Australia finally gets a dose of exciting and vibrant culture

Isn’t it strange that it doesn’t matter what country they try to claim asylum in, or what country they originally came from, these so called “refugees” of Muslim origin, all seem to have the same behaviour patterns? I’ve only ever heard about the sexual exploitation of little boys being a cultural norm in Afghanistan, but apparently it’s normal in Myanmar as well. And because it’s normal there, we have to accept it in our own countries too, or else we’re oppressing these poor innocent refugees, by undermining their culture.

From Daily Mail

A refugee has been jailed after pleading guilty to raping a 10-year-old boy, but told the court before sentencing he thought the sexual act on the child was acceptable.

Oh well that makes it alright then. The poor innocent “refugee”, just didn’t realise that raping a child was unacceptable in Australia. He can’t be punished for it in that case. That would be wrong.

Mufiz Rahaman, 20, told authorities it was culturally acceptable to sexually assault children in Myanmar, where he lived before coming to Australia, the Daily Telegraph reports.

It’s culturally acceptable for these animals to sexually assault children in their own countries. Therefore, we just have to just ignore our own values and make allowances for them to do it in our own countries too. It would be racist to expect them to abide by the same cultural norms and laws that we, the majority abide by. We have to give them special treatment, because allowing them to practice their primitive and barbaric cultural norms such as the rape of children at will, is a small price to pay, for not having them call us mean names like “Racist”, or “Islamophobe”, or “Nazi”, or any other mean names they can think of.

Sure lets allow them to sexually enslave the women in our countries too, while we’re at it. Far better than having them call us names.

Rahaman is a Rohingya Muslim – as was his young victim, the Downing Centre court heard. 

The assault occurred on January 8, 2015 in a vacant Sydney club where the boy was living with his father and other refugees. 

Rahaman crept into the child’s bedroom while the boy’s father was preparing lunch and offered his victim money, according to documents tendered to the court. 

Genuinely surprised that he didn’t just use force right away.

The father who had returned to find the bedroom door closed had overheard the conversation between Rahaman and his son and opened the door.

When he asked Rahaman ‘what are you doing to this little boy? You’re an adult.’

The paedophile replied he wasn’t doing anything.

So he didn’t realise it was unacceptable, yet still felt the need to deny what he was doing. If he denied what he was doing when caught, then surely he must have been aware that it was wrong. Otherwise, what would be the problem with admitting to it?

The court heard Rahaman had been sexually assaulted as a child before he moved to Australia.

Abused becomes the abuser.

Judge Andrew Scotting, who handed down a prison sentence of five years said Rahaman failed to understand his actions would ‘physically’ and ‘psychologically damage’ his young victim.

Head in Hands

5 years? Only 5 fucking years for raping a child. Way too soft.

He also found the offender, who continued to claim sexual assault was culturally acceptable in his homeland, had not accepted responsibility for his actions and had demonstrated a ‘lack of morality’.

Again, 5 years was all this guy got. He has shown absolutely no remorse. He feels that his behaviour was justified because it’s acceptable in the hellhole he came from, and he only gets 5 years. This is ridiculous.

And people wonder why the countries they come from are such a shambles to live in, that so many people are fleeing them. The reason why they are such a shambles is because huge amounts of people like this guy live there, they behave like animals and degenerates, they fail to create a functioning civilisation, and then they flee their self created hellholes, come to our superior countries, and start behaving in the exact same way they behaved before, thus gradually dragging  our societies down to the levels of the ones they came from. This is our future. Countless numbers of people like this, raping children in our countries because “it was acceptable” in their own countries to do so.

‘There is a need for specific deterrence … The offence appears to have been (viewed) as being culturally acceptable conduct in the offender’s childhood,’ Judge Scotting said. 

Yeah no shit. Thanks for stating the obvious there, Judge. I couldn’t have possibly come to the same conclusions myself from what he had already outright stated himself.

Rahaman will be eligible for parole in March 2018 – but the judge noted he had a moderate to high risk of re offending. 

All the more reason why he should have been given a much longer sentence than he got… or better yet, all the more reason why he should never have been in Australia to begin with.

Seriously, how could this “refugee” possibly make the claim that Australia was the first safe country that he could reach?

map.pngAnd for that matter, is there even a war/genocide/famine/natural disaster, or any other legitimate reason for refugees to be fleeing Myanmar to begin with? I certainly haven’t heard anything myself. Perhaps there was, but even so, why is it that they’re ending up in Australia, when there are plenty of other nearer countries that they could travel to instead?

Well the answer is quite obvious of course. Australia is a white country, just like those of Europe and North America, which are also experiencing similar mass migrations. All this mass migration is aimed at white countries only, because we’re the ones who are being targeted for elimination as a demographic. And it’s never going to stop. Even if there was no wars going on, they would still find some excuse to keep it going, until we’ve been ethnically cleansed. That is, unless we wake up and say enough is enough.


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