ISIS terrorists to be given “free everything” in Sweden.

With the looming possibility of a potential third world war occurring, I’ve had a difficult time paying attention to much else that’s been going on in the world. There simply hasn’t been much else happening lately that seems significant enough in comparison to that topic worth discussing instead. Today however I found a rather interesting story from the old reliable Sweden, that I just couldn’t pass up.

From Fria Tider (Translated by Google)

The Muslims who returned to Sweden after returning to the terrorist organization Islamic state, ice, in the Middle East can be offered tax benefits which drivers education, free housing and even debt restructuring.

Free housing.

Free driving lessons.

Special tax benefits.

All to be given to returning ISIS terrorists.

“Hello Swedish infidels. We’re here for our free money and houses. Allahu Akbar.”

This must be the epitome of a nation going out of its way to destroy itself for absolutely no reason. There is literally no conceivable way that you can justify something like this and say that it’s somehow beneficial to Sweden. Seriously, is there any single benefit that people can name, that come from having ISIS fighters in your country? Especially benefits which justify handing over all these free things to them? Because I sure can’t think of any.

Swedish Radio has talked with Christoffer Carlsson, author of the report at the national coordinator against violent extremism, which lines up examples of how the terrorists to be “reintegrated” into Swedish society with the help of state funds.

Why would you want to “reintegrate” them at all? In fact, why were they even allowed into Sweden in the first place? Why did Sweden need these people? What benefit was it to Sweden and the Swedish people, to do this?  What was the fucking point in filling a once great country like Sweden with people from a hostile and incompatible cultural background? The country worked just fine the way it was, and arguably had the highest living standards of any country on the planet. There never was a good reason for going down this path.

This was Sweden before “diversity”.
This is Sweden after.

– It’s a straight through social, economic and material terms. You need to be able to reintegrate into the job market, you may need to have a driving license, debt settlement and shelter. When people leave, they want to leave for something else, they have not the resources to it so it is difficult to realize it, says Christoffer Carlsson.

Brilliant logic there Christoffer. The returning ISIS fighters must have just come back to Sweden to get jobs. They must have gotten bored with capturing sex slaves and beheading all the “non-believers” in Syria. They certainly couldn’t possibly be planning to engage in similar activities on Swedish soil. Instead, they probably decided they wanted to come back to Sweden to drive IKEA delivery trucks. If only they knew how to drive. Seeing as these terrorists provide such vast (but never specified or explained) benefits to Sweden, then the only solution is to give them housing and opportunities ahead of your own indigenous citizens, who’ve never beheaded anyone. It makes perfect sense.

Without that kind of sour cream on the Swedish taxpayers’ expense, there is a risk that terrorists “do not pass” to leave the Muslim extremist environment, stresses Carlsson.

If only there was another solution to this problem such as, ooh… I dunno… NOT LETTING THESE MONSTERS INTO YOUR FUCKING COUNTRY TO BEGIN WITH!!!!

“But how would Sweden survive without its ISIS terrorists?”

In SR’s reports also participates Anna Sjöstrand, municipal coordinator against violent extremism in Lund. She points out that one can not deny the terrorists the tax benefits just because they made a “wrong choice”.

Becoming a terrorist was just a “wrong choice”. Just like when you write the number 5 instead of 4 to the question “What is 2 plus 2?”. Not a big deal, everybody makes mistakes once in a while. Why should those poor innocent terrorists be punished just because they made a silly mistake that involved joining an organistation that is actively raping, murdering, and enslaving untold numbers of people? Sure, they’re not indigenous Swedish people. Sure, they’ve probably never paid a penny in tax in Sweden. Sure, they have attitudes and beliefs which are completely incompatible with Sweden’s liberal values. None of this matters. They should be allowed to benefit from Sweden’s tax payer funded resources anyway, for reasons which will never actually be explained.

– We can not say that because you made a wrong choice, you have no right to come back and live in our society, says Anna Sjöstrand to SR.

Yes you can. You have every right to tell these scum that they have no right to live in your society. They aren’t Swedish. You have no obligation to them. You just won’t do that, because you Swedes are a bunch of virtue signalling cowards, who are more afraid of being thought of as “intolerant” or “bigoted” by an enemy that wants you dead and laughs at your stupidity anyway, than the idea of your once great country being destroyed. I really think you’re all beyond saving at this point. The sooner the collapse happens so you can serve as an example to the rest of us, the better.

Soon… though I doubt there’ll be many rainbows seen at that point.

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