The Racism of Low Expectations

Here’s a brief, but very interesting video. A man with a camera goes up to some young white liberal women on a college campus to ask them if voter ID laws are racist. They agree that they are. Their reason for thinking this? Well check it out.

Guy asks Girl 1 if it’s harder for black people to go online and get an ID. She responds:

“I feel like they don’t have the knowledge of how it works.”

“For most of the communities they don’t really know what is out there just because they’re not aware or they’re not informed”.

Just think about that for a second. She’s generalising an entire race of people as being somehow too dumb to know the procedure on how to get an ID. I can’t understand the logic behind that kind of thinking. What evidence is she even basing it on? In a country where internet connected devices are omnipresent, and a simple Google search can provide answers to virtually any question that you ask, why does she think that black people are in general somehow too stupid to know how to go online and figure out how to get an ID so they can vote? And more importantly, how can she not see the racism in what she herself is saying? While her intentions are not malicious, she is still looking down upon an entire race of people as being less capable of performing a simple task than her own race. It’s insane that people can think this way and not see the problem.

Then we get on to Girl 2.

“I also think there is a repression of black voting with how if you’re a convicted felon, you’re not allowed to vote.”

“repression of black voting”

“convicted felon not allowed to vote”



Just as Girl 1 was making a racist generalisation of black people being too dumb to know how to get an ID, Girl 2 is making a racist generalisation by associating being a felon with being black. Where have I heard that before?

Oh yes, the Clinton Narrative Network.

While it is true that in America, convicted felons are disproportionately black, the fact that this girl instantly thinks of “black voter suppression” when she talks about convicted felons not being able to vote, is clearly a racist attitude on her part, because it shows that she associates “black people” and “felons” in her own mind. I just think this is all very interesting. These girls obviously have good intentions behind what they are saying, but the fact that they see black people in general as being less capable and more criminal, really says a lot about their own biases.


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