“The increase in hate crimes are real… in my mind”.

A leading member of the Muslim community in Lancashire in Britain has come out and claimed that there has been an increase in the number of hate crimes against his community since Brexit. This is in direct contradiction to the actual statistics available, which suggest the exact opposite has happened. Nevertheless, we should probably believe him anyway, because it’s not as if people ever lie about this sort of thing… except for all those countless times in the past that they have.


From Lancashire Telegraph

‘There is an atmosphere of fear of intimidation’ – Community leader speaks out about concerns that hate crimes are not being reported

HATE crime is still being largely underreported in the region, according to a prominent community leader.

How can he be sure that the number of hate crimes are “underreported” if they’re not being reported? It’s kind of like the whole “If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” scenario. If hate crimes are not being reported, then how can he be so certain that they’re even happening?

“The tree does make a sound, because a Neo-Nazi, white supremacist, Islamophobe committed an unreported hate crime… or something to that effect.

The message from Lancashire Council of Mosques chairman Abdul Hamid Qureshi comes as the latest figures show reported incidents of hate crime have fallen in East Lancashire and the county as a whole since the controversial EU Referendum result in June.

Meanwhile, the number of fake hate crimes are greatly increasing since both Brexit and Trump’s election victory.

This happens a lot.

But Mr Qureshi said that was not a true reflection of the situation and said it would only get worse, especially for Muslims, in the wake of terrorism incidents such as the Berlin truck attack.

  • Muslim terrorists keep murdering European people who were kind enough to allow them into their countries.
  • Europeans keep turning the other cheek and virtue signalling about how it’s “Not all Muslims”.
  • European countries keep flooding themselves with more Muslim migrants.
  • More Muslim terrorists, murder more European people.
  • Muslims are the real victims in all this apparently.

Mr Qureshi encouraged victims of hate crime to contact the police or the third party reporting centre Resolve, based at 9a Town Hall Street, Blackburn.

While I disagree with the concept of “hate crimes” in general (because I believe that there shouldn’t be a victimhood hierarchy, were some victims are treated as if they suffer more than victims of another demographic from the exact same type of crime), I do think that crimes should be reported to the proper authorities.

He said: “I think the reason it is falling is because people still don’t feel confident coming forward and the third party reporting helpline is still in its fairly early stages.

“I think”

No evidence, just talking from his feelings.

happen to think that the real reason why there are so few hate crimes being reported, is because there are so few actually happening for real.

Also, isn’t it funny that there seems to be plenty of people feeling confident enough to report fake hate crimes, and they’re always believed by the media, until their fake story inevitably falls apart, but these alleged victims of real hate crimes apparently lack the same confidence to report their alleged real experiences, stories which shouldn’t fall apart under scrutiny?

“No, she didn’t lie. The racist, white supremacist cops just refused to believe her.”

“But those figures don’t reflect what is really going on, especially for Muslims. There is an atmosphere of fear of intimidation. That only gets worse when there are terrorist attacks. At the moment there is an increasing problem of Islamophobia, with women becoming an increasing target.”

Wow, if Europe is such a horrible, scary place for Muslims, then why do so many of them want to live here at all? Wouldn’t they feel a lot safer and less intimidated, living in a Muslim majority country, without all those scary European people to intimidate them?

Also, I think it’s very interesting that he brings up women specifically. What’s the worst thing that Muslim women have to experience from European people? Maybe some mean looks, or comments about what they’re wearing. On the other hand, lets look at what European women have to experience from Muslims.




And this piece of shit has the audacity to talk about the suffering of “the women”. What about the suffering of OUR mothers, sisters, wives, daughters etc., who have been victimised by YOUR community, after we graciously invited you into OUR homelands? Fuck you, you worthless piece of shit.

The statistics, obtained by the Lancashire Telegraph via a Freedom of Information request, show the figures initially rose in East Lancashire in July following the previous month’s referendum from 87 to 93. But in August there were 66, 69 in September, 53 in October and just 35 in November.

It was a similar picture in the county overall with a rise from 241 in June to 248 in July. They then fell throughout the rest of the year from 193 in August, to 184 in September, to 161 in October and to 139 in November.

A police spokesman said: “Hate crime in any form is wrong. That is why it is important that if hate crime happens to you or someone you know, that you report it. Sometimes you may feel that the incident is too minor to bother the police but reporting it makes a difference – to you, your friends, and your community.

I’d also bet that most victims of actual hate crimes in Britain are Polish, seeing as there seems to be this weird thing, were racists hate all foreign people, but they’re too scared of being exposed as racists, so they take out their hatred on Polish people specifically, because in their heads, it isn’t racist, as Polish people are white. At least, that’s how it looks to me. It’s the only explanation that I can think of that makes sense as to why Polish people are always singled out, in a country in which there are other outsiders who have integrated far worse than they have.


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