Male feminist whines about how sexist Mario is.

Social justice has no end in sight. There’ll never be a point were its advocates will feel that enough is enough. They’ll always find some new “problem” to have a hissy fit over. You can just tell at this point that we’ve long gotten past the point of actual real problems, when they’re starting to complain about stupid shit like this.

From The Sun

VIDEO game critics have claimed the family-friendly Super Mario video games series is unsuitable for children because it’s SEXIST.

Mario, a video game series that has been enjoyed by millions of children, girls and boys alike, over the past three decades, the majority of whom have grown up to be perfectly normal, well-adjusted adults, is suddenly unsuitable for children, because some dickhead on the internet says so.

The Japanese games firm Nintendo recently released an iPhone game called Super Mario Run which is the first smartphone title to feature its much-loved character.

But feminists have rounded upon the game, with one writer suggesting it was time Mario was rescued BY his love interest Princess Peach, rather than going on missions to save her.

That has already happened. The game is called Super Princess Peach, and it came out about ten years ago.

Would you look at that. Mario is tied up, and the Princess has to rescue him for a change.

The game sold relatively poorly in comparison to the regular Mario series by the way, which is probably why they haven’t made another. Point is, at least they tried to do something like this, and a full decade before this dickhead started whining on the internet about it.

Chris Suellentrop, a top games reviewers at the New York Times, said the recent iPhone Super Mario Game was “inappropriate for children”.

It’s just incredible how arrogant this comes off. 30 years worth of children have been playing this series without being negatively impacted by it, but apparently it’s inappropriate for children because this guy says so.

“In an era where we can watch Frozen or Moana…this is not okay,” he said on his podcast, Shall We Play, according to Heat Street.

“Different options are not OK. Because the Princesses in Frozen and Moana are strong characters who aren’t in need of being rescued, no Princess can ever be portrayed like that again.”

I guess going by the same logic, we can’t allow children to watch any of the older Disney animated films like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or Cinderella, because they have outdated portrayals of princesses, which will somehow mess up young girls today, even though they didn’t mess up young girls from previous generations.


“People give Nintendo a pass because they’re family-friendly, you know what? This is not family-friendly.”

How is it not family friendly? What exactly isn’t family friendly about a man going to great lengths to save the woman he loves from danger? Are we just going to deny the basic biological drives of our species, in order to promote ideological nonsense? In harsher time periods, while our species was still evolving, women tended to choose a strong man, who could protect them from danger, and provide for them, as a mate. In the same way, men have a natural, biological drive to protect women because it is through women, that we are able to pass on our own genes.

In our current social environment, this kind of dynamic is less of a necessity because of the way civilisation is set up. In the modern world, in which we aren’t at war with nature and rival tribes for resources, women are quite capable of providing for themselves, and they don’t need a strong man to protect them, because we have law and order to do that instead. However, absolutely nothing about our biology has changed, as civilisation has developed quicker than our biological evolution.

As a result, despite how much our lifestyles may have changed in the last few thousand years, ultimately, we still have the same animal instincts now that our stone age ancestors had when women instinctively sought out strong men to protect and provide for them, and men had a biological drive to want to protect from harm, the women who would potentially bear their offspring. Therefore, I would contend that because our biological instincts haven’t changed, that most males will naturally identify with the male power fantasy of rescuing a princess, and most females will identify with the fantasy of being rescued and protected by a brave hero, rather than being the hero themselves. I’m not saying every single person will conform to these gender stereotypes, and for those who don’t, their preferences are perfectly valid as well, but a lot of people will identify with the gender stereotypes, so having games that cater to these perfectly natural fantasies is hardly “inappropriate for children”.

I regard these things as being inappropriate for children. Therefore, they’re inappropriate for children, because I’m the authority on these things, because I say so”.

“How dare they have fictional video game woman bake a cake for the man she loves? This sends such a horrible message to young girls somehow, even the ones who just happen to enjoy baking.”

Most Mario games involve saving Princess Peach, who has inevitably been kidnapped by the plumber’s arch enemy, Bowser.

Ina Fried, a respected technology journalist, said these old-school storylines do not reflect the modern world.

“It’s *current year*, therefore everything has to change. We won’t give any reasons why this is suddenly necessary, other than the fact that we now think the old way is outdated because of the current year.”

“We can’t allow certain types of stories to be told anymore because we consider them outdated now. Only stories that we personally approve of can be told now.”

In an article for Re/Code, she wrote: “It has been 30 years since Mario first rescued the princess back in 1985. Since that time, more than 50 women have gone into space, more than two dozen have been elected to the U.S. Senate and several hundred have climbed Mount Everest.

Wait, you mean these women managed to accomplish all those incredible things, despite such a “sexist” video game series existing? Wow, that almost makes me think that capable women are capable no matter what, and the existence of a video game series that utilises an “outdated” story, is not going to stop them from achieving. I’d also bet that statistically speaking, with how popular the Mario series is, that at least a few of these highly accomplished women have played at least one Mario game in their lifetime and yet all that “sexism” didn’t harm them in any way.

This all goes back to the point I made in my article about the campaign to convince parents to buy their sons a Barbie doll. I don’t believe for a second that there is actually any real problem here at all, but what is happening, is a bunch of insecure adults are projecting their own insecurities and failures onto children, and are finding a scapegoat to blame for these insecurities and failures, rather than taking responsibility instead.

“It’s not fair. I was well on my way to studying law at Harvard, curing the HIV virus, and becoming President. However, when I was 8 years old, I played a Super Mario game, and the sexism traumatised me so much, that I gave up on all my dreams, started living on benefits, gained about 500 pounds, and am not motivated to clean up the mess around me. None of this is my fault. It’s all Nintendo’s fault for being so sexist.

I mean come on, lets really be honest with ourselves here. How many people (and this question is for both men and women) played Mario games in their youth and started thinking that women were worth less than men because of it? Obviously, I can only cite anecdotal evidence which in the grand scheme of things, means nothing, but I will say that I certainly wasn’t thinking about gender stereotypes when I played these games. I just enjoyed them for what they were, and I’ve known plenty of female gamers who played the series, enjoyed it, and are now perfectly normal, well-adjusted young women, who haven’t been negatively affected in any way from doing so. They didn’t feel insecure as females playing a game in which the male hero has to rescue the princess. They just had fun playing the game and didn’t think any deeper than that.

“More importantly, the next generation of girls and boys are learning gender norms from, among other things, games like Super Mario Run. Personally, I think it is about time for a game where Peach rescues Mario.”

Just in case you missed it the first time.

^See the problem here. These idiots don’t even have any understanding of what they’re even complaining about. They just take a quick, superficial glance at things, think they’re suddenly well informed on the topic, and start complaining and demanding changes to things they aren’t really interested in. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Meanwhile, while this uninformed moron is complaining about the Mario series and acting as if it’s the be-all, and end-all of the video game industry, he’s ignoring the existence of the many strong female video game characters that already exist, some of whom have existed almost as long as the “sexist” Princess Peach character.

Samus Aran, first seen in “Metroid”, 1986.
Tyris Flare, first seen in “Golden Axe”, 1989.
Blaze Fielding, first seen in “Streets of Rage”, 1991.
Sonya Blade, first seen in “Mortal Kombat”, 1993
Lara Croft, first seen in “Tomb Raider”, 1996.
Jill Valentine, first seen in “Resident Evil”, 1996.
Alexandra Roivas, first seen in “Eternal Darkness”, 2002.
Bayonetta, first seen in “Bayonetta”, 2009.

And all the above are just a small example, specifically limited to strong playable female characters. There are plenty of other strong female characters in games, both playable and those in a supporting role, as well as games which allow the player to create a blank avatar from scratch of either gender.

The point I’m trying to close on, is this. The Mario series has existed for decades and has been popular with generations of children (including girls) the entire time. Women who have grown up in a post-Mario world have still managed to accomplish amazing things, despite its apparent “sexism”. Acting as if Mario’s traditional “hero rescues a princess” storyline, is somehow damaging little girls, without presenting any supporting evidence to back up this claim, is completely idiotic and intellectually dishonest. However, if you still feel that Mario is not suitable for girls because Princess Peach is a bad role model, then that’s your choice, and there are plenty of alternative games out there with strong female characters to play instead. Not every game needs to have a badass female protagonist though. There is plenty of room in the gaming industry for different options, and Mario just fills one of many. You don’t like it, then don’t play it. It’s really that simple.


15 thoughts on “Male feminist whines about how sexist Mario is.

  1. Social justice has no end in sight? I hope not. Social justice is a process not an outcome. It seeks the fair redistribution of resources and responsibilities;challenges the root of oppression and injustice; empowers all people to exercise self determination and realise their full potential. It creates social solidarity and community capacity for collective action.
    Now the internet may have come along and bastardised what social justice is to many people but in the real world social justice is still stuck at the redistrbution of resources and challenging oppression stages it isnt the extreme version that exists on your computer.Please will you people stop saying social justice like its a dirty term. It is the reason we are not living in oppression. The internet is a platform for asshats who believe that super mario is sexist, to be heard cause gods know no one listens to them in the actual world. The guy who wrote that is a mindless goon whose head is completely locked out of reality. Those real problems you mentioned exist. They are outside your door and I guarantee you that there are people that believe in social justice working stupid hours to try and help others in your community. Otherwise we are all fucked and may as well download our conciousness onto the internet and become gender neutral dolls with hips like kim kardashian and hair like donald trump….


    • I’ve absolutely no issue with people fighting against actual problems in society, or cases of genuine oppression, but it seems those issues are constantly buried beneath trivial matters like the topic of this post instead. It’s deliberately set up that way by those who hold the reigns of power in our societies. Divisions are created between people through identity politics and trivial matters like this, so we have people wasting their time attacking stupid shit, while ignoring the real problems in the world. Hell, divisions like these often result in people suffering from actual oppression being vilified as “privileged” or as “oppressors” themselves by the idiots who buy into this identity politics bullshit. For example, people fighting against the “sexism” in Mario games, may decide to demonise every straight white male gamer who enjoy these games, without taking into consideration what their actual lifestyles are like as individuals. Individuals among this demographic may live in a high crime area, with an abusive family, little opportunity for employment etc, yet because of their skin colour, gender, and sexuality, they’re automatically thought of as “privileged oppressors” by people who buy into identity politics like this. Meanwhile the actual privileged oppressors (the political, financial, corporate etc. establishment) are free to continue parasiting off of all of us and making all of our lives more difficult, all while using their influence in the mainstream media and academia (college campuses are the worst for this) to encourage these divisions to grow by promoting this nonsense.

      As for Social Justice having negative connotations as a term, that’s purely because of the actions of so called “Social Justice Warriors”. Lots of people (myself included) will often hear the term Social Justice and think “Sure it sounds like a nice term, but so did the term ‘Ministry of Love’ in 1984 and we all know how that turned out”. They say one thing, but do the exact opposite, ie., claim they’re fighting for social justice, but instead, increase social tension and disharmony. Honestly, the actual concept of genuine social justice is fine with me, but the actual term, I can no longer take seriously. Kind of like how the concept of giving women the same rights and opportunities as men is something I’m in favour of, but the term “feminism” is something I just can’t take seriously anymore because of the horrible actions committed by so many people who call themselves feminists.


  2. If you recognise that these issues are set up by the powers that be why are you buying in to it? Your whole blog does. You argue on the same level as those anti mario moanbags but dont tackle the problems beyond that. Also rubbishing social justice does nothing to help people like myself that actively tries to bring change.


    • Because we can’t simply ignore the isues caused by identity politics in the hope that they’ll eventually be satisfied and stop somewhere. We’ve tried tolerance for decades and all they’ve done is keep pushing and pushing and demanding more and more (which is the point I meant when I said that “Social justice has no end in sight”). They’re going to keep on pushing radical feminism, mass immigration from incompatible and hostile people, anti-white rhetoric in white majority countries, sexual liberation, etc., until we eventually see the complete subjugation and disenfranchisement of men, the extermination of all white people, and the legalisation of paedophilia. They’ll never ever stop no matter how much tolerance and understanding we show, so we have to call them out on their lies, hypocrisy, and their endgame, while we still can.


    • I mean there has been constant attacks for decades on Western civilisation perpetuated under the guise of “Social Justice”. It goes back to around the time of World War 1. At the time, leading Communist intellectuals believed that if a big war between the great powers ever broke out, that all across the Western world, the workers would refuse to fight and instead would join forces and rebel against their elites and create an international Communist Utopia.

      Instead, only Russia had this happen, and this confused these leading Communists at the time because it made no sense why workers, who had more in common with the class interests of workers in other countries, would fight each other instead of joining forces against their oppressors in the aristocracy and capitalist classes. This caused them to go back to the drawing board and figure out why things didn’t work out as predicted.

      In the early 1920s, some leading Marxist intellectuals came to the conclusion that the reason why it didn’t happen was because people were too loyal to their cultures, and so, identified with their culture ahead of their class. Therefore, they came to the conclusion that the only way to weaken this loyalty to culture, thus setting up an environment were a Marxist revolution could be pulled off was to undermine western civilisation entirely. In order to do this, they had to undermine the legitimacy of the architects of Western culture… straight, white, Christian, men, and to do this, they had to convince everybody who wasn’t a part of this group (racial minorities, women, religious minorities and atheists, and LGBT people) that this group was a horrible oppressor class that needed to be eliminated. Essentially, it was a re-direction of Marx’s theories from economics (the capitalist and worker classes) to culture and identity (the oppressors and oppressed).

      The people behind this were called the “Frankfurt School” and began trying to implement their plans in Germany until Hitler came to power and they fled to America, and re-established their organisation in Colombia University. By the 1960s, they had fully infiltrated the American University system, and began implementing their theories, (referred to as “Critical Theory) indoctrinating college students to believe that Western culture was evil and needed to be changed entirely, without offering a better alternative. Instead the idea is to put people who follow the norms of Western culture on the defensive and to have to justify themselves, rather than explaining why their own ideas are superior. It’s no coincidence that the gay rights movement, civil rights movement, second wave feminism, and the anti-war/counterculture all began at roughly the same time in the late 1960s, and all had their origins on American university campuses, because it all came from Marxist professors indoctrinating young American baby boomers, who grew up after WW2 had ended, and hadn’t experienced any real hardship in their lives (unlike their parents who grew up during the great depression and the second world war).

      So just for the record, I’m not saying that equal rights for gays, women, or racial minorities is something I disagree with. The problem I have, is that these things were never promoted in the first place because they wanted equality. It was never simply about equality, because they haven’t stopped there. They keep on attacking. What they want is supremacy and the extermination of that hated “oppressor group”, straight white males (followed by gay white males and all white women), and we can see this with the anti-white rhetoric spread in academia and the media. I’d suggest looking into the following terms “Frankfurt School”, “Cultural Marxism”, “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan” and “Critical Theory” to get a better understanding of wht I’m saying.


  3. Is there a point in worrying about the extermination of white males if you do nothing to challenge it? I mean we are talking in circles here. You are worried about the extermination of white males…the internet isnt where you stop that. You ignore those points and bring me to marx and critical theory which I study already actually. If those movements had not been set up what kind of world would we be living in?
    I understood your usage of social justice in your blog but destroying the term, making it seem shameful to want social justice is the exact same as someone forcing a cis label on you and making you feel bad for not using it. Im looking at blogs and opinions online and I see two opposing groups, both extreme and both will eventually join hands and walk humanity into extinction.


    • How else can I challenge it? I’m one ordinary person living in a world were the majority are asleep or brainwashed by the propaganda that I’m speaking out against. I, as an individual haven’t got any power to prevent these things from happening. Most people aren’t even aware that it’s happening, or think it’s a baseless conspiracy theory, or worse still, know it’s happening, but think it’s completely justified because we’re all “oppressors who deserve it anyway”. By discussing these topics as I am (on the internet, because that’s the only forum that I have), talking about what is going on, pointing out the hypocrisy and double standards, as well as debunking the blatant lies that we’re told, I am hopefully able do my own small part to to help draw attention to what is happening, lessen the stigma around discussing the alternative point of view on these issues and hopefully, get others thinking about what’s really going on, so eventually, there’ll be more people awake and ready to speak and act out against what’s happening. Without a proper understanding of the issues facing us, and enough awake people who understand them, resistance is impossible. What else can I possibly do to challenge it? Should I take to the streets alone, marching with a sign saying “Stop the extermination of straight white males”, thus coming off as a crazy lunatic instead?


  4. Nope no excessive shows of insanity needed unless you want to. Don’t rule it out completely it can be fun. You won’t like my answer just to prepare you.
    Do you know the problems IRISH males face? High suicide rate, no rights to their child without the mothers consent(children can be put up for adoption without the say of the father) mental health issues and a society that wants men to be ‘men’ but doesn’t listen to their problems because they are men. I said to you to think global and act local. Change starts at home. Now im not aware of any pro white male groups in Ireland but I do know their are groups that support men. Why not volunteer? Meet people hear their stories start from there? You cant change the whole internets opinion, its like screaming into a hurricane but you can work with people here to change the perception of men and help people realise that we all have the right to live without feeling ashamed of who we are. Its never a huge change but I do believe in the ripple effect and it is better then bringing yourself down to the level of anger and hatred that is spewed around by keyboard warriors. Just an idea.


    • You just had to comment just before I was about to go to bed -_-

      Anyway, I am quite well aware of those problems (well apart from the adoption thing without the father’s consent, I actually wasn’t aware of that one). In answer to your question as to why I don’t volunteer instead, there are two reasons that come to mind.

      1-There are already good people, most of whom would have far more patience and compassion than I do doing that anyway.

      2-While it’s great to help people, I think that ultimately, all it does is help those specific people and ignores the root causes of the issues. I prefer to try and look at the bigger picture… the anti-white male, cultural environment that is causing these problems, and trying to understand it better so that we can change societal views as a whole. I’m not saying that I personally have that kind of reach myself to influence that many people, but I feel as if I’m contributing in my own way. That, and it helps me deal with the frustration of seeing these things, writing about them. It’s therapeutic in its own way.

      I also highly doubt there are any “pro-white male” groups in Ireland seeing as such things are taboo. To be honest, I’d have no interest in being a part of such things anyway. I don’t desire the racial division. I’d rather live in peace and harmony. The opinions I express here are simply a reaction to what I see happening, rather than any proactive “racial hatred” or however it comes off on my end. If things changed to the point that there was no more anti-white racism being expressed, no more mass immigration from hostile groups, no more radical feminism demonising men etc, I’d feel no more of a desire to speak out. That’s exactly why Trump won by the way. While obviously genuine racists did support him, a lot of his support actually came from people like myself, who are just sick and tired of being demonised and persecuted for no reason.

      What I really don’t understand is why you care about how I choose to direct my energies.


  5. Ah yes reason number one thats everyones reason. I mentioned the pro white thing just to get your attention as I imagined youd zoned out half way through my comment. The aim of the what I suggested is to get to the root problems. Volunteering is a tool to do so. Im curious as to what your idea of peace and harmony in the world looks like. As for why I care, you ragged on social justice. I commented and it gave way to my suggestions to make change. I dont actually care . I care about terms like social justice being turned into a joke because if we actually understood what social justice is we might work towards peace and harmony as opposed to going in non sensical circles. Namaste.


    • No I didn’t zone out. I always try to read your comments carefully every time. Anyway, say I was to volunteer at something. I might be able to help the people that I work with, but would doing that really change any of the stuff that I’m talking about? Would me helping some depressed dudes to deal with their problems, stop people in power calling for our genocide and implementing policies that lead to it? I would just be ignoring the problem in favour of something else. Again, not saying my humble little blog is going to change that, but it at least makes me feel as if I’m doing my own small part to help normalise the discussion of these topics which are generally taboo to discuss right now, so that hopefully eventually, there’ll be enough people talking about them and ready to make the changes necessary. That makes me feel a little better about things.

      As for the term ‘social justice’ being turned into a joke, don’t blame me for that. Blame the people who use it to describe their campaigns to increase sympathy for paedophiles, promoting health at every size myths, radical feminism (ie, just misandry disguised as a desire for equality), the notion that there are 72+ genders with their own unique pronouns that we have to use, calling Mario games sexist, etc., and the media that gives these people a platform to promote this stuff, as if it’s on par with the fight for basic human rights and equality for all people. They made the term a joke, not me. By all means, keep fighting against genuine problems and doing what you feel is right. Don’t assume that I’m against that sort of thing, just because I can’t take the actual term “social justice” as a description seriously anymore.


  6. I think helping ‘depressed dudes’ actually does help the bigger picture yes. You are acknowledging that they have issues often caused by stereotypes and expectations put on them by society. And wouldnt acknowledging that make it a common topic and something that more and more people engage with so that we can start people on the path to actual equality instead of one sided equality? Anyways thats your choice. With regards to social justice what it stands for is important and if you believe in that would it not make more sense to stop endorsing its usage in a humourous way and try and restore belief in what it actually is? Its the only reason I commented. People see the words social justice being used in a cynical humorous way and then go with that idea. I didnt accuse you of starting that trend btw I just think that the idea of “well everyone else is doing it so im joining in” screws us over too. One person can make a change. We see things very differently so I shall leave you alone maybe just be aware that sometimes what you write doesnt challenge the problem but challenges the solution to the problem. Namaste.


    • Fair enough. I guess this is just one of those situations were we want the same end goal, but have a different perception on methods involved.


  7. […] Long considered refuges for geeks and nerds, in the western world at least, video games and comics have both generally been most popular with males, particularly white ones. Most of the most popular super-heroes have historically been white males and this makes sense when you consider the fact that most of them were invented in America, back when America was still somewhere between 85 and 90 percent white. That’s not to say that there hasn’t been female and racial minority super-heroes as as well, but the most popular ones of all, such as Batman, Superman, Spider-man, Iron Man, Captain America, etc., have all been white men. Similarly, popular video-games have usually had white male protagonists, because these are more relatable to the biggest target market, but again, plenty of exceptions exist. […]


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