Two lame ducks: “We need a plan for Europe post Brexit.”

A photo of this historic meeting

So two of the worst leaders in modern European history met recently to discuss the future of the EU in the post Brexit world. Not much to discuss really, but I figured I could get a quick post out of it.

From Euronews

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Paris to meet the French President to swap notes ahead of the Bratislava summit of EU leaders, minus Britain on Friday.

I really don’t see any point in either of these two making any plans for Europe’s future. Both France and Germany will have elections in 2017, and I’d be amazed if either of them will see a return to power, unless there is a drastic change in how they operate between now and then. Merkel, who once enjoyed a 67% approval rate, is now sitting at just 45%. This is primarily due to her insane and unwavering support for the fake refugees, who have been running rampant in Germany, which has led to an increase in sexual assaults on German women and girls, terrorists attacks, and other cases of “random” violence, against the German population who were at one point, very open and welcoming towards the migrants. If it’s at 45% now, with so many months to go until the election itself, who knows how much lower it could be by the time it does happen, as the number of incoming migrants, and by extension, migrant crimes increases.

Hollande meanwhile is currently polling at a laughably pathetic figure of just 16% approval. I could probably at least see some small chance of Merkel scraping her way back into power (but with a significantly reduced amount of support), but I think Hollande has absolutely no chance at all. So for that reason, I don’t see why either of these two should be making plans for the future of Europe when in all likelihood, neither of them will be around long enough to implement them.

Merkel said it was crucial that the EU addresses its weakness, before describing the challenges of security, immigration and youth unemployment.

I love how she mentions immigration and youth unemployment as being problems that need to be solved, when it’s quite frankly impossible to solve the youth unemployment problem, while at the same time, sticking to her insane immigration policy of infinity illiterate, useless, welfare leeches from Africa and the Middle East. One of the main reasons why there is such a problem with youth unemployment in Europe at all is because there simply aren’t enough jobs available to employ them. At the same time, importing countless uneducated people who have no useful skills, will just lead to even greater competition for the few available entry level jobs that a young unemployed European could potentially use to get their foot on the career ladder. In fact, Merkel is literally pressuring employers to hire these useless migrants ahead of Germans. How does that make sense? How can she seriously claim to want to solve the youth unemployment problem, when implementing a policy like that?

“Hello infidel. My name is Muhammad. I come to Germany as refugee after escaping brutal Syrian civil war in Turkey. I was hired by German company ahead of qualified German youth, even though my only notable skills are in gang rape, and beheading the non-believers. Allahu Akbar”.

While Francois Hollande said:

“I believe we must be clear about the situation in Europe. As I have often recalled, this is not one more crisis, it could be the crisis of its existence, its very foundations. That is why we must have in mind to give to Europeans a clear vision of what can be and what will be their future”.

A lot of Europeans don’t think there is a future for them, and it’s because of the decisions that people like you two have undertaken, that we feel this way. We didn’t want to let infinity third world savages come to Europe to live on welfare while they periodically murder and gang rape us, until they eventually outbreed us and finish us off entirely in  a couple of generations, but that’s what’s happening now, whether we like it or not. Fortunately, people have had enough and are starting to look elsewhere for solutions. It won’t be people like you making the decisions in the near future. We will find others who represent our actual beliefs instead, and no amount of shaming tactics in the controlled mainstream media will change that. They can call us racist or xenophobic all they want, but if the choice is between our survival, or not being called mean names by an enemy that wants us dead anyway, I think the choice is obvious.

From the political soul-searching the pair picked three main points of focus: security and defence, the digital future and youth unemployment.

By “Security and Defence” they mean security and defence against anyone who opposes their evil plans to destroy us.

By “Digital Future” they mean finding ways to control the internet, so we can’t share the truth about what is going on, with one another.

By “youth unemployment” they mean migrants, not European youths.

They could not be more transparent. But there actions won’t be forgotten. When we finally have representatives who truly represent us, they will have to answer for their crimes against the European people. Justice will be done.



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