Lena Dunham posts skit about the “extinction of straight white men”.

Do I even need to come up with a witty caption?

Lena Dunham, a disgusting rat-like creature who is probably one of the the most worthless forms of life on the planet (on par with the fungus that causes jock itch, the HIV virus, and establishment politicians), posted a 30 second skit on her twitter page, celebrating the idea of the extinction of straight white men. This is hardly anything groundbreaking of course, seeing as we live in a world in which we straight white males are public enemy number one. It’s perfectly acceptable to talk about us in ways that nobody would dare talk about any other demographic. Nevertheless, I figured it couldn’t hurt to share it seeing as it serves as yet another example in the ongoing war being waged against us.

You can watch the skit above.

From Information Liberation

Hillary Clinton surrogate Lena Dunham produced a sickening sketch with her father where the two celebrate the “extinction” of “straight white men.”

If it really was her father, then he is absolutely pathetic. You’d have to be, to take this kind of pleasure in your own demographic annihilation. I’m well aware that Lena Dunham herself is Jewish, so ordinarily, that would explain things seeing as many Jews don’t consider themselves to be white, and therefore wouldn’t be including themselves in the straight white male category, but according to her Wikipedia page, she’s only Jewish on her mother’s side. Her father isn’t a Jew, so that excuse can’t be used here. He’s just a massive cuck.

In fairness, he isn’t alone in thinking this way.

The sketch, which she shared November 2nd on Twitter, begins with Lena asking her father, “How are you feeling about the extinction of white men?”

Probably pretty excited? I mean, what exactly have white men contributed to the world, besides inventing most of the useful inventions that we now take for granted, making most of the medical advances so far in the world, landing a man on the moon, creating western civilisation and the superior laws and human rights associated with it, etc. However apart from all that, what have they really contributed to the world? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

At least those horrible white men are gone.

“Well white men are a problem, straight white men are a big problem, that’s for sure,” her father Carroll Dunham says. “But I actually feel pretty good about it.”

“I think, uh, straight white guys have been screwing things up for long enough. High time for straight white males to, uh, step back and let some other people do it,” he says.

Notice how he doesn’t say how exactly straight white guys are screwing things up? It’s just a vague and unspecified generalisation which he won’t actually clarify. He also doesn’t explain how other groups will somehow do things better than us. Probably because he can’t. There are already plenty of countries in the world were straight white guys aren’t running things, and apart from a few exceptions in East Asia such as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong etc, these people are “screwing things up” in their countries much worse than we ever could. We can even cite examples of countries such as Zimbabwe, Haiti, and South Africa which were run properly by white guys in the past, and have descended into chaos without us. That’s the kind of future this idiot wants in the entire western world. Turning us all into one giant Zimbabwe.

I bet the people of Zimbabwe would rather have the white guys back running things rather than this failure.

“That’s my dad!” Lena responds glowingly.

That is a man who has failed at life.

Lena Dunham was out campaigning for Hillary Clinton last week in North Carolina.

“Trump is responsible for every bad thing his supporters say and do and needs to apologise on their behalf.”

“Hillary can’t be held responsible for anything her supporters say and do and doesn’t have to apologise on their behalf.”

She told an audience while being filmed by ABC News: “White patriarchy is like a beast in a movie that’s been stabbed and is just dying so slow and screaming as it goes down, and I just am afraid of what that’s going to look like.”

What you should be more afraid of is living under whatever would replace the “white patriarchy” that you hate so much. If the Middle East and Africa are anything to go by, you might get a rude awakening to how good you had things before.

Does Hillary Clinton agree with her surrogate that all white men should be killed so other people can take their place?

Probably. With the kind of policies she pursues particularly regarding open borders, I really wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Will Hillary Clinton denounce her surrogate’s genocidal, anti-white propaganda?

No, because only Trump is expected to denounce things.

Thankfully enough, the people are calling her out on how disgraceful this is.



Mark Dice is awesome btw. I’d recommend checking out his youtube channel.
This is a reference to how she admitted quite casually to molesting her own sister as a child.


A Jew who wants white men to go extinct? Damn, who would have ever predicted it?



4 thoughts on “Lena Dunham posts skit about the “extinction of straight white men”.

  1. I’ve listened to that clip a few times now and just thought this has got to be a joke. Until I read what she’s been saying about patriarchy …. she’s just sick. What more can I say. We’ll have to see who she eventually pairs up with, she’s narrowed her options – it’ll have to be a trans, genderqueer, intersexual, omnisexual!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s no joke unfortunately. She is an idealogue, exactly the kind that I was talking to you about the other day. She’s nothing unusual in her way of thinking unfortunately.


    • No you see, they’ve redefined the way hate crimes work so that it doesn’t work if you’re from a “privileged” group. Straight white guys are considered to be the most privileged of all, so we can’t ever be victims of hate crimes. Straight white women come next on the privilege scale, and can be victims of a hate crime if the perpetrator is a straight white male, but can’t be if it’s someone from any other demographic. I’m not sure who is more privileged between a gay white guy, or a straight non-white guy, as at that point, it just gets confusing. Point is, they’ve set things up in such a way, in which they can say anything they want about us, and it’s perfectly acceptable, but if we spoke about them in the same manner, we’re evil monsters.


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