, the violent types, such as this guy in Germany will just find other ways to commit their attacks instead. Besides, the gun control laws that exist in France didn’t stop the terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo or Paris from getting their hands on guns. It might stop the random lunatic from getting his hands on a gun, but it won’t make a difference for more organised and more highly motivated attackers like Jihadists.

Oh no, guns are illegal in this country. I guess we can’t do Jihad then.

The attack took place just after 7pm on Saturday evening.

Police officers say the suspect is a 26-year-old from Duisburg, Germany.

Sure… he’s from Germany. A typical German man, who goes around screaming “Allahu Akbar”, while stabbing random passers by in the street. I guess Germany is starting to go down the same path as Sweden, were everybody who happens to be within their borders is considered one of their own, even if they aren’t of the Germanic ethnicity, or part of German culture.

In a statement, police said the suspect was “apparently under the influence of narcotics”.

Oh, so it must have been the drugs fault. We can’t blame his ideological views for driving him to commit this attack. The drugs are to blame.

Officers say they have also recovered a weapon from the scene.

German media reported that the suspect is homeless.

“They’ll pay your pensions. We need to import infinity people from the third world to Europe, because these people will use their superior intellect, creativity, and work ethic (as evident by how successful the third world countries they all came from are), to create enormous wealth and prosperity in our countries. They’ll be working jobs that you Europeans are too uneducated and lazy to do.”

This man was clearly yet another example of the successful people that Germany needs more of, in order to better itself -_-

The phrase “Allahu Akbar” means “God is Great” and has been chanted by Islamic terrorists during attacks.

Strange how they always seem to do that. Why would a peaceful God, want his peaceful followers of his peaceful religion, to commit acts of great violence in his honour?

However officers are yet to confirm a motive for the attack.

The police are baffled as to why a man shouting “Allahu Akbar” would go around stabbing random people in the streets. What possible motive could he have for this? I think I know what they’re going to come up with. I’m guessing they’ll figure he doesn’t have a motive, and is just the latest in the long line of victims of the “Great mental health epidemic of 2016” which seems to disproportionately affect Muslims for some reason. There was actually another random knife attack recently (in Belgium), in which the police concluded that the attacker (a woman whose ethnic and religious background has not yet been released), had mental health problems which is what caused her to attack. Perhaps it’s the same with this German case as well.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. The rest of the article (link at the top as always) just discusses other recent attacks that have happened, and isn’t particularly relevant to the rest of the story.


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