Ireland finally starting to take in migrants.


I’m feeling really pessimistic about this news. I really can’t see this turning out well for us, based on what we’ve seen happen in other European countries that have done this.

From Irish Times

A total of 760 refugees had arrived in Ireland by the end of 2016 under the Government’s humanitarian programme for people fleeing conflict in Syria and other war-torn countries in the Middle East and north Africa.

What are these other  “war-torn countries”? Maybe… Tunisia for example?

Remember, if it hadn’t been a Tunisian “refugee” who did the truck massacre, it could just as easily have been a native German, because that truck massacre was predetermined by the universe, and was going to happen no matter what and couldn’t possibly have been prevented by keeping that Tunisian out.

Oh sorry, I forgot. That country isn’t a warzone, but Europe is just accepting “refugees” from there anyway. Same with the likes of Pakistan, Afganistan, Bangladesh, and various sub-Saharan African countries. The majority of so called “refugees” coming into Europe, aren’t fleeing warzones. The only other war-torn countries that people are coming from that I can think of are Libya and Iraq, both of which are sending people to Europe ahead of perfectly safe countries which are geographically closer, and are culturally, religiously, and racially, more similar to them, than the European countries that they are coming to.


Of course this is very easy to figure out why, when you understand what is actually going on. The powers that be don’t give a fuck about the lives of these people. If they did, they would never have supported the policies (ie. unjust and unnecessary wars) which destroyed their countries in the first place, nor would they stand in opposition to the forces of Russia and the Syrian government which are working to clean up the mess. It makes absolutely no logical sense to cause such destruction, and then try to claim an interest in helping these people, by inviting them to come live in Europe on welfare… unless there is an ulterior motive that isn’t so obvious. And that motive, as I’ve always made clear, is the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the European people, by flooding our countries with people who will eventually outbreed, conquer, and exterminate us. It really is that simple.

Never forget about the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.
They outright state their plans. This was written a couple of years before the Migrant crisis even took off.

The Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP) was a response to the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean region caused by the mass exodus of people from conflict zones, especially Syria.

Especially Syria? Funny, because statistics available suggest that about 80% [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] aren’t coming from Syria at all.

How could you possibly say no to these poor Sub-Saharan African men, who are just trying to escape the brutal Syrian civil war?

The Government committed to admitting 4,000 people over three years in a two-strand programme.

Wouldn’t it be better to instead use those three years to work with international organisations to try and end these alleged wars so that there’ll be no need for people to even come here in the first place? I don’t understand why they think these wars will even still be happening in three years time, especially seeing as right now, Russia is starting to pull their forces out of Syria, because the war is  almost over at this point anyway.

The first strand related to displaced people who had fled the civil war in Syria and were living in camps in countries such as Turkey and Lebanon.

Already in safe countries.

These people had already been recognised as refugees and would come to Ireland under a resettlement programme.

Or maybe they can just go back to Syria instead seeing as things are starting to wrap up there.

The second strand covered people arriving in Greece and Italy by sea after fleeing Syria and other countries. They would be relocated to the State, where their asylum applications would be assessed.

Oh yes… the ones coming by sea.

Remember this video? If not, then please make sure to read the comments to get a refresher on what people really think.

A total of 240 have arrived under the second strand, while 520 have come to Ireland under the resettlement strand.

520 more refugees

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald and Minister for Children Katherine Zappone visited Greece in December.

Really? I wonder if she spoke to any of the ordinary Greek people about what the migrants are like? You know, just to get a bit of an insight into what we can expect from them.

Ms Fitzgerald committed to ensuring that 1,100 asylum seekers will have arrived in Ireland by next September. She also committed to bringing in an additional 520 refugees during 2017.

If those targets are met, more than 2,100 people will have arrived in Ireland by the end of this year, approximately half from camps in countries bordering Syria; the other half from Greece and Italy. An estimated third of the refugees will be children 12 and younger.

LOL sure. “Children”. As if they haven’t tried that one before.

Look at all these “Children”.
Or what about this 16 year old boy who is just trying to flee the Ethiopian front of the Syrian civil war.

Under the programme , those arriving in the State are granted international protection within about 12 weeks. Their initial accommodation is temporary, and is known as an Emergency Reception and Orientation Centre (EROC). They are assessed, can avail of language lessons and counselling and receive orientation about their new county. In the medium term, they move on to alternative housing

All paid for by the Irish tax-payer of course. Meanwhile, I can guarantee right now that with all the talk about the housing shortage currently affecting Ireland, that when we eventually do start building more social housing, that these migrants will be first in line to get them, not our own people.

Spread out

The Department of Justice has attempted to distribute the incoming refugees from Syria and elsewhere in as many centres as possible.

For example, about 50 have been accommodated in Portlaoise, 50 in Thurles, 50 in Co Kerry, 50 in Limerick, and 60 in Co Cork. A total of 32 are staying in an EROC at Clonea Strand Hotel in Waterford, and 27 have been accommodated in Mullingar and Athlone. In all, 86 have been relocated and resettled in Mayo, distributed between Castlebar, Westport and Claremorris.

As with direct provisions centres, some EROC facilities have been established in former hotels, which closed during the recession.

Of course, spread them all around the country where they can do maximum damage. Don’t just concentrate them in one area. We all need to be equally “enriched”.

No area can be free from the diversity, and the vast benefits it brings such as terrorism, murders, and gang rape.

I’m just going to call it right now. We’ve seen countless problems occurring all over Europe as a result of this migrant crisis. Terrorism, rapes, all kinds of random violence. Why should we expect that Ireland will be any different? No, we’re going to eventually see similar problems here if they keep this up. The numbers are insignificant right now, but eventually, there will be enough of them for there to be an impact. I really hope that I end up being wrong on this one, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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