400 African invaders storm into Spain.

Life imitates art.

Nothing particularly new here, but I figure I haven’t been posting too much recently, so it couldn’t hurt to get something out. Don’t want to start neglecting the blog entirely.

From New York Times

MADRID — More than 400 migrants from Africa stormed across a border fence to enter Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta from Morocco on Friday in one of the biggest crossing attempts of recent years.


Ceuta isn’t even part of the Spanish mainland, yet these invaders seem to think that if they manage to cross into territory that happens to be under European control, that it somehow automatically gives them the right to be ferried into Europe. In fairness, with how pathetic and soft Europe has gotten, it really wouldn’t surprise me for a lot of politically correct, virtue-signalling, cucks in Europe to protest in favour of doing exactly that.

“Quick, some African refugee who is claiming to be fleeing the Syrian civil war, managed to make it to the Falkland Islands. Better take him straight to Britain, rather than sending him back to the safe African country he originally came from.”

The Spanish Interior Ministry’s state secretary for security, Jose Antonio Nieto, told reporters some 800 migrants had tried to get over the fence in the early morning crossing, and 438 succeeded.

And you can be sure it will not stop there. These people breed like queen ants, and the vast majority of them want to come to Europe.

There’ll never be a point were they finally stop coming because we’ve “taken all the ones who want to come in already”. New waves will keep coming until eventually, we’re overrun entirely. A proper solution needs to be implemented, or else we’re fucked.

Europe circa 2020, unless something is done.

He said 49 were treated in a Ceuta hospital for injuries. Two police officers were also slightly injured. Nieto said some migrants used sticks and stones against the officers.

“But they’re all just helpless innocents who are trying to escape a brutal civil war, and who are not violent or threatening in any way.”

It was one of the biggest charges in recent years on Ceuta’s border barrier, known as the “killer fence” because of the barbed and bladed wire that caps it.

Might be a good idea to electrify the fence next time instead. That might do a better job, keeping these invaders out. Or maybe, you might want to look to alternative solutions instead. Something along the lines of…


“Fortunately, we did not have to regret any deaths or too many injuries this time,” Helena Maleno Garzon, a member of the Caminando Fronteras (Walking Borders) group that works with migrants in Morocco, told The Associated Press by telephone from Tangiers city.

She said the migrants included teenagers and minors fleeing conflict in Mali or who had lost family through the Ebola disease in Guinea.


Wow, look at all those other countries surrounding Mali and Guinea. If they really are just fleeing conflict or the Ebola virus, why do they need to come all the way to Europe to do so, when there are other countries much nearer that they could try going to instead? If I didn’t know better, I’d say they were specifically coming to Europe, because they want to live off the wealth created by the European people.

“Where all da whyte wimminz at?”

Television video images showed many migrants celebrating and giving victory signs on having made it across.

“I wonder do they also take selfies, like the ‘Syrians’ do after successfully escaping to Greece from the brutal Syrian civil war in Turkey?”

Hundreds of sub-Saharan African migrants living illegally in Morocco try to enter Ceuta and Melilla, Spain’s other North African enclave each year, hoping to get to Europe. Both cities have six-meter (20-foot) -high border fences separating them from Morocco.

Most migrants who try to cross are intercepted on the spot and returned to Morocco. Those that make it over the fences are eventually repatriated or let go.

Well that’s a relief.

Ceuta’s accommodation center how has 1,178 migrants, more than twice its capacity.

What could possibly go wrong?



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