Sweden: 480,000 sexual assaults in just 1 year.

What a horrible thing to read. Do you know what the worst part is about this?







From Speisa

480,000 sexual assaults of women in Sweden – in one year

More and more Swedish women say they are victims of sexual crimes. New figures from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention show that 480,000 Swedish women were sexually assaulted in 2015. That is worse than any previous year, worse than ever.

Hmm, I wonder what could be causing this massive recent increase in sexual violence?






I know, I think  I’ve figured it out. It’s that damn Nordic alcohol culture that’s to blame.

In a new study, three percent of women say they were subjected to some form of sexual offenses in 2015. The corresponding figure last year was just under two percent.

Most vulnerable are women aged 16-24 years. Among the young women, nine percent said that they were subjected to sexual assaults during last year.

If only those women had been wearing their “don’t touch me” bracelets at the time. Those alcohol fueled Swedish men who all suddenly became sexual predators around the same time Sweden threw open its borders to infinity people from hostile and incompatible cultures, would never have touched them otherwise.

It’s a well known fact that any rapist would be scared off by this.

The figures come from an interim report by the National Crime Survey (NTU), which the National Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ) has published, writes the Swedish newspaper Borås Tidning.

– We can not say who the offenders are. This survey does not include these tools. It is designed to produce figures and show how it looks, says Emelie Hambrook, investigator at BRÅ.

“We haven’t a clue who could possibly be responsible for these crimes. It’s a mystery that we’re unlikely to ever solve.”

However, since the large increase of sexual assaults coincides with the large influx of migrants last year, it is very easy to make obvious assumptions.

“It’s just an unfortunate bit of bad luck that the massive increase in sexual violence just so happened to coincide with the arrival of millions of young men who come from parts of the world in which women are horribly oppressed and regarded as sluts who are ‘asking for it’ if they happen to show any skin other than that of their hands in public. There’s absolutely no link between these two events, so we’ll not even bother investigating the possibility that there could be a link, and will just continue to let millions more of them in.”

What could possibly go wrong?



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