Russia finds mass graves in Aleppo

Just a brief post because I think this story is very interesting. I hope anybody who was whining about the situation in Aleppo, and calling for “something to be done” will see this story and realise that it’s a good thing that Russia and the Syrian government have liberated that city.

From Irish Independent

Russian troops have discovered mass graves in Aleppo with bodies showing signs of torture and mutilation, said the Russian Defence Ministry.

Remember how the Western media was crying about all the “atrocities” that Russia and the Syrian government were supposedly committing against Aleppo? What will they say now that these mass graves of people who were obviously killed by the forces that were in control of Aleppo the last few years, the same forces that Russia and the Syrian government were fighting against, have been discovered?

We were supposed to believe that Aleppo was better off in the hands of people like this.

The Russians “found mass graves of several dozens of Syrians who suffered atrocious torture and massacre,” said ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov.

He said some of the bodies have been mutilated and some had gunshot wounds.

Who would have thought that the Western backed “moderate rebels” would behave in such a barbaric manner?

The Russian Air Force has helped Syrian president Bashar Assad to capture Syria’s largest city after weeks of a siege. Russia has since dispatched military police to the city.

Maj Gen Konashenkov also criticised the opposition rebels, who controlled eastern Aleppo before they were pushed out earlier this month, for laying multiple booby traps and mines across town, endangering the civilian population.

“But Russia and the Syrian government were the real danger to the civilian population.”

Anyway, it’s no great secret that the West was backing the forces that were in control of Aleppo. So in that case, shouldn’t those in power in the West have to answer for this?


These mass graves full of bodies of people who experienced torture at the hands of Western backed forces serve as evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity. As the Western governments were complicit in these crimes, shouldn’t they have to take responsibility for them too?

No, my guess is, they’ll just dismiss the whole thing as yet another example of “fake news”, and try to ignore it all.


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