“Equality snow removal”? WTF?

So apparently snow plowing as we know it is sexist. I never knew that myself, but that’s probably because I’m a straight white male who is too blinded by his own privilege to notice. Luckily for us, our favourite nation of politically correct lunatics Sweden, were able to recognise this serious issue for what it is, and have made a point of making snow plowing more equal. “How so?”, you might ask. Well, read on.

From SVT Nyheter (Translated by Google)

The equality snow removal, has not worked, according to the opposition Vice Mayor Cecilia Brinck (M). According to her, they have not focused on plowing bike paths.

Snow removal should be equal, it has the rödgrönrosa majority in the town hall held.In practice this means that pedestrian and bicycle paths should be prioritized before the roads. Women walking or riding public transport more often than men more often choose car. But the opposition asking themselves how well the equality snow removal really worked. 

So let me see if I understand this correctly. They have this idea that when it snows, they should plow pedestrian and bike paths as a priority over plowing roads because women on average are more likely to walk than men, who are more likely to take a car. They are doing this because of “equality” somehow.

Ok… lets see how this turns out.

“Just as bad for everyone”

– Some places have not snöröjts at all, and it’s just as bad for everyone. We have received quite a lot of reports that it has prioritized bike lanes in front walkways.

I’m assuming that “snöröjts”, which didn’t successfully translate, must refer to cyclists, based on the rest of the sentence.

Most of those bikes are men so I do not know how equal it is.

Although I’m sure in feminist Sweden, if most were women, it would be just fine.

Now pedestrians must walk on the bike lanes because they can not walk on her foot paths and cyclists and pedestrians may not even during good relationship get along really well on the same surface, says Cecilia Brinck (M). 

Cecilia Brinck (M) says to SVT News Stockholm to snow removal so far is beneath contempt. Although the snow did Stockholmers by storm, so the city had been able to be better prepared.

So this equality snow plowing isn’t working out apparently. Lets read on to find out why.

Opposition: Insanely give fines

– This SMHI has warned for several days. So enough by the powers could have been better prepared to deal with these snow cover. After all, it is no surprise that it’s snowing in Stockholm in winter, says Cecilia Brinck (M). It is clear that with better preparedness could have been sure that it did not happen. Now it is apparently also true that you are out and give parking tickets to cars that have been unable to get out due to the snow.


So because they prioritised the paths rather than the roads, cars are unable to use the roads at all and through no fault of their own, the motorists are getting parking fines.

“Parking outside the specified times is not allowed. That will be 2000 Krona please.”


I think that also is completely insane. It is an extraordinary situation, and then you have to be flexible. It is the city’s task to remove the snow and before you have done that, you can not go around punishing motorists for not coming out.  

And yet they do so anyway despite the fact that they’re the ones to blame. This is hilarious. They’re so concerned about gender equality that they chose to focus on plowing the less essential footpaths because women are more likely to use them, over the more essential roads, which are more likely to be used by men, and now they’re punishing the motorists, many of whom are probably women, for their own stupid decision.

“Next time, I’m walking to work.”

Only in Sweden does this insanity make sense.

What do you think of the term “gender snow removal”? 

I think “what the fuck is going on in this world? How did we get to this point?”

– I think it’s a little silly if I’ll be frank. In particular, since it does not really mean that big changes from how we worked before, except that then prioritizes bicycle paths higher than what we have done. We have not received any clear information on what this means in practice because it was relatively correct little snow last winter.

It’s going to get a whole lot worse. Let me give you a potential scenario.

Imagine there was a medical emergency (for example, an elderly lady has a heart attack), that requires an ambulance to be dispatched. Now lets imagine, that the ambulance is unable to make the journey, because the snow on the road is too deep. You do have snow plows, but instead of using them to clear the road, you have them clearing the footpaths instead. So that elderly lady ends up dying because the ambulance couldn’t get to her in time.

“At least the footpaths are clear so women can walk without any discomfort.”

She literally just died in the name of gender equality. -_-


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