The demand for “hate crimes” outweighs the supply.

The typical “anti-semitic” hate crime, follows a very predictable trajectory. Usually, a crudely drawn swastika and hate filled message (often poorly spelled for extra effect) are found on the wall of a Jewish business or home. The media goes crazy and starts demanding something be done and there is a big moral panic over the “alarming increase in racial hatred”. A few days pass by and people start asking questions. Suddenly, holes start turning up in the original story, and this causes suspicion. Then the Jew who faked the hate crime is exposed, a brief retraction is made by the media for the purpose of feigning plausibility, and the whole sordid affair is quickly flushed down the memory hole. The lesson we’re supposed to take from all this is not that we should be skeptical about these bogus hate crime lies. No, what matters is it COULD have been real and next time, it may very well be. Then of course, “next time” comes along and the exact same process plays out.

Some day, it will happen for real, and then we’ll be sorry for not trusting them.

However, it seems that “fake hate crimes” are no longer the exclusive domain of the Jews. In the post-Trump world, everyone is getting in on the fun.

From The Blaze

Another story that the mainstream press wielded against Trump is now being exposed as a possible hoax as police have arrested an black man in the “racist” arson attack on a black church in Mississippi.

And it appears that the suspect is a member of the church:

They’ve learned well from the Jews.

The mainstream media went on a whirlwind of hand-wringing and moral haranguing after the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church was burned down and “Vote Trump” was spray-painted on its wall. Clearly this was a racist attack animated by all the racism spouted off by the Trump campaign, right?

Of course. It makes perfect sense, right? If Trump supporters want to encourage people to vote for Trump, then what better way to do it than burning down a church and writing “Vote Trump”, so people will associate their burned down church with the voting for Trump. It’s such a brilliant plan.

Not so, say police:

“We do not believe it was politically motivated. There may have been some efforts to make it appear politically motivated,” Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney, who is also the state fire marshal, told The Associated Press.

Of course it was politically motivated, just not in the way originally suspected. It was politically motivated in terms of making Trump voters look like racist caricatures who burn down black churches for absolutely no reason.

Andrew McClinton was arrested and charged with first-degree arson of a place of worship, which occurred one week before the election, no doubt in an attempt to produce ire against Trump by attempting to frame his followers.

“But it wasn’t politically motivated”.

Take this from “the Daily Beast” for example:

Will they now call McClinton an anti-Trump terrorist? Doubtful.

The investigation will continue into the arson, but it looks like the mainstream media won’t be able to pin this horrible act on Trump and his “deplorable” followers.

So it will likely just go down the memory hole instead.

“Fake hate crimes? I don’t remember any fake hate crimes”.

Oh but wait, there’s another.

From Garden City Patch.

A Plainview man was arrested Tuesday and charged with drawing hateful graffiti on the Nassau Community College campus in East Garden City on multiple different occasions, police say.

The likely suspect.

According to authorities, Jasskirat Saini, 20, of Central Park Road, was arrested at 12:38 p.m. for multiple bias incidents at Nassau Community College. Police say Saini drew two swastikas on the exterior wall of Building H and “KKK” on the floor of F Building Cluster 225 before his arrest on Tuesday.

Just your typical Neo-Nazi White supremacist right here.

Police had been responding to the campus for instances of swastikas drawn on buildings since October. Most of the swastikas were found drawn in men’s bathrooms in the various buildings around campus.

Saini is charged with multiple counts of aggravated harassment and is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday at First District Court in Hempstead.

Now just watch as both these stories are quickly forgotten about the next time we hear about an alleged “white supremacist hate crime”, as the media instantly assumes the worst. I guarantee it will happen.


5 thoughts on “The demand for “hate crimes” outweighs the supply.

    • I’d assume in the case of the black church burning the answer would be yes, seeing as it looked like a deliberate attempt to make Trump and his supporters look bad. Not sure about the second situation though.


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