“Teach Islam in Irish schools to stop radicalisation.”

Always with the demands. You would think that if they wanted to have Islam have much greater prominence in their lives, that they would choose to live in Muslim countries but no, instead they’re more interested in coming to our countries and demanding that we make them more like the countries they originally came from.

From Irish Independent

A leading imam has said he is “disappointed” at the Catholic Church’s rejection of a world religions curriculum for primary schools – a move he feared could encourage radicalism among young Muslims.

Would Muslim run schools teach a curriculum that included lessons about other religions? I seriously doubt they would from looking at how non-Muslim religions are treated in Muslim majority countries. So why should the schools which are run by the Catholic Church in a country which has historically been majority Catholic do so? I’m not here to defend the Catholic Church which quite frankly, is an organisation I don’t particularly care for, but in a conflict between Islam and the Catholic Church, I’ll take them any day.

Also, why is he suggesting that young Muslims might become radicalised if their religion isn’t taught in schools? Isn’t it strange how there’s this fear that young Muslims might get radicalised, unless we teach classes about their belief system, but nobody ever seems to worry about the possibility of members of other minority religions becoming radicalised. It almost makes me think that perhaps Islam is different from other religions somehow.

Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri, chairman of the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council, made his comments after it was reported by the Irish Independent that plans by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) to introduce a new curriculum on religion had been blocked by figures in the Church concerned about children receiving mixed messages.

Makes sense. Why should Irish children be confused with a mixed message in order to accommodate the needs of an alien group who voluntarily chose to come here? If they don’t like how Ireland does things, then they’re quite free to fuck off back to wherever they came from. We will not change our ways to accommodate the demands of an alien group who should be thankful just for the opportunity to live in our country.

Dr Al-Qadri warned that integration of Ireland’s Muslims was vital to avoid their potential radicalisation, and suggested visits to mosques, temples and churches as well as school visits from rabbis, imams and priests during which children could put questions to them.

Still doesn’t answer the obvious question from before. Why is there no worry about young members of other religions besides Islam becoming radicalised?

Buddhist extremists getting ready to suicide bomb a hospital, all because the Irish school system didn’t teach Buddhism as part of its curriculum.

He said that in “a handful” of places in Ireland, Muslims espoused the intolerant views that would, for example, instruct Muslims not to befriend non-Muslims. “That is the beginning of radicalisation,” he told the Irish Independent.

Why did we allow people like this into our country? We had no legal obligation, no moral obligation, and there is no tangible benefits to having them here. What was the point in doing this? We already had the example set in countries like England, France, Belgium, and Sweden as to what would inevitably happen. Why did we think Ireland would be any different?

Dr Al-Qadri was critical of the current educational provision, where pupils in Muslim schools are not regularly taught about other faiths, and Muslim children in State schools are separated from others for religious education, because he said these practices led to their “isolation from a young age”.

You know where they wouldn’t feel isolated? In Muslim majority countries, among other Muslims with a belief system similar to their own.

Explaining his disagreement with the bishops’ position, he said that while denominational schools had a right to teach their faith from their perspective, he believed there would be many benefits to adding “a standard curriculum taught in all schools that reflected the diversity” of contemporary Ireland, and that this “should try to develop acceptance, tolerance and understanding of other faiths in the child”.

There’s that horrible “d” word again, the thing we’re supposed to pretend is a strength, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

We didn’t ask for this diversity. It hasn’t benefited any country that it has been forced upon. All it has done is led to more and more conflict and division. It’s not as if this diversity is the result of a natural progression. There was one homogenous group living in Ireland, other groups were brought in, without consulting those of us already living here, and then we’re told that we need to change things in order to be more “accepting” and “tolerant” of these other groups. Why should we?

“I don’t know what the bishops were thinking,” he said.

They were putting their own group interests first and foremost, exactly like what you and your people do when you try to change things about your host societies.

“I don’t know what they were thinking”.
“I don’t know what they were thinking”.
“I don’t know what they were thinking”.


Dr Al-Qadri said it was vital that children and young people saw how the Bible and Islamic scriptures promote respect and understanding to one another.

So much respect and understanding…


“We’re not trying to convert anybody, we’re just trying to create understanding

Yes, and I’m sure the same thing was said in every other country your people have tried this trick in.


. . . I want non-Muslim children to learn that Islamic scriptures teach tolerance; there’s so much misconception about Islam,” he said.

See the “Black Pigeon Speaks” video above, or look at the information below to see that, no, there is no misconception.



11 thoughts on ““Teach Islam in Irish schools to stop radicalisation.”

  1. That is such a lazy idea :/ teach sociology! encourage critical thinking give young people the space to exercise their gray matter and to create their own views of the world around them or better yet stop ignoring the underlying problems that create the space for disenfranchised young people to search out belonging in extremist groups!!….sadly that wouldn’t suit the powers that be. They like producing nodding donkeys. Funny how they could start preventing shit happening if they really wanted to….

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    • Despite what they claim, educational facilities exist, not for the purpose of teaching young people HOW to think, but rather to teach them WHAT to think.


  2. Yes I know. Hence the way class rooms are set up with an obvious power structure. We are taught to conform to the robotic subdued existance that they plan for us. Informal education however does allow for critical analysis but policy at some stage will change that.


    • I think this meme sums it up.

      I think the most unfortunate thing is that due to a combination of busy, fast paced lives, countless distractions, and the fact that there’s such an overwhelming amount of information available, making it difficult to know where to begin, that most people are either too lazy or too apathetic to take the time or effort to think beyond whatever is required to just get by in the world.


      • I don’t think people realise how vital it is to understand how things work. They want distractions like celebrity culture and planning a weeks holiday away from the job they hate, but will endure because ‘thats what you do’. The sheer lazyness of a plan to add yet more stuff for young people to learn through forced participation is ridiculous. Religion is taught in secondary schools and it covers islam etc. It hasn’t stopped a thing!! If he stopped being a lazy fool and researched whats actually going on for those young people he deems at risk then maybe he could create a valid solution and contribute something useful! Although you calling them aliens is a bit shit


        • I don’t believe he’s looking for a solution. I believe the whole point behind his suggestion is to gradually normalise Islamic elements in Irish society, slowly but surely changing Ireland into a more Islamic society, in much the same way that we’ve seen happen in other European countries. That’s how the pattern always goes. They start off making seemingly reasonable requests, under the guise of “tolerance”, and as their numbers increase and their “reasonable requests” are met, they begin asking for less reasonable stuff, then they stop asking and start demanding. They always follow this same pattern in every country they start moving to. Ireland is just a few decades behind other countries is all.

          And I stand by my “aliens” comment. If they don’t make the effort to integrate into the host nation that was kind enough to take them in, and instead expect the host nation to change in some way to accommodate them, then I think alien is a mild word to describe them. If they willingly choose to come here, they must understand that we do things our own way. As I’ve said before if they integrate and adapt to Irish culture, and contribute to the country, I don’t care where they’re from, what colour they are, or what their religion is. If they don’t do those things, then fuck them. They’re worthless to me.


    • Lebanon was originally a religiously mixed country with a mainly Christian demographic and a large Muslim minority. In the 1960s, they started taking in many Palestinian refugees which caused the Muslim population to increase and demographic tensions to increase. Eventually in 1975 these demographic tensions resulted in the outbreak of a civil war. Since then, Islam has surpassed Christianity as the largest religion in the country.

      On a smaller scale, we see the Muslim no go zones in various European countries (most notably France) and we see Sharia courts, Sharia marriages (including polygamy) in Britain, and the increasing demand for the barbaric Halal slaughter of animals in European countries.


      • Oh and I forgot to mention that in Germany, there are “Sharia patrols” who march through areas that Muslims feel they’re in control of, wearing uniforms, intimidating people into following Islamic rules such as no drinking, gambling, public displays of affection etc., and German authorities have declared this to be legal.


  3. Do you really think they are trying to take over though or are they claiming a stake for themselves in a country they have nothing in common with? Like a sense of community and belonging?


    • Yes, I do believe they are trying to take over because that is what their entire 1400 year history has been all about, that is the pattern that we’ve seen in other European countries with a larger Muslim population than us, and in many countries, they’ve outright admitted that that is what they’re intending to do. We literally see countless examples of terrorist attacks, random violence, rapes against indigenous women and children. We see numerous examples of them isolating themselves in ghettos with Sharia law and gradually expanding these ghettos out further and further as the indigenous European populations move away. We see Imans outright telling us that they’re going to outbreed and conquer us. We see them protesting in the streets of European countries with signs telling us that they’re going to exterminate and replace us.

      If all they want a sense of community and belonging, there are two options. Either go live in an Islamic country, in a culture that is more comfortable to them, or make the effort to integrate into the culture of the host nation that they willingly chose to come live in. I’m not saying that every single Muslim is trying to conquer Europe and turn us into a Muslim continent. Plenty of them do make the effort to integrate. However, there is undeniably many who are trying to take over, and they’re not a small minority by any means, as the statistics show.


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