Quick update on the Berlin attack.

In my last post from just a few short hours ago, I briefly gave an overview on the three big attacks that took place in Europe earlier today (or I guess technically speaking, ‘yesterday’ now). At the time of writing, for two of the attacks (Berlin and Zurich) it was unconfirmed who was responsible. Well, we’ve just got confirmation on the Berlin attack.

Oh no… a refugee you say? You mean one of those poor people fleeing the brutal civil war in Syria is responsible?
Oh no, he’s a “Pakistani refugee”. Is there even a civil war happening in Pakistan right now that people are fleeing? In fact, is there any justification at all for a Pakistani person to travel all the way to Germany and claim refugee status? Seriously, any justification at all?

So apparently, in at least one of the two cases which were at the time unconfirmed, we now know that yes, it was yet another Muslim responsible, one who came into the country claiming to be a refugee, and one who has no legitimate claim to refugee status anyway.

Tell me something German ladies… do you still think you have the moral high ground, welcoming these monsters into your continent as they constantly rape and murder your fellow Europeans?

I would say that the situation is getting completely absurd at this point but in all honesty, it was absurd right from the beginning. Plenty of people have warned right from the beginning that this sort of thing would happen, and we were sneered at and insulted as “racists”, or “Islamophobes”, or “Xenophobes”, or whatever other childish insult our detractors could come up with at the time. Yet time and time again, we’re being proven correct in our predictions.

We don’t have a problem with Europe’s migrant policies because we’re evil hate filled monsters with an irrational hatred towards the skin colour or geographical origins of these people. Those things are irrelevant. We have a problem with these migrant policies because we love our nations, we love our culture, we care about our own people, and we recognise exactly what is happening to us. A hostile and destructive enemy force has declared war, and is attempting to exterminate and conquer us, and many of our own people, including the national leaders who we’ve elected to represent our interests, are more concerned with not hurting the feelings of an enemy that hates us and wants us dead anyway, than protecting us from this enemy.

The typical reaction every single time something like this happens.

Go on, try and defend this ongoing insanity. I’d love to hear what kind of desperate excuses will be trotted out next. I’m guessing at some point the establishment will claim that Russia made this “Peaceful Pakistani refugee” do it somehow. If you’re an ordinary person who has been in favour of this suicidal migrant settlement programme, despite how many times it has been proven a disaster for us, I hope you’re finally willing to reevaluate things and consider the fact that maybe you were wrong to support it.

If not, then as far as I’m concerned, you’re a traitor who is guilty of supporting this ongoing extermination and subjucation of your own people.


15 thoughts on “Quick update on the Berlin attack.

    • Fed up with being nice. I’m sick of seeing all these problems occurring in Europe constantly, then seeing those who have caused it with their support for the policies that have led us down this path, acting as if they’re the ones with the moral high ground.


  1. Hey you cant blame these things soley on the people who have supported it. Governments people in power they allow this stuff to happen. Attack them and stop talking down to people that have the same amount of power you have.


    • Except I’m not blaming it “solely on the people who have supported it”. I have specifically mentioned leaders like Merkel and Hollande for their policies, as well as the biased reporting in the mainstream media as being responsible for what’s happening, in many of my posts. The ordinary people who support it however are also responsible in their own way because these people are enablers to those in power by showing them support for these insane policies, they make it more difficult for us to remove them from power, by not voting against them, and they make it more difficult to even discuss these issues in public, by intimidating people into staying silent, for fear of being shunned as a “racist”. These people use shaming tactics against those who oppose this madness, despite the fact that they’re not the ones with the moral high ground. I’m simply using their own tactics against them.


    • I can’t for the life of me understand why you would support this insanity. I always thought from our conversations in the past that you saw things differently. I don’t see how anyone who is aware of what is actually going on (people leaving perfectly safe countries to come to Europe and then committing a huge amount of violent crimes towards European people), could continue to support it.


  2. Cause I look at both sides. Im not supporting anyone who travels with the intent to harm others. Only those who need help. I lay the blame squarely with those who have power. I feel that these occurances are either set up or known of and not stopped. All of these disasters normal people are used as fodder in are set up to create war to keep the majority of us as impoverished powerless beings. Look at the governments response to apollo house. There are do gooders that actually do good. They fight for human rights and then the govt. shuts them down.then there are those that want gender neutral everything and want to take chunks of our language away and our rights. In my eyes they work hand in hand with the types that are racists and prejudice cause both sides want to keep someone down. I support asylum because I believe people deserve safety I dont agree with how its done and I dont believe that someone on a watch list can get into a country as easily as they do. There are root problems that need to be focused on and for me the root problems are the ones with money power and amazing skills of manipulation.


    • Of course its set up. I’ve never denied that part either. However, the ultimate goal is the undermining of European National identity by ethnically cleansing and replacing the indigenous peoples of Europe, in order to eventually implement a one world government in which a global elite rules over millions of peasants who do nothing but work and consume. By supporting the current migrant policies which involve using a war in one country (Syria) to justify unrestricted mass migration from incompatible and dangerous people from countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and various African nations which are safe from war to Europe, while plenty of other safe countries are ignored along the way (the Gulf states next to Syria aren’t taking in refugees, despite having the oil wealth to do so, and being culturally closer to the Syrians, making it easier for them to integrate), it doesn’t solve these root problems at all. It’s exactly what those behind these root problems want. They destroy one country and loot its corpse, then use that destruction as justification to flood Europe with a problem that will lead to our own destruction. What people should be doing is calling out the Western leaders and lying media on starting an unnecessary and unjust war in the first place, and then slandering the countries (Russia, Iran and Syria’s government) which are actually working to fix the problem.


  3. People dont know its happening because they arent educated. You need to think global and act local. Collective action doesnt just happen


    • And yet despite not being educated on these topics, they still feel the need to act as if they are, by expressing whatever the “correct” (ie., socially acceptable) opinion is . By going along with the dominant narrative, without really thinking about it, or questioning it, they are helping it, and making it less likely that we can ever see the changes we need. If some uninformed lazy dickhead who gets his information in bite sized chunks from his Facebook timeline is smugly repeating lies and misinformation, and then judging people who have taken the time to get more informed as being “racist” or “Xenophobic” or my personal favourite, “stupid uniformed bigots”, then why should I feel any need to soften my stance towards them? I’m happy to engage with people who are just uninformed, but are willing to listen to alternative perspectives, but those who refuse to listen, and keep pushing the lies in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary… Fuck them.


    • Yeah that much, I do get. However, it’s the smugness and belief that they’re the ones who are actually awake that irritates me. I simply believe that with everything at stake regarding these issues, that they need to be shamed in the way they try to shame others.


  4. I dont think its so black and white we all see the world differently. You are shaming people that associate your views with Hitler straight off the bat. So shaming them doesnt work. Same way shaming you doesnt work.


    • Perhaps you’re right. But I don’t know what the alternative is. I think people should be treated like they treat others. If they can’t be engaged with through dialogue and discussion, and continue to try and shame those of us who think differently, after all the overwhelming evidence to support what we’re saying, then shaming seems to be the only choice left. Some people just can’t be reasoned with.


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