The Aleppo atrocity propaganda.

Just listen to the sad music. Doesn’t it just tug on your heartstrings? You should probably be lobbying your governments to declare war on Russia, in order to stop this carnage.

The past few days, social media has been flooded with countless uninformed normies virtue signalling about all the terrible atrocities apparently being committed in Aleppo right now by Russia and the Syrian government. None of these people gave a damn about this conflict before (in fact, I’m sure many didn’t even know it was even taking place), but now that the media is flooding us with stories about what is allegedly happening, everyone is tripping over themselves trying to portray themselves as good caring people who are concerned about the “poor innocent civilians experiencing a genocide at the hands of the butchers, Putin and Assad”. Gotta get that attention and supply of Facebook likes somehow, no matter how desperate it makes you look. Too bad the whole narrative is based on nothing but lies.

So lets take a look at what has actually been happening. I’ll probably be repeating a lot of points that I’ve already made in previous posts, but it’s necessary in order to really explain this situation properly. So here it goes.

-The US trains and arms a bunch of terrorists allegedly to fight ISIS. Yet despite the fact that these people supposedly exist to fight ISIS, the US instead seems more concerned with toppling the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the secular ruler of Syria who is also fighting against ISIS in the ongoing Syrian civil war. Of course this doesn’t make any sense, but it relies on the fact that the general public are too uninformed to  realise that Assad and his allies are opposed to ISIS.

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Look at how he doesn’t even bat an eyelid or make any effort to correct himself. He literally admits that they’re training ISIS, as if it’s no big deal.

-The US claim that the terrorists they back are just “moderate rebels”. There’s no evidence any moderate opposition even exists (or at least not in any substantial numbers to make a difference).

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-In fact, these alleged “moderate rebels” live and work with the terrorist group Al-Nusra. Why exactly moderates would be associating with terrorists is never explained.

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-The official reason America gives for wanting to see the Syrian government go is to “bring democracy”. This is a lie seeing as Assad is democratically elected in an election that has international observers from 30 countries who claim it was fair and transparent.

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-America claims that Assad (a London educated medical doctor) is violating human rights somehow. Of course they never provide any evidence for these claims, nor do they explain why the Syrian people would democratically re-elect him in a landslide victory, if he’s really such a monster.

“Just look at this monster. I bet that cake is made from the flesh of innocent Syrian babies.”

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-Meanwhile, America is allied with Saudi Arabia who are arguably the worst human rights abusing regime on the planet, proving that they don’t give a damn about human rights and obviously have ulterior motives in toppling the Assad regime. Mainstream Western media is complicit in this by not pointing out the hypocrisy.

-It later comes out in Wikileaks that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are aiding ISIS, one of the main opposition forces that the Syrian government are fighting against, and America is fully aware of this.

Source: [1]

-Despite supposedly being against ISIS, America do nothing about this and continue to be more concerned with toppling Assad than stopping the opposition, of which ISIS and Al Nusra are the main groups and which are a far greater threat to the world than Assad.

-It also comes out in Wikileaks that the real reason America wants to topple Assad is to strengthen Israel’s position in the region.

Source: [1]

-Assad, the democratically elected, legal Syrian ruler, asks for help from his Russian allies to stop the terrorists. Russia agrees.

-Russia makes more progress in a few months pushing back terrorists than the West managed in the previous 4 years of allegedly trying to do the same thing.

-In violation of international law (as neither the recognised Syrian government or the UN security council signed off on it), America sends special forces into Syria where terrorists are operating, AFTER Russia starts pushing the terrorists back. Russia believes they are doing this in order to use their own people as human shields to protect the terrorists from Russian bombs.

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-Hillary Clinton has consistently advocated for “no-fly zones” in Syria. Such a policy, if implemented, could potentially lead to America shooting down Russian planes and starting a war with them.

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-In fact, Bernie Sanders points out the stupidity of this, and that ISIS should be the priority to deal with in this conflict, not Assad.

-America threatens to shoot down Russian and Syrian planes for operating in their own airspace, as doing so is a threat to US advisors in the region, who have no legal right to even be there.

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-US general admits that this plan would start a war between Russia and America.

*Again, I’d like to reiterate that America has no right under international law to even be operating in Syria because they haven’t been given permission by either the legal Syrian government, or the UN security council to be there. Russia on the other hand was invited by the Syrian government, meaning they do have the right to be there. Therefore, if Russia threatens America over their actions in Syria, it is justified. American threats against Russia aren’t.*

-Trump gets elected and makes it clear he wants to work with Russia rather than against them. This causes problems for the original plan which was for Hillary Clinton to win the election and continue working against Russia in the region, possibly to the point of starting a nuclear war with them.

-Mainstream media starts putting out propaganda videos like the one at the top of this post, to tug on the heartstrings of ordinary, uninformed western citizens, hoping somehow that the shift in public opinion will be strong enough to push for support of the original plan of declaring war on Russia.

-This is the exact opposite of what most people want, which is for this war to end, and Assad and Russia liberating Aleppo is a necessary step in order to bring this end closer.

-It also would never have gotten this far if the West, which claims to care about human rights, hadn’t supported the terrorists in the first place. It could have been ended years ago otherwise.

-Aleppo has been under the control of ISIS and other terrorist groups the past few years btw. Would we really rather see Syria and Russia pull back on the offensive and leave groups like that in control of the city? Or, would we rather see Assad and Russia crush them, and liberate the city from their control?

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-Assad himself even calls out the mainstream media on their bullshit between timestamps 15:22 and 17:32 in the following video.

This is the alleged monster who who is supposedly committing a genocide right now.

So we have three possible narratives here and only one can be true.

1-The Syrian people democratically re-elected a brutal monster who butchers them for no reason in a free election, in a landslide, because they’re stupid, and now need their human rights protected by countries which are allied with the likes of Saudi Arabia.

2-The international observers who say the election was free and transparent, are all liars and the elections weren’t actually free at all.

3- The US government ,which has lied in the past multiple times, for example, regarding their reasons behind invading Iraq and Afghanistan, and has a history of toppling regimes they don’t approve of, are the ones who are lying this time as well when they claim Assad is a brutal tyrant who needs to removed, and they have ulterior motives for wanting to get rid of him, something which Wikileaks backs up.

I know which narrative makes most sense to me. And I hope others can see it now too.

6 thoughts on “The Aleppo atrocity propaganda.

  1. […] Now here we are with Syria. Just like with the Taliban in Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and Gaddafi in Libya, we have Bashar al- Assad, another brutal, genocidal maniac (if we’re to believe the mainstream media), who needs to be taken out, in order to protect the “human rights” of the ordinary Syrian people. Just as I did with Libya, I’ve also discussed in detail, how nonsensical this narrative is as well, and that can be read right here. […]


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