AFD goes after “Anti-Racist” organisation.

At the end of my most recent post, I briefly discussed the disproportionately high number of Jews who are involved in promoting multiculturalism in the west (but not Israel of course), stirring up racial tension and hatred towards white people from non-whites and feelings of white guilt within whites, all while claiming to be white themselves when it suits them to do so, and disavowing their whiteness in favour of their Jewishness when that suits them instead.  Well today I’ve found a story about another prominent Jew, one who runs an “anti-racist” organisation in Germany, which she uses to try and shut down people who try to promote the interests of ethnic Germans. It seems this woman has run afoul of the right wing “AFD” party, which has been steadily gaining in popularity in Germany, following Merkel’s disastrous fuck ups

From Times of Israel

BERLIN — Days before a closely watched regional election in Germany, a leading member of the nationalist party Alternative for Germany launched an attack on a prominent Jewish activist, calling Wednesday for the anti-racism organization she heads to be shut down.

Does nobody else not think it’s strange how so many of these “anti-racist” organisations in western countries are all run by a group that usually only makes up a tiny percentage of the population of the country they are in? There’s no way that this is just happening by chance. According to these figures, Jews make up about 0.15% of Germany’s population. It isn’t just some weird coincidence, that just like in America, (where they make up roughly 2% of the population), that it always seems to be members of this tiny group who are the ones lecturing everyone else about what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour in their own countries.

European lawmaker Beatrix von Storch, who leads the Berlin chapter of Alternative for Germany, lashed out online at the Amadeu Antonio Foundation over a brochure that described her party as far-right and populist. Von Storch called for the “plug to be pulled” on the foundation because of the brochure, which provides guidance on how to respond to her party.

We can’t have the German people voting for a political party that looks out for the interests of the German people. We need to find a way to stop this party, and limit them to a small spectrum of acceptable parties that puts the interests of everyone other than the German people first. That’s democracy for you.

Known by its German acronym AfD, the party has polled strongly ahead of elections in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania amid popular discontent over Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy.

How dare those German people feel anger towards Merkel for inviting the entire third world to live in Germany on welfare, rape women and children, and murder German citizens in the street? They’re all clearly just racists, who hate the migrants because of the colour of their skin, and not for any logical reason.

Typical German citizens. They may claim that they’re angry about all the rapes, terrorism, and drain on their taxes, but really, they just hate the skin colour of the incoming migrants.

Von Storch, the granddaughter of Nazi Germany’s finance minister, attacked the foundation’s chairwoman, Anetta Kahane, calling her a “Stasi-aunt.” Kahane has acknowledged being one of 200,000 unpaid informants of East Germany’s secret police, or Stasi, from 1974 to 1982, before becoming a political dissident.

So this woman was literally an informer to the East German secret police. And the worst thing is, she wasn’t even doing it because she was paid to do it. She was a true believer, who informed on other people simply because she wanted to. Why should a woman like this have the right to decide what is and isn’t acceptable opinions to hold in a supposedly free and democratic society? She would probably gladly do the same thing now to people she disagrees with if she could. To be honest, they really aren’t that far off going back to those dark old days in Germany right now. Germany is already having social media monitor and report people who post so called “hate speech” (ie. truth) against migrants, and are even willing to take kids away from their parents, if these parents say things that they aren’t supposed to. We’re quickly seeing Europe regress to a level of tyranny not seen since the fall of communism.

The self-appointed moral compass in Germany right now.

A foundation representative, Timo Reinfrank, accused von Storch of trying to portray herself as a victim ahead of regional elections at the weekend.

“Unfortunately AfD politicians show time and again how well-founded our efforts to preserve the culture of democratic debate are,” he said.

Oh the irony.

“We want to preserve the culture of democratic debate”

“Lets do what we can to shut down a political party, whose ideology we don’t approve of.”

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation has frequently been attacked by far-right groups.

In July, members of a far-right group known as the Identitarian Movement stormed its office demanding to see Kahane.

Reinfrank said at the time that the attacks on Kahane had become particularly “aggressive and often anti-Semitic.”

Hmm I wonder why they would be anti-Semitic? Could it be possible that they too are noticing the pattern that seems to be occurring?

No goyim, it’s just an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jews are flooding the west with third world immigrants, and silencing dissent against it, in order to see the indigenous European people overrun and go extinct. Besides, such a thing, if it where to actually happen, would be good, as this German Jew politician points out.


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