Attempted terrorist attack foiled in France.

In the Islamic terrorist hotspot known as France, a would be terrorist attack on Disneyland Paris was thankfully foiled. I’m glad to know that nobody was hurt this time, but it is disturbing to know that these frequent attacks show no sign of stopping any time soon. They may have prevented a tragedy this time, but next time, they might not be so lucky.

From Her Family

Seven men arrested on suspicion of being part of a terrorist cell in France last weekend were likely planning an attack on Disneyland Paris and the Champs Elysees Christmas market, according to the latest reports.

The suspects, who were French,

LOL, “French”.

Have you seen this suspected terrorist?

What is the deal with all these “French Men” going around randomly trying to shoot, behead, and blow people up in France, the last few years? What has changed about France so much that suddenly lots of “French Men” are committing these horrible acts? We never used to see so many cases of “French Men” committing acts of terrorism, but by some strange coincidence, it seems to be happening a lot more ever since France allowed people from certain other parts of the world, in which terrorist attacks are quite common, to settle in France. However, these two incidents couldn’t possibly be linked in anyway, because the magical French air and soil alters the personalities and value systems of people to be more like those of the French people. At least, that’s what the media and our political elites have led me to believe and we know they would never lie to us.

Moroccan and Afghan were detained in Strasbourg and Marseille following Saturday night’s raids.

Those poor innocent Moroccans and Afghans. First, they manage to escape the brutal Syrian civil war which has spread to Morocco and Afghanistan, then when they finally arrive safely in France, they get tricked by evil “French Men”, into joining a terrorist cell against their better judgment. If only those “French Men” hadn’t tricked them into doing terrorism, they would have have used their wonderful skills and education to make France better somehow.

The operation marked the end of an eight-month monitoring operation by counter-terrorism police. Two of the men have since been released.

They probably got a stern talking to, realise now that terrorism is a naughty thing to do, and can be trusted not to try and murder anybody else in the future.

“Now be a good boy, OK? Don’t do terrorism again. That’s a good lad.”

According to sources, the men had considered targeting a number of different sites, including Disneyland and the Champs Elysees, the Paris criminal police headquarters and a metro station.

The evil bastards probably chose Disneyland  instead because there was more likely to be kids there to kill. If you’re going to commit a brutal act of terrorism, you may as well make it as heinous and despicable as possible, to really hurt and demoralise the country you’re targeting.

While Disneyland Paris have not released an official statement on the matter, a spokesperson for the amusement park told The Associated Press that the safety and security of guests is “our No. 1 priority. We work closely with state and local authorities, and constantly review the security measures we have in place.”

And yet nobody will take the most obvious step to guarantee security and safety. Putting a stop to immigration from countries with values incompatible with those of France, and mass deportations of people already in France who have set up ghettos and failed to integrate. What is the actual benefit to France and the French people having these people in their country? No emotional bullshit about “doing the right thing” or preaching some kind of vague morality. Purely in practical terms, what is the point? What are the benefits, if any, and how do these benefits outweigh the problems that these people bring? That’s the question that needs to be answered.

 France remains under a state of emergency, which allows French security forces special powers of surveillance, search and arrest in times of acute crisis.
“Hey look, sorry you have to live under an Orwellian surveillance state. Unfortunately, because so many “French Men” turned into terrorists, around the same time we became a multicultural society without giving you the option to vote on it, we now have to live under these conditions, in order to keep you safe. There’s no other possible solution, and anyone who suggests there are alternatives (such as changing our immigration policy), is just a hate-filled Neo-Nazi, who shouldn’t be listened to.”
Earlier this week, the The US State Department warned Americans who were planning to travel over the festive period to “exercise vigilance” in tourist areas due to the “heightened risk of terrorist attacks throughout Europe”.
LOL, wow. You know things are bad when a country with as many murders as America is warning its citizens that Europe could be dangerous to visit. It really puts things in perspective.
Don’t think of it as “terrorism”. Think of it as “Cultural Enrichment”.

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