Idiotic invaders migrate to Libya…from Libya.

Does it make me a monster that I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this story?

From The Local

After several days at sea the migrants spotted land, thinking it was Italy. Several drowned trying to swim ashore. But when the survivors reached dry land they found they were still in Libya.
What a waste. All that effort trying to invade Europe, only to fail miserably.

The treacherous and ultimately futile journey by 80 mostly Senegalese migrants had begun in Sabratha in western Libya three days earlier, one survivor recounted.

I never knew there was a war happening in Senegal. I guess maybe some of the fighting going on in Libya and Syria spilled over the border, and that’s what they’re fleeing from.

Hmm, nope. The aren’t anywhere near Libya or Syria. I guess they’re just economic migrants, like the vast majority who are coming to Europe currently.

After setting off, the boat was buffeted by rough seas and eventually ran  aground on a beach in Tripoli some 70 kilometres (40 miles) to the east.

“We thought we had already arrived in Italy,” one of the survivors told AFP.

LOL, too fucking bad.

Witnesses said several people had jumped from the boat to try to reach the beach but were unable to swim and drowned.

I just can’t get over how stupid these people are. It’s not as if they fell off the boat and had no choice but to try and swim. They literally jumped off  and tried to swim to shore, despite not being able to, rather than just waiting for the boat to reach land itself. I thought those other idiots who sank their own boat on purpose and drowned were dumb, but at least they did so with the mistaken expectation that the fishing boat they encountered would be forced to rescue them. What excuse to these guys have for jumping into the ocean for no reason, when they can’t even swim?

And the most amazing part of all, is that the media actually tries to convince us with a straight face that these are all highly educated, highly skilled, intelligent people, who will be a great asset to our workforces and our economies. How could anyone be fooled by this nonsense?

“The tragic loss of so many brain surgeons, rocket scientists, and time travel machine engineers.” ~ The way the media acts.

Those who made it to the shore alive included two women — one pregnant – and a child, and they were all in shock.

The pregnant woman sat in tears on the beach next to what was believed to be the body of her brother. She was later hospitalized.

Wow… women and children. That’s definitely something unusual. Glad they survived all the same. Hopefully they, and others like them, will be dissuaded from trying again.

The Libyan Red Crescent said it had recovered the bodies of five passengers from the beach on Wednesday and taken 80 people to shelters.

People-smugglers have exploited the chaos in Libya since the 2011 uprising that overthrew dictator Moamer Kadhafi to traffic migrants in boats to Italy 300 kilometres away.

According to the United Nations, more than 5,000 migrants and refugees died last year while trying to cross the Mediterranean.

I personally blame Angela Merkel and others like her for her blanket invitation to the entire third world to come to Europe and live on welfare. Those deaths could have been avoided, if she hadn’t made such a dangerous journey so tempting. Their on her hands.

On Wednesday, after a riot in a northern Italian migrant centre reignited political debate over how to deal with the migration crisis, ministers said they would try to reach an agreement with Libya. Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said it was one of three ‘key countries’ whose co-operation was needed to resolve the crisis.

As if that’s really necessary. It can be stopped much more easily, if the Italian navy started stopping boats and dropping the passengers right back where they came from, instead of escorting them all the way back to Europe. That’s really what the problem is. They’ve demonstrated over and over, that all these migrants have to do is get on one of their non-seaworthy boats, and sail a few miles off the coast of Libya and the vast majority of the time, the Italians will pick them up and take them the rest of the way, rather than doing the sane thing and blocking them. If the Italian navy started sending people back, word would eventually get out that they’re no longer welcoming them, and the people leaving war-free countries like Senegal, will no longer have any incentive to attempt this journey. Ergo, unnecessary drownings will be prevented, and Europe would no longer be destroying itself.


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