Stupid African “Syrian refugees” sink their own boat and drown.


An inflatable raft full of young, military aged, Sub-Saharan African men (what else is new?), who were fleeing the brutal Syrian civil war, which as we all know, has apparently spread to the entire third world, encountered a Tunisian fishing vessel en route to Europe. The idiotic invaders on board mistook the fishermen for the Italian coastguard and stupidly sank their own boat on purpose, assuming they would be rescued and brought back to Europe to live on welfare, get free stuff, and rape as many white women as they can get their hands on, in much the same way their predecessors have. Instead the Tunisians, who aren’t afflicted with the horrible mental illness known as white guilt, decided to nonchalantly leave the migrants to drown and record it as it happened. Here is the footage.

Video Description

This amateur footage, taken by a Tunisian crewman of a fishing ship, shows the disastrous consequences of the EU’s open border policy that permits and encourages the continued scam of illegal African immigrants that deliberately sink their own boats near coast guard vessels to receive a shuttle service to Europe under the disguise of so-called “Syrian refugees”.

You would think it would be fucking obvious now to people what is actually happening. Syria is an Arab country. So is Libya (the one other country in which you could arguably justify refugees coming from). Yet instead of seeing Arabs on these boats, we keep seeing young black men who are coming from safe, albeit impoverished Sub-Saharan African countries. They aren’t fleeing any civil war, they’re heading to Europe purely for economic reasons, because they want to be able to feed off the benefits that our ancestors created for us. Unfortunately, most people are too intellectually lazy to think critically about what’s going on and instead react emotionally, and just follow along with the “poor refugees fleeing war” narrative that our lying media and crooked politicians feed us.

As the African males approach the ship, they capsize their own boats, pretending to be in distress at sea because they assume the ship is equipped to pick up refugees. Is it only after they realize the crew atop the fishing boat is physically unable to provide help that the situation escalates and the Africans start screaming for their life as they drown.


The sailor repeatedly shouts “calma” (stay calm) in Italian in the hope that the immigrants heading for Italy prepared with some basic Italian and understand him.

I doubt these people can even read and write in their own language, let alone have any basic understanding of the language of the country they’re heading to.

The crew were reluctant to help since letting them on board would have been a serious security risk as it would have them outnumbered 10 to 1. There is also the risk of piracy with hijackers posing as refugees as camouflage. They also appear to only have two lifeboats, so throwing one down just so the migrants would sink it would have made no sense for the crew.

The only way to help would be individuals of the crew rappelling down to to the sea line, which would most likely result in their own death as the immigrants would drag them down.

Of course, the lives of the crew won’t matter to the white guilt infested liberals back in Europe. You can be sure that they would virtue signal about “doing the right thing” and helping these invaders, all from the safety of their own home. Personally, I really can’t blame the crew for not trying to save them.

The EU politicians and all the Leftists supporting the human traffickers and mass invasion of African males by sea are directly responsible for every single death by drowning.

My thoughts exactly.

If the EU were to pursue a “NO WAY” policy that denies citizenship to anybody illegally approaching the country b boat, such as Australia has done, Europe could successfully reduce the total amount of illegal immigrants coming by sea to zero.

Of course that would never happen, because the whole point of the policies currently being pursued isn’t about saving lives. If lives really mattered to the political establishment, they never would have pursued policies which destroyed Libya, and are attempting to destroy Syria right now. The real reason for the current policies, is the ethnic cleansing and replacement of the indigenous peoples of Europe, in order to undermine the concept of nation states and therefore make it easier to bring in a one world government. That has always been the aim ever since the 1920s when Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi first proposed it.

Just really think about it, and put all emotion aside. Which narrative makes more sense? That the global elite deliberately starts destructive wars in countries and then take in people from these warzones (plus other third world countries which aren’t at war) to live in Europe (but not in any oil rich Arab gulf states which can easily afford them and are closer, both geographically and culturally to the migrant’s home countries) out of the goodness of their heart? And then, when they arrive and inevitably cause problems in their host nations, such as committing acts of terrorism, going on mass sexual assault/rape sprees, and become a massive drain on the country’s taxes, they ignore the problem because they expect that somehow it will just go away by magic, and they’ll end up integrating and contributing to Europe eventually? Or, does the narrative presented in the link above about the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan make more sense, based on everything we’ve seen happen?

I know which narrative I believe, and clearly I’m not alone. More and more people are beginning to see what’s really happening, and they’re angry. On a public forum like Facebook, people are naturally going to virtue signal and act as if they care (perhaps some genuinely still do). On an anonymous forum like the YouTube comments sections however, people tend to feel comfortable making more controversial statements which are more likely to be in line with their true views, and from looking at the comments on YouTube, a lot of people seem to really hate these migrants and are glad that they drowned.  Lets take a look at some of the comments from the video.


There’s even another longer version of the video available…

…and the comments are equally hostile.


But this hostility doesn’t surprise me anymore. Here in Ireland, we’ve been fortunate enough to have been sheltered from this mess, so people still buy into the debunked narrative that they’re all just poor innocent victims fleeing a war, and who have a good education and skillset to contribute to our economies. The reality, which most other European countries are now well aware of, is that this is a hostile invasion force coming here, not to flee a war, or to contribute, but to plunder and conquer. People in other European countries have had enough of this and are no longer hiding their anger out of fear of being thought of as racist. It is a perfectly natural response to feel relief and even pleasure watching a video like this, knowing the kind of problems these men would have caused if they had reached Europe. Hopefully, it will get back to Africa and dissuade others from trying their luck in the same way.


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