World War 3 is getting closer to being a reality.

A topic that I’ve discussed on the odd occasion on this blog is the slowly escalating tension that is happening between Russia and America, primarily over their differing goals in regards to the Syrian civil war. I’ve said before that I genuinely believe that there is a possibility of a war breaking out between the two in the future, if things keep going the way they’re going. It seems, from looking at the most recent reports, that this war is getting closer and closer to happening.

And I would just like to point out that if this war ever does happen, it will be for the most stupid and pointless reasons imaginable, and America will be the ones to blame, not Russia. Lets’s just look at the situation that is happening.

  • America finances and arms a bunch of terrorists in order to topple the Assad government in Syria.
  • America has no mandate from either the UN or the legal Syrian government to operate in Syria, yet chooses to do so anyway, in violation of international law.
  • America claims they’re there to support “moderate rebels” who are opposed to both Assad and ISIS. There is no evidence any such moderates even exist.
  • In 2014, Assad is democratically re-elected, with 88.7% of the vote, and a 73.42% turnout, meaning he won in a landslide victory, with more popular support than what any current western leader enjoys. International observers who were present for the election, claim that it was above board.
  • Despite the results of this election, America and its allies claim that Assad is a brutal dictator who oppresses his own people and commits crimes against humanity. They present absolutely no evidence for this, but insist that it’s true anyway. Why the Syrian people would choose to re-elect Assad in a landslide, in a legitimate election, if he’s so terrible, is never actually addressed.
  • Assad (the legal ruler of the country), invites Russia into Syria, to help him stop ISIS.
  • Russia accomplishes more in a few months to stop ISIS, than America has in years. This is because Russia is actually trying to stop them for real, whereas America is just pretending to, when in fact, they’re working with ISIS against Assad, all while  pretending, they’re working with those non-existent “moderate rebels” against both Assad and ISIS.
  • Russia and America begin to clash over how to handle the war. America claims Russia is killing members of the non-existent moderate opposition as well as ISIS, and has to stop. Russia doesn’t give a shit.
  • Tensions between Russia and America start to get worse and worse. Hillary Clinton even suggests implementing a “no-fly” zone in Syria, where “moderate rebels” are operating. This could potentially result in America shooting down Russian planes, all to protect a group which doesn’t even exist.

So just to summarise the main point of all this. If we do end up seeing WW3 break out between America and Russia, it will literally be because America is choosing to militarily support ISIS against Russia and the legal Syrian government, allegedly to defend the human rights of the Syrian people from a leader who is supposedly oppressing them in some vague, unspecified ways, despite being democratically elected in a landslide victory by these people that he’s supposedly oppressing.

Assad, the democratically elected “monster” who is “brutally oppressing” the Syrian people.
Syrian rebels, the good guys, that America is supporting.

And meanwhile, America is still allied with Saudi Arabia, a brutal regime which genuinely does oppress and violate the human rights of its people. Yes, my head hurts too at the sheer stupidity of this narrative that is being presented to us.

Anyway, lets take a look at the latest news between America and Russia.

From Business Insider

The US has formally suspended its negotiations with Russia over the cease-fire in Syria amid the continued Russian aerial bombardment of Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, State Department spokesman John Kirby confirmed in a statement released Monday.

As I’ve already pointed out, this is none of America’s business. They have no legal right to even be in Syria, so they have no right to complain about how the legal Syrian government and their Russian allies deal with the war.

“This was not a decision that was taken lightly,” the statement said.

“The US spared no effort in negotiating and attempting to implement an arrangement with Russia aimed at reducing the violence, providing unhindered humanitarian access, and degrading terrorist organizations operating in Syria.

I call bullshit on this. Unless they agreed to stop financing and militarily supporting the terrorists, stop operating in Syria illegally, in violation of international law, and agreed to recognise the legitimacy of the Assad government, then they haven’t made enough of an effort at all as far as I’m concerned.

“Unfortunately, Russia failed to live up to its own commitments,” the statement continued. “Including its obligations under international humanitarian law and UNSCR 2254.”

UNSCR 2254 is the UN Security Council Resolution adopted in December 2015 calling for a cease-fire and political settlement in Syria.

All Russia did was retaliate against the US controlled terrorist organisations for breaking the ceasefire first. Assad blamed the US for the collapse.

“You can totally trust these guys Russia. If you lay down your arms first, they’ll definitely reciprocate, rather than attacking you while you’re defenceless.”

Now you can argue that maybe Russia and Asssad are the ones who are lying in this situation, and this could very well be what’s happening. However, based on precedent, I’m more inclined to trust their words than America’s, who I already know have lied on numerous occasions in the past.

That’s how little credibility America has right now in my eyes. I literally trust Russia more than them.

“Rather, Russia and the Syrian regime have chosen to pursue a military course, inconsistent with the Cessation of Hostilities, as demonstrated by their intensified attacks against civilian areas, targeting of critical infrastructure such as hospitals, and preventing humanitarian aid from reaching civilians in need,” the statement said.

Says America, who bombed a hospital in Afghanistan before.

“It’s OK when we do it, because it’s just a tragic accident then, caused by our 85 IQ, affirmative action, military strategists.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the US is trying to shift blame onto Russia by suspending the talks, according to Reuters.

I can well believe this.

State-sponsored Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported that in response to the US move, Putin may order Russia’s Duma to pass a bill that would allow Russia to maintain a military presence in Syria indefinitely.

I’m sure Assad, the legal Syrian ruler, would have no problem with this. It’s his opinion that matters, not America’s.

The formal suspension comes five days after US Secretary of State John Kerry first threatened to cut off the negotiations. 

Kerry told his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in a phone call last week that the US was preparing to “suspend US-Russia bilateral engagement on Syria … unless Russia takes immediate steps to end the assault on Aleppo” and restore a cease-fire.

“Russia should stop attacking the terrorists, so they have a chance to regroup, reorganise, and attack them first.”

The State Department issued a statement about the call, saying “the secretary made clear the United States and its partners hold Russia responsible for this situation, including the use of incendiary and bunker buster bombs in an urban environment, a drastic escalation that puts civilians at great risk.”

America doesn’t seem to care about all the civilians who’ll be put at risk if this war keeps on going. They’ll gladly drag it out for years and years, if they feel it will bring them closer to achieving their goal of toppling Assad.

Anyway, I won’t respond to the rest of the article, but the link is there, if you wish to read the rest of it. There’s another article that needs to be covered.

From Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday suspended a treaty with Washington on cleaning up weapons-grade plutonium, signaling he is willing to use nuclear disarmament as a new bargaining chip in disputes with the United States over Ukraine and Syria.

Starting in the last years of the Cold War, Russia and the United States signed a series of accords to reduce the size of their nuclear arsenals, agreements that have so far survived intact despite a souring of U.S.-Russian relations under Putin.

Yes sure, it’s all Putin’s fault that relations between Russia and America have soured. Despite all evidence to the contrary, America is entirely blameless. America are just the innocent, blameless victims in all this, whereas Putin is just a big mean bully, who is completely responsible for everything that has gone wrong between the two countries.

How America wants to portray Putin.

But on Monday, Putin issued a decree suspending an agreement, concluded in 2000, which bound the two sides to dispose of surplus plutonium originally intended for use in nuclear weapons.

Russia is planning to build a few more nukes then, it seems. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they expect to ever use them, but they obviously want to have them at the ready for a reason. They can see that things are starting to really heat up with America, so they want to make sure that they’re in as strong a position as possible to deal with them.

The Kremlin said it was taking that action in response to unfriendly acts by Washington. It made the announcement shortly before Washington said it was suspending talks with Russia on trying to end the violence in Syria.

The plutonium accord is not the cornerstone of post-Cold War U.S.-Russia disarmament, and the practical implications from the suspension will be limited. But the suspension, and the linkage to disagreements on other issues, carries powerful symbolism.

I can definitely agree that symbolically speaking, this is very powerful. It really sends a message to America, that Russia isn’t playing games.

“Putin’s decree could signal that other nuclear disarmament cooperation deals between the United States and Russia are at risk of being undermined,” Stratfor, a U.S.-based consultancy, said in a commentary.

“The decision is likely an attempt to convey to Washington the price of cutting off dialogue on Syria and other issues.”

U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement on Monday that bilateral contacts with Moscow over Syria were being suspended. Kirby said Russia had failed to live up to its commitments under a ceasefire agreement.

I already dealt with this when discussing the last article. It wasn’t Russia who “failed to live up to its commitments”, it was the US backed rebels. Russia simply retaliated. A ceasefire doesn’t mean Russia is no longer allowed to defend itself it it’s attacked first.

Western diplomats say an end to the Syria talks leaves Moscow free to pursue its military operation in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but without a way to disentangle itself from a conflict which shows no sign of ending.

The only reason it shows no sign of ending is because America keeps interfering to prevent Russia and the Syrian government from doing what needs to be done. America is dragging the whole thing out, because they are determined that Assad cannot stay on as leader of the country, whereas Russia wants him to stay. Anytime Russia and Assad makes progress in the war, America tries to undermine it (which was entirely the point of the recent ceasefire, as it allowed the opposition some breathing room to regroup and strike back). If America just accepted the legitimacy of Assad’s right to rule, and either pulled out of Syria, or actually started cooperating with Russia and Assad, the war could probably be ended in a few months, perhaps even a few weeks.

Russia and the United States are also at loggerheads over Ukraine. Washington, along with Europe, imposed sanctions on Russia after it annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region in 2014 and backed pro-Moscow rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Ah yes, the Ukraine situation. I never gave this topic a specific article of its own, but I briefly mentioned the stupidity of the narrative that we were presented on it in an article I wrote about George Soros. Basically, the Jewish billionaire Soros paid a bunch of Pro-EU, Anti-Russian, “Neo-Nazis”, to topple the Pro-Russian, democratically elected government, and install in its place, a Pro-EU government, with a Jewish President, Prime Minister, and Mayor for Kiev.

Yes you heard me right, Neo-Nazis toppled one government, and replaced it with one full of Jews. That narrative made my head hurt too.

An artist’s interpretation of a “Ukrainian Nazi”.


Putin submitted a draft law to parliament setting out under what conditions work under the plutonium accord could be resumed. Those conditions were a laundry list of Russian grievances towards the United States.

They included Washington lifting the sanctions imposed on Russia over Ukraine, paying compensation to Moscow for the sanctions, and reducing the U.S. military presence in NATO member state in eastern Europe to the levels they were 16 years ago.

These all seem like reasonable demands to me. NATO wasn’t supposed to expand, so they have every right to be pissed off that it happened anyway.

Can you really blame Russia for being worried about this? The whole point of NATO was to defend each other from the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Why did it need to expand so much when the Cold War ended?

Any of those steps would involve a complete U-turn in long-standing U.S. policy.

“The Obama administration has done everything in its power to destroy the atmosphere of trust which could have encouraged cooperation,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement on the treaty’s suspension.

Just as well Obama is nearly out of office. Of course, if Hillary Clinton wins, she’ll just continue down the same path, as evident by her suggestion for the Syrian no-fly zone, unlike Trump who seems to get on very well with Putin, and wants to improve US/Russian relations.

Can you understand why I support Trump now? I don’t give a fuck how many politically incorrect things the man has said. If the option is between a woman who may very well start a nuclear war that will destroy the entire planet, or a guy who says offensive words, then the choice is completely obvious. Trump is the better option.

“The step Russia has been forced to take is not intended to worsen relations with the United States. We want Washington to understand that you cannot, with one hand, introduce sanctions against us where it can be done fairly painlessly for the Americans, and with the other hand continue selective cooperation in areas where it suits them.”

America is used to bullying weaker countries, and getting their way. I wonder do they think that they can bully Russia as well.

The 2010 agreement, signed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, called on each side to dispose of 34 tonnes of plutonium by burning it in nuclear reactors.

I wonder if America has held up their end of the bargain. Again, I’m not going to make any accusations, because I have no evidence either way, but as I said before, I really have a hard time trusting America anymore.

Clinton said at the time that there was enough of the material to make almost 17,000 nuclear weapons. Both sides back then viewed the deal as a sign of increased cooperation between the two former Cold War adversaries.

Russian officials alleged on Monday that Washington had failed to honor its side of the agreement. The Kremlin decree stated that, despite the suspension, Russia’s surplus weapons-grade plutonium would not be put to military use.

Yeah… I don’t buy that for a second. I really have no doubts that it will be used in the manufacturing of more nuclear weapons.

So there you have it. America has cut off communications with Russia, and Russia is reneging on an agreement to dispose of surplus plutonium. Tensions are really on the rise between the two countries. The American presidential election is in a little over a month. If Trump wins, we might see cooler heads prevail, and an easing of these tensions. If Hillary wins, I think it will get even worse.

I just want this article to exist right now to show that if the third world war does end up happening within the next few years, that some of us did see it coming, and could only look on helplessly as the world around us sleepwalked towards it.



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