I am so happy right now. The Glorious Leader has done it. This is incredible. We have just seen history unfold before us in real time. I truly believe that what we have just seen will be talked about for generations, because this really is a game changer.

God bless you, my Emperor.

I wish I could say that my faith never faltered, but I must admit, that even though I knew the polls from the lying media were bullshit, that there were times when I worried, times when I really thought that it just wouldn’t happen. I tried to keep my faith, put on the brave face, and tell people that I discussed this topic with, that I was confident that he would do it, but the truth is I very often thought that having the entire media, political, and financial establishment against him, would be too much for one man to overcome. I often worried that the election could very well be rigged, or that the electoral college system which isn’t based on the popular vote might work against him. I also worried that the relentless smear campaign and propaganda against him might be too damaging to deal with.

LOL, this is literally what they tried to portray him as.

Even watching the election unfold live, seeing states on the map switching back and forward between red and blue, then checking the corresponding electoral college map, to see how much each state was worth, was a completely nerve-racking experience. There were times when it really looked as if a key state worth a lot of votes might slip from his grasp completely. Even Texas turned blue a few times, as crazy as that might sound. It was very stressful and at times it seemed like he might have no hope.

I don’t normally like being wrong, but on this occasion, I can make an exception. I am delighted to be wrong.

Don’t cry yet Hillary. Save your tears for when you reach the gallows 😉

I’m very overwhelmed with emotion right now. The past year has been a difficult one for me on a personal level. While this great news doesn’t necessarily ease the pain regarding any problems in my personal life, it at least gives me back a sense of optimism that there is still a possibility for good to happen in the world, for life to be worth living, and for Western Civilisation to stop going down the same dark path that was destroying us. With the alternative being a possibility of a nuclear war with Russia, as well as the continuation and normalisation of the migrant invasion of Europe (and that’s not including all the other lesser problems that could also have happened), I honestly think I would have become completely disillusioned with life in general if Hillary had won. I don’t have much else to say right now, as I’m feeling mentally drained from the emotional roller-coaster I just experienced from watching it all unfold live. I also really need to just sit back and process the whole thing.

I just know this much, tomorrow is a new day, and it’s going to be a very good day indeed.




Especially when I get to see all the meltdowns on Facebook. 😉


7 thoughts on “GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  1. Lol yay one of the dirty low life underhanded shit stains won the election whoop whoop everyones a winner!! I wonder how the extremely poor white undereducated people of america will celebrate. Its actually horrific how disillusioned they must be to think anything will change. You can throw stats at me or trumps super awesome “if i win the election”promises but a politician is a politician and until they experience what real life problems are the world is still fucked. Money my friend its all about money and the usage of people like you and me as disposable pawns. Enjoy your victory.


    • Possibly right. There’s absolutely no guarantee that he will be the change people hope for. In fact, I doubt he’ll be able to implement every single policy he intends realistically, at least not in one term, and certainly not with a hostile political establishment that will work against him. However, I look at it this way. A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of the same including the pointless wars, free trade agreements and mass immigration which decimate the living standards of the population, and exploitation from the big financial institutions which bankrolled her campaign. Trump is at least a possibility of something different, and if nothing else, is a symbol that people are looking for change. I also think that seeing as he doesn’t need the position to make money or connections, and knowing what an egomaniac he is, that it’s all about legacy, and he’ll want to have a good one. Also I don’t think it’s really fair to only talk about undereducated poor white people when in terms of demographics, there wouldn’t be enough of them for him to win with, even if 100% of them voted for him. People from all demographics: white, black, hispanic, Asian, male, female, gay, straight etc, supported him to some extent at least.


    • That’s not what he said though. He said people who enter illegally (eg, across the Mexican border or overstaying on an expired Visa) have to leave. Legal immigrants, or children born to minority citizens aren’t expected to leave. Sure his own wife is a legal immigrant. Clearly, quite a few Black, Hispanic, and other minority groups agree with (or at least aren’t bothered by) this seeing as they voted for him. They didn’t think he was racist, and don’t seem to fear that they’ll have any trouble from him.


  2. lets just agree to disagree the american president is a man that you think is glorious, to me he is a man that likes to grab vagina and build walls…but hey dont we all. (Im being sarcastic in a lot of these comments) namaste 🙂


    • I don’t really think he’s glorious. Remember how I said before that I try to make my articles more humorous and OTT, for fun?


  3. […] with, afterall. In June that year, we saw the UK vote to leave the EU, and in November we saw the election of Donald Trump in America. Go back and read those articles and see how happy I was. I was convinced that these two events […]


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