Male feminist whines about how sexist Mario is.

Social justice has no end in sight. There’ll never be a point were its advocates will feel that enough is enough. They’ll always find some new “problem” to have a hissy fit over. You can just tell at this point that we’ve long gotten past the point of actual real problems, when they’re starting to complain about stupid shit like this.

From The Sun

VIDEO game critics have claimed the family-friendly Super Mario video games series is unsuitable for children because it’s SEXIST.

Mario, a video game series that has been enjoyed by millions of children, girls and boys alike, over the past three decades, the majority of whom have grown up to be perfectly normal, well-adjusted adults, is suddenly unsuitable for children, because some dickhead on the internet says so.

The Japanese games firm Nintendo recently released an iPhone game called Super Mario Run which is the first smartphone title to feature its much-loved character.

But feminists have rounded upon the game, with one writer suggesting it was time Mario was rescued BY his love interest Princess Peach, rather than going on missions to save her.

That has already happened. The game is called Super Princess Peach, and it came out about ten years ago.

Would you look at that. Mario is tied up, and the Princess has to rescue him for a change.

The game sold relatively poorly in comparison to the regular Mario series by the way, which is probably why they haven’t made another. Point is, at least they tried to do something like this, and a full decade before this dickhead started whining on the internet about it.

Chris Suellentrop, a top games reviewers at the New York Times, said the recent iPhone Super Mario Game was “inappropriate for children”.

It’s just incredible how arrogant this comes off. 30 years worth of children have been playing this series without being negatively impacted by it, but apparently it’s inappropriate for children because this guy says so.

“In an era where we can watch Frozen or Moana…this is not okay,” he said on his podcast, Shall We Play, according to Heat Street.

“Different options are not OK. Because the Princesses in Frozen and Moana are strong characters who aren’t in need of being rescued, no Princess can ever be portrayed like that again.”

I guess going by the same logic, we can’t allow children to watch any of the older Disney animated films like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or Cinderella, because they have outdated portrayals of princesses, which will somehow mess up young girls today, even though they didn’t mess up young girls from previous generations.


“People give Nintendo a pass because they’re family-friendly, you know what? This is not family-friendly.”

How is it not family friendly? What exactly isn’t family friendly about a man going to great lengths to save the woman he loves from danger? Are we just going to deny the basic biological drives of our species, in order to promote ideological nonsense? In harsher time periods, while our species was still evolving, women tended to choose a strong man, who could protect them from danger, and provide for them, as a mate. In the same way, men have a natural, biological drive to protect women because it is through women, that we are able to pass on our own genes.

In our current social environment, this kind of dynamic is less of a necessity because of the way civilisation is set up. In the modern world, in which we aren’t at war with nature and rival tribes for resources, women are quite capable of providing for themselves, and they don’t need a strong man to protect them, because we have law and order to do that instead. However, absolutely nothing about our biology has changed, as civilisation has developed quicker than our biological evolution.

As a result, despite how much our lifestyles may have changed in the last few thousand years, ultimately, we still have the same animal instincts now that our stone age ancestors had when women instinctively sought out strong men to protect and provide for them, and men had a biological drive to want to protect from harm, the women who would potentially bear their offspring. Therefore, I would contend that because our biological instincts haven’t changed, that most males will naturally identify with the male power fantasy of rescuing a princess, and most females will identify with the fantasy of being rescued and protected by a brave hero, rather than being the hero themselves. I’m not saying every single person will conform to these gender stereotypes, and for those who don’t, their preferences are perfectly valid as well, but a lot of people will identify with the gender stereotypes, so having games that cater to these perfectly natural fantasies is hardly “inappropriate for children”.

I regard these things as being inappropriate for children. Therefore, they’re inappropriate for children, because I’m the authority on these things, because I say so”.

“How dare they have fictional video game woman bake a cake for the man she loves? This sends such a horrible message to young girls somehow, even the ones who just happen to enjoy baking.”

Most Mario games involve saving Princess Peach, who has inevitably been kidnapped by the plumber’s arch enemy, Bowser.

Ina Fried, a respected technology journalist, said these old-school storylines do not reflect the modern world.

“It’s *current year*, therefore everything has to change. We won’t give any reasons why this is suddenly necessary, other than the fact that we now think the old way is outdated because of the current year.”

“We can’t allow certain types of stories to be told anymore because we consider them outdated now. Only stories that we personally approve of can be told now.”

In an article for Re/Code, she wrote: “It has been 30 years since Mario first rescued the princess back in 1985. Since that time, more than 50 women have gone into space, more than two dozen have been elected to the U.S. Senate and several hundred have climbed Mount Everest.

Wait, you mean these women managed to accomplish all those incredible things, despite such a “sexist” video game series existing? Wow, that almost makes me think that capable women are capable no matter what, and the existence of a video game series that utilises an “outdated” story, is not going to stop them from achieving. I’d also bet that statistically speaking, with how popular the Mario series is, that at least a few of these highly accomplished women have played at least one Mario game in their lifetime and yet all that “sexism” didn’t harm them in any way.

This all goes back to the point I made in my article about the campaign to convince parents to buy their sons a Barbie doll. I don’t believe for a second that there is actually any real problem here at all, but what is happening, is a bunch of insecure adults are projecting their own insecurities and failures onto children, and are finding a scapegoat to blame for these insecurities and failures, rather than taking responsibility instead.

“It’s not fair. I was well on my way to studying law at Harvard, curing the HIV virus, and becoming President. However, when I was 8 years old, I played a Super Mario game, and the sexism traumatised me so much, that I gave up on all my dreams, started living on benefits, gained about 500 pounds, and am not motivated to clean up the mess around me. None of this is my fault. It’s all Nintendo’s fault for being so sexist.

I mean come on, lets really be honest with ourselves here. How many people (and this question is for both men and women) played Mario games in their youth and started thinking that women were worth less than men because of it? Obviously, I can only cite anecdotal evidence which in the grand scheme of things, means nothing, but I will say that I certainly wasn’t thinking about gender stereotypes when I played these games. I just enjoyed them for what they were, and I’ve known plenty of female gamers who played the series, enjoyed it, and are now perfectly normal, well-adjusted young women, who haven’t been negatively affected in any way from doing so. They didn’t feel insecure as females playing a game in which the male hero has to rescue the princess. They just had fun playing the game and didn’t think any deeper than that.

“More importantly, the next generation of girls and boys are learning gender norms from, among other things, games like Super Mario Run. Personally, I think it is about time for a game where Peach rescues Mario.”

Just in case you missed it the first time.

^See the problem here. These idiots don’t even have any understanding of what they’re even complaining about. They just take a quick, superficial glance at things, think they’re suddenly well informed on the topic, and start complaining and demanding changes to things they aren’t really interested in. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Meanwhile, while this uninformed moron is complaining about the Mario series and acting as if it’s the be-all, and end-all of the video game industry, he’s ignoring the existence of the many strong female video game characters that already exist, some of whom have existed almost as long as the “sexist” Princess Peach character.

Samus Aran, first seen in “Metroid”, 1986.
Tyris Flare, first seen in “Golden Axe”, 1989.
Blaze Fielding, first seen in “Streets of Rage”, 1991.
Sonya Blade, first seen in “Mortal Kombat”, 1993
Lara Croft, first seen in “Tomb Raider”, 1996.
Jill Valentine, first seen in “Resident Evil”, 1996.
Alexandra Roivas, first seen in “Eternal Darkness”, 2002.
Bayonetta, first seen in “Bayonetta”, 2009.

And all the above are just a small example, specifically limited to strong playable female characters. There are plenty of other strong female characters in games, both playable and those in a supporting role, as well as games which allow the player to create a blank avatar from scratch of either gender.

The point I’m trying to close on, is this. The Mario series has existed for decades and has been popular with generations of children (including girls) the entire time. Women who have grown up in a post-Mario world have still managed to accomplish amazing things, despite its apparent “sexism”. Acting as if Mario’s traditional “hero rescues a princess” storyline, is somehow damaging little girls, without presenting any supporting evidence to back up this claim, is completely idiotic and intellectually dishonest. However, if you still feel that Mario is not suitable for girls because Princess Peach is a bad role model, then that’s your choice, and there are plenty of alternative games out there with strong female characters to play instead. Not every game needs to have a badass female protagonist though. There is plenty of room in the gaming industry for different options, and Mario just fills one of many. You don’t like it, then don’t play it. It’s really that simple.

Russia finds mass graves in Aleppo

Just a brief post because I think this story is very interesting. I hope anybody who was whining about the situation in Aleppo, and calling for “something to be done” will see this story and realise that it’s a good thing that Russia and the Syrian government have liberated that city.

From Irish Independent

Russian troops have discovered mass graves in Aleppo with bodies showing signs of torture and mutilation, said the Russian Defence Ministry.

Remember how the Western media was crying about all the “atrocities” that Russia and the Syrian government were supposedly committing against Aleppo? What will they say now that these mass graves of people who were obviously killed by the forces that were in control of Aleppo the last few years, the same forces that Russia and the Syrian government were fighting against, have been discovered?

We were supposed to believe that Aleppo was better off in the hands of people like this.

The Russians “found mass graves of several dozens of Syrians who suffered atrocious torture and massacre,” said ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov.

He said some of the bodies have been mutilated and some had gunshot wounds.

Who would have thought that the Western backed “moderate rebels” would behave in such a barbaric manner?

The Russian Air Force has helped Syrian president Bashar Assad to capture Syria’s largest city after weeks of a siege. Russia has since dispatched military police to the city.

Maj Gen Konashenkov also criticised the opposition rebels, who controlled eastern Aleppo before they were pushed out earlier this month, for laying multiple booby traps and mines across town, endangering the civilian population.

“But Russia and the Syrian government were the real danger to the civilian population.”

Anyway, it’s no great secret that the West was backing the forces that were in control of Aleppo. So in that case, shouldn’t those in power in the West have to answer for this?


These mass graves full of bodies of people who experienced torture at the hands of Western backed forces serve as evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity. As the Western governments were complicit in these crimes, shouldn’t they have to take responsibility for them too?

No, my guess is, they’ll just dismiss the whole thing as yet another example of “fake news”, and try to ignore it all.

The demand for “hate crimes” outweighs the supply.

The typical “anti-semitic” hate crime, follows a very predictable trajectory. Usually, a crudely drawn swastika and hate filled message (often poorly spelled for extra effect) are found on the wall of a Jewish business or home. The media goes crazy and starts demanding something be done and there is a big moral panic over the “alarming increase in racial hatred”. A few days pass by and people start asking questions. Suddenly, holes start turning up in the original story, and this causes suspicion. Then the Jew who faked the hate crime is exposed, a brief retraction is made by the media for the purpose of feigning plausibility, and the whole sordid affair is quickly flushed down the memory hole. The lesson we’re supposed to take from all this is not that we should be skeptical about these bogus hate crime lies. No, what matters is it COULD have been real and next time, it may very well be. Then of course, “next time” comes along and the exact same process plays out.

Some day, it will happen for real, and then we’ll be sorry for not trusting them.

However, it seems that “fake hate crimes” are no longer the exclusive domain of the Jews. In the post-Trump world, everyone is getting in on the fun.

From The Blaze

Another story that the mainstream press wielded against Trump is now being exposed as a possible hoax as police have arrested an black man in the “racist” arson attack on a black church in Mississippi.

And it appears that the suspect is a member of the church:

They’ve learned well from the Jews.

The mainstream media went on a whirlwind of hand-wringing and moral haranguing after the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church was burned down and “Vote Trump” was spray-painted on its wall. Clearly this was a racist attack animated by all the racism spouted off by the Trump campaign, right?

Of course. It makes perfect sense, right? If Trump supporters want to encourage people to vote for Trump, then what better way to do it than burning down a church and writing “Vote Trump”, so people will associate their burned down church with the voting for Trump. It’s such a brilliant plan.

Not so, say police:

“We do not believe it was politically motivated. There may have been some efforts to make it appear politically motivated,” Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney, who is also the state fire marshal, told The Associated Press.

Of course it was politically motivated, just not in the way originally suspected. It was politically motivated in terms of making Trump voters look like racist caricatures who burn down black churches for absolutely no reason.

Andrew McClinton was arrested and charged with first-degree arson of a place of worship, which occurred one week before the election, no doubt in an attempt to produce ire against Trump by attempting to frame his followers.

“But it wasn’t politically motivated”.

Take this from “the Daily Beast” for example:

Will they now call McClinton an anti-Trump terrorist? Doubtful.

The investigation will continue into the arson, but it looks like the mainstream media won’t be able to pin this horrible act on Trump and his “deplorable” followers.

So it will likely just go down the memory hole instead.

“Fake hate crimes? I don’t remember any fake hate crimes”.

Oh but wait, there’s another.

From Garden City Patch.

A Plainview man was arrested Tuesday and charged with drawing hateful graffiti on the Nassau Community College campus in East Garden City on multiple different occasions, police say.

The likely suspect.

According to authorities, Jasskirat Saini, 20, of Central Park Road, was arrested at 12:38 p.m. for multiple bias incidents at Nassau Community College. Police say Saini drew two swastikas on the exterior wall of Building H and “KKK” on the floor of F Building Cluster 225 before his arrest on Tuesday.

Just your typical Neo-Nazi White supremacist right here.

Police had been responding to the campus for instances of swastikas drawn on buildings since October. Most of the swastikas were found drawn in men’s bathrooms in the various buildings around campus.

Saini is charged with multiple counts of aggravated harassment and is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday at First District Court in Hempstead.

Now just watch as both these stories are quickly forgotten about the next time we hear about an alleged “white supremacist hate crime”, as the media instantly assumes the worst. I guarantee it will happen.

A retraction.

So I may have jumped the gun in my last post when I talked about how the guilty party in the Berlin attack was a Pakistani refugee. It turns out, he was simply the lead suspect at the time and was later released due to a lack of any solid evidence against him.

It turns out that the real guy who was responsible for doing it is actually a “Tunisian Refugee” instead. I would just like to say that I’m sorry for jumping to the conclusion that a Muslim who came into Europe posing as a refugee, from a safe country was responsible, when it was actually a different Muslim, who came into Europe posing as a refugee from a different safe country who was responsible instead.

From New York Post

German police are hunting for a Tunisian refugee in connection with the deadly truck attack at a Berlin Christmas market — identifying him after finding an asylum document under the vehicle’s driver’s seat, according to reports.

The asylum seeker, who was born in the southern Tunisian city of Tataouine in 1992, is named in the document as Anis Amri, German news site Spiegel Online reported.

Born in “Tataouine” you say? That’s a very strange misspelling of “Tatooine”

This poor refugee was just trying to escape persecution at the hands of the Sand People and the Galactic Empire, and now he finds himself being accused of using a truck to kill and injure lots of innocent people. When will his suffering end?

A German security official told CNN that Amri had been arrested in the southern town of Friedrichshafen in August with forged documents en route to Italy but was released by a judge.

He is a “highly dangerous” member of a large Islamic group and received weapons training abroad before arriving in Germany last year, security sources told the Daily Mail.

“But sure we just let him into the country anyway, despite knowing how dangerous he is.”

“We just let these lions roam the streets free anyway, despite knowing how dangerous they are.”

Amri, who uses three different names, was arrested in August with a fake Italian passport and released — but his phone was said to be monitored, the Mail reported. He then disappeared in December.

Damn fine police work, just losing him like that.

“So um… where did the terrorist suspect go?”

The asylum document found in the truck announced a stay of deportation, the Telegraph of the UK reported. The document was issued in the town of Kleve near the border with the Netherlands and Belgium.

A Facebook profile in his name shows “likes” of Tunisian terror group Ansar al-Sharia, whose jihadists slaughtered 22 people at Tunis’ Bardo Museum in March 2015 and then 39 tourists at a beach resort in Sousse.

Amri, who may be injured, was being sought in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where he had been registered at a refugee shelter in the town of Emmerich on the Rhine, on the Dutch-German border, The Guardian reported.

He had ties to Salafism — an ultra-conservative branch of Sunni Islam — in connection with Islamist hate preacher Ahmad Abdelazziz A, known as Abu Walaa, from Hildesheim in Germany, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported. Abdelazziz was arrested in November.

But sure despite all this, he was just a harmless little lamb who was trying to flee the Syrian Civil War from Tunisia, and it would have been a violation of his human rights to keep him out of Germany. Sure don’t you know, everybody has a God given right to go live in any country they want. “Borders” and “National Sovereignty” are just outdated concepts invented by racist, white supremacists, for the purpose of oppressing people of different racial groups, for absolutely no reason.

Anyway, the rest of the article is pretty irrelevant. It just kind of rambles on. The important stuff was all in the beginning, but the link i there, if you wish to read the rest of it.

Oh and BTW, we also now know who was responsible for the Mosque shooting in Zurich.

From New York Times

ZURICH — A gunman who wounded three people attending prayers at an Islamic center in Zurich has been found dead, apparently after committing suicide, the Swiss police said on Tuesday.

Officials described the man as a 24-year-old Swiss citizen of Ghanaian descent, but they did not identify him by name. They said that he had no known links to terrorist groups, but that he was already wanted for the fatal stabbing of a friend whose body was found on Sunday at a playground in Zurich.

So yeah, not the white supremacist that I’m sure the media was hoping for, but a black guy instead. I don’t know how exactly they’ll use this story going forward. On the one hand, the Muslim victims fit the narrative they’ll want to push, but without a white perpetrator to blame, I’m not sure it’s really worth their while to push it. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they still use the story anyway in the future to talk about “Islamophobia”, but without making any references to the shooter himself, in the hopes that people will eventually forget the details, and just assume it was a white guy who did it. That way, they wouldn’t technically be lying, as it would just be the people making their own assumptions to suit the narrative.

We’ll just have to see.

Quick update on the Berlin attack.

In my last post from just a few short hours ago, I briefly gave an overview on the three big attacks that took place in Europe earlier today (or I guess technically speaking, ‘yesterday’ now). At the time of writing, for two of the attacks (Berlin and Zurich) it was unconfirmed who was responsible. Well, we’ve just got confirmation on the Berlin attack.

Oh no… a refugee you say? You mean one of those poor people fleeing the brutal civil war in Syria is responsible?
Oh no, he’s a “Pakistani refugee”. Is there even a civil war happening in Pakistan right now that people are fleeing? In fact, is there any justification at all for a Pakistani person to travel all the way to Germany and claim refugee status? Seriously, any justification at all?

So apparently, in at least one of the two cases which were at the time unconfirmed, we now know that yes, it was yet another Muslim responsible, one who came into the country claiming to be a refugee, and one who has no legitimate claim to refugee status anyway.

Tell me something German ladies… do you still think you have the moral high ground, welcoming these monsters into your continent as they constantly rape and murder your fellow Europeans?

I would say that the situation is getting completely absurd at this point but in all honesty, it was absurd right from the beginning. Plenty of people have warned right from the beginning that this sort of thing would happen, and we were sneered at and insulted as “racists”, or “Islamophobes”, or “Xenophobes”, or whatever other childish insult our detractors could come up with at the time. Yet time and time again, we’re being proven correct in our predictions.

We don’t have a problem with Europe’s migrant policies because we’re evil hate filled monsters with an irrational hatred towards the skin colour or geographical origins of these people. Those things are irrelevant. We have a problem with these migrant policies because we love our nations, we love our culture, we care about our own people, and we recognise exactly what is happening to us. A hostile and destructive enemy force has declared war, and is attempting to exterminate and conquer us, and many of our own people, including the national leaders who we’ve elected to represent our interests, are more concerned with not hurting the feelings of an enemy that hates us and wants us dead anyway, than protecting us from this enemy.

The typical reaction every single time something like this happens.

Go on, try and defend this ongoing insanity. I’d love to hear what kind of desperate excuses will be trotted out next. I’m guessing at some point the establishment will claim that Russia made this “Peaceful Pakistani refugee” do it somehow. If you’re an ordinary person who has been in favour of this suicidal migrant settlement programme, despite how many times it has been proven a disaster for us, I hope you’re finally willing to reevaluate things and consider the fact that maybe you were wrong to support it.

If not, then as far as I’m concerned, you’re a traitor who is guilty of supporting this ongoing extermination and subjucation of your own people.


3 major attacks in one day.

He probably just wants to talk about his feelings to a mental health professional. 

Does anyone remember the big “mental health crisis” affecting Europe earlier this year? In case you’ve forgotten, allow me to refresh your memory. Early-mid 2016 saw a crazy high amount of violent incidents in Europe occurring on a pretty much weekly basis. Most people at the time suspected that the common link between these various violent incidents was the ideology of the attackers (they were all Muslims). However thankfully, our incredibly trustworthy mainstream media (who would never dream of lying to us), were kind of enough to let us know that all these attackers simply had “mental health problems”, and the fact that they were all Muslims was just an unrelated coincidence. It could have just as easily been mentally ill non-Muslims making these attacks while shouting “Allahu Akbar” at their victims, but it just wasn’t ever the case any of these times for some strange reason.

A typical “mentally ill” man committing violent acts. He’s the real victim here.

Anyway, we’ve had a pretty quiet few months ever since, but things changed today. Today, the great “mental health crisis of 2016” came back with a bang. We’ve had three major incidents happen in Europe, all within a single day.

We’ve seen:

I don’t really have much more to say at this moment because details are fairly limited at the moment, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the development of these stories over the next few days.

I will make one prediction though. While personally, I do believe that the Zurich and Berlin attacks were committed by Muslims, if it does turn out that one or both of them were committed by white people, I can guarantee that the stories will get much more coverage in the media and the names and faces of the perpetrators will be much more famous than if they were the acts of Muslims. The media is always praying for an attack that can be blamed on a white person, as revealed in Wikileaks. Unfortunately for them, Anders Breivik’s attack happened many years ago and isn’t particularly relevant anymore, so they desperately need something fresh that they can talk about for the next few years, whenever someone dares to speak out against the diversity disaster, and they want to “prove” that the “far right are just as dangerous and as much o a threat to the future of Europe as Muslim extremists”.

If on the other hand, it isn’t white people who are responsible and it ends up being Muslims yet again, just watch as the stories quickly drop out of publication and are quietly forgotten about.

If Charles Martel had actually behaved the way our leaders behave today, there would be no Europe as we know it right now.

The Aleppo atrocity propaganda.

Just listen to the sad music. Doesn’t it just tug on your heartstrings? You should probably be lobbying your governments to declare war on Russia, in order to stop this carnage.

The past few days, social media has been flooded with countless uninformed normies virtue signalling about all the terrible atrocities apparently being committed in Aleppo right now by Russia and the Syrian government. None of these people gave a damn about this conflict before (in fact, I’m sure many didn’t even know it was even taking place), but now that the media is flooding us with stories about what is allegedly happening, everyone is tripping over themselves trying to portray themselves as good caring people who are concerned about the “poor innocent civilians experiencing a genocide at the hands of the butchers, Putin and Assad”. Gotta get that attention and supply of Facebook likes somehow, no matter how desperate it makes you look. Too bad the whole narrative is based on nothing but lies.

So lets take a look at what has actually been happening. I’ll probably be repeating a lot of points that I’ve already made in previous posts, but it’s necessary in order to really explain this situation properly. So here it goes.

-The US trains and arms a bunch of terrorists allegedly to fight ISIS. Yet despite the fact that these people supposedly exist to fight ISIS, the US instead seems more concerned with toppling the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the secular ruler of Syria who is also fighting against ISIS in the ongoing Syrian civil war. Of course this doesn’t make any sense, but it relies on the fact that the general public are too uninformed to  realise that Assad and his allies are opposed to ISIS.

Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Look at how he doesn’t even bat an eyelid or make any effort to correct himself. He literally admits that they’re training ISIS, as if it’s no big deal.

-The US claim that the terrorists they back are just “moderate rebels”. There’s no evidence any moderate opposition even exists (or at least not in any substantial numbers to make a difference).

Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

-In fact, these alleged “moderate rebels” live and work with the terrorist group Al-Nusra. Why exactly moderates would be associating with terrorists is never explained.

Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

-The official reason America gives for wanting to see the Syrian government go is to “bring democracy”. This is a lie seeing as Assad is democratically elected in an election that has international observers from 30 countries who claim it was fair and transparent.

Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

-America claims that Assad (a London educated medical doctor) is violating human rights somehow. Of course they never provide any evidence for these claims, nor do they explain why the Syrian people would democratically re-elect him in a landslide victory, if he’s really such a monster.

“Just look at this monster. I bet that cake is made from the flesh of innocent Syrian babies.”

Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4]

-Meanwhile, America is allied with Saudi Arabia who are arguably the worst human rights abusing regime on the planet, proving that they don’t give a damn about human rights and obviously have ulterior motives in toppling the Assad regime. Mainstream Western media is complicit in this by not pointing out the hypocrisy.

-It later comes out in Wikileaks that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are aiding ISIS, one of the main opposition forces that the Syrian government are fighting against, and America is fully aware of this.

Source: [1]

-Despite supposedly being against ISIS, America do nothing about this and continue to be more concerned with toppling Assad than stopping the opposition, of which ISIS and Al Nusra are the main groups and which are a far greater threat to the world than Assad.

-It also comes out in Wikileaks that the real reason America wants to topple Assad is to strengthen Israel’s position in the region.

Source: [1]

-Assad, the democratically elected, legal Syrian ruler, asks for help from his Russian allies to stop the terrorists. Russia agrees.

-Russia makes more progress in a few months pushing back terrorists than the West managed in the previous 4 years of allegedly trying to do the same thing.

-In violation of international law (as neither the recognised Syrian government or the UN security council signed off on it), America sends special forces into Syria where terrorists are operating, AFTER Russia starts pushing the terrorists back. Russia believes they are doing this in order to use their own people as human shields to protect the terrorists from Russian bombs.

Sources: [1] [2]

-Hillary Clinton has consistently advocated for “no-fly zones” in Syria. Such a policy, if implemented, could potentially lead to America shooting down Russian planes and starting a war with them.

Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

-In fact, Bernie Sanders points out the stupidity of this, and that ISIS should be the priority to deal with in this conflict, not Assad.

-America threatens to shoot down Russian and Syrian planes for operating in their own airspace, as doing so is a threat to US advisors in the region, who have no legal right to even be there.

Source: [1] [2] [3] [4]

-US general admits that this plan would start a war between Russia and America.

*Again, I’d like to reiterate that America has no right under international law to even be operating in Syria because they haven’t been given permission by either the legal Syrian government, or the UN security council to be there. Russia on the other hand was invited by the Syrian government, meaning they do have the right to be there. Therefore, if Russia threatens America over their actions in Syria, it is justified. American threats against Russia aren’t.*

-Trump gets elected and makes it clear he wants to work with Russia rather than against them. This causes problems for the original plan which was for Hillary Clinton to win the election and continue working against Russia in the region, possibly to the point of starting a nuclear war with them.

-Mainstream media starts putting out propaganda videos like the one at the top of this post, to tug on the heartstrings of ordinary, uninformed western citizens, hoping somehow that the shift in public opinion will be strong enough to push for support of the original plan of declaring war on Russia.

-This is the exact opposite of what most people want, which is for this war to end, and Assad and Russia liberating Aleppo is a necessary step in order to bring this end closer.

-It also would never have gotten this far if the West, which claims to care about human rights, hadn’t supported the terrorists in the first place. It could have been ended years ago otherwise.

-Aleppo has been under the control of ISIS and other terrorist groups the past few years btw. Would we really rather see Syria and Russia pull back on the offensive and leave groups like that in control of the city? Or, would we rather see Assad and Russia crush them, and liberate the city from their control?

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-Assad himself even calls out the mainstream media on their bullshit between timestamps 15:22 and 17:32 in the following video.

This is the alleged monster who who is supposedly committing a genocide right now.

So we have three possible narratives here and only one can be true.

1-The Syrian people democratically re-elected a brutal monster who butchers them for no reason in a free election, in a landslide, because they’re stupid, and now need their human rights protected by countries which are allied with the likes of Saudi Arabia.

2-The international observers who say the election was free and transparent, are all liars and the elections weren’t actually free at all.

3- The US government ,which has lied in the past multiple times, for example, regarding their reasons behind invading Iraq and Afghanistan, and has a history of toppling regimes they don’t approve of, are the ones who are lying this time as well when they claim Assad is a brutal tyrant who needs to removed, and they have ulterior motives for wanting to get rid of him, something which Wikileaks backs up.

I know which narrative makes most sense to me. And I hope others can see it now too.