Corpulent slob, Michael Moore thinks he can speak for all women.


The morbidly obese slob Michael Moore, famous for his series of propaganda documentaries about how terrible the institutions of Western civilisation are, has taken a break from using the capitalist model to become a multi-millionaire, all while trying to shill to us the alleged benefits of embracing full on Communism, to instead tell us about how all the women who voted for Trump only did so because of their own “internalised misogyny”. In other words, women don’t have any agency of their own and can’t be held responsible for their own decisions, in the eyes of this bloated buffoon if they vote for someone he disapproves of. Only women who voted against Trump do, and any who voted for him, only did so because they were brainwashed by the oppression they suffer from the “patriarchy”… or something like that. They’re all just “victims” of misogyny, rather than normal adults who have a different political view than him. Lets take a look at the clip.

Direct quote:

We’ve ignored the misogyny and the sexism that is still so prevalent and ingrained, and ingrained in many of the victims, the 46% of women that voted for Trump, and the 53% of white women that voted for Trump.

It’s just incredible really how this gargantuan swine can act as if he speaks for the experiences of the millions of women who voted for Trump, and assumes they didn’t do so in their own best interests. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that maybe these women are self-confident and strong enough, not to take offence to Trump’s low-brow choices of words.

Which group of women do you think are most likely to be confident and secure in themselves, just going by your gut feeling?

Maybe these women just support his policy on Muslim immigration, because they don’t want America to go down the same path Sweden has. Maybe they were won over by his condemnation of Mexican rapists crossing the border illegally, (something even the anti-Trump, Huffington Post admits really is happening). Maybe these female Trump voters believe that Hillary is worse for women, considering the fact that her campaign was partially financed by Saudi Arabia, arguably the country with the worst record for women’s rights on the planet. Perhaps these things matter more to these women than Trump saying “sexist things”.

I don’t know, because unlike Michael Moore, I know that I cannot speak on behalf of these women, and say for certain why they voted the way they did. But I will say that they did so, I believe, because they felt that Trump was the candidate who best represented their interests. It wasn’t because they hate themselves and all other women, no matter what Michael Moore would have us believe.

14 thoughts on “Corpulent slob, Michael Moore thinks he can speak for all women.

  1. The women in the right wing box are more confident and secure….until they think about the fact that they are aging and go into a frenzy of botox stabbings and dewrinkling activities….honestly there are women from both sides that are secure in themselves and happy. Political views shouldnt come down to pretty conservative and ugly liberal. You get a good mixed bag on both. (Triggly puff does nothing to help my argument sadly) Michael Moore is being a fool making it out that women dont know their own minds. Many of them voted for Trump for personal reasons such as obamacare destroying their chances of affording medication, ironic as it is. I think some women are offended by him because they dont want the head of the goverment objectifying women but the real problem with him is that hes just pure stupid and people should focus on that.


    • I just found the “Liberal vs Conservative Women” image amusing so I posted it. I really can’t argue with any of your points though because it is a fair assessment of things. Well except, I don’t think Trump is really as stupid as people think. I think he’s being pretty strategic in how he does things such as the body language he uses and the aggressive posturing and rhetoric. Always going on the attack against opponents rather than being submissive to them. It can come off as clownish, but humans work on emotion rather than logic, so it can appeal to people on a primal level by coming off as strength and confidence rather than buffoonry. Watching interviews from him from decades past, he comes off as a completely different person at times. Very calm, level headed, and well spoken, not like the Trump we see today. I really think it’s a calculated persona (though obviously a lot of it would be natural personality traits being turned up to 11).


  2. I was wrong when I called him stupid I take that back. He is a self obsessed evil individual that strokes his own ego and gives no fucks for the human beings he represents….hes making me feel like make america great again really stands for ignorance is strenght.


    • In the case of the pipeline, I can’t really comment on it, as it’s not a topic I’ve read into enough to have an informed opinion. In the case of the abortion thing, on the one hand, I don’t see why the American taxpayer should be funding abortions in other countries (I think there’s a horrible double standard where people are always complaining that America should stop interfering in the affairs of other nations, but at the same time expect them to financially look after them), but on the other hand, I don’t agree with abortions being the specific reason to cut funding to those NGOs. Also, I don’t think he should be singled out specifically, it seems to just be a Republican policy in general. From what I understand, Reagan was the first to do it, then Bill Clinton reversed it. Then Bush did it, and Obama reversed it, now Trump is following the usual pattern, which will no doubt be undone next time a Democrat president is in power, wash, rinse, repeat, until who knows when?


  3. Ah but its not funding abortion. its supplying information to women about contraceptives and abortion. The funding goes into organisations that deal with womens reproductive rights.Now they are under threat of having funding taken away just for offering information on abortion. That is why I am annoyed. It is the taking away of knowledge and more than likely from women that need it. And Reagan and Bush are in the past this is happening now I am not using asshole decisions from the past to justify asshole descisions being made again now. Just cause its been there before doesnt mean it needs to be there again. It doesnt stop women suffering now.
    The pipeline is apparently going close to a native american reserve fucking up their water supply. He is just looking after the people that are like him.


    • Oh I’m well aware that it’s not just abortions specifically, but what I meant was that the reason why they seem to be defunding them is because of abortions as the official excuse, and seems to be the issue that the media is complaining about and I don’t really understand why, when the issues you’re bringing up are more important. It’s not something I disagree with you on mainly because overpopulation in the third world is a planet threatening catastrophe waiting to happen. Africa had a population of about 200 Million in 1950, and is expected to have one of about 4.2 Billion by the year 2100 based on current fertility rates… a 21 times increase in just 150 years. That means that by the year 2250, there’ll be 88.2 Billion people in Africa alone (well except obviously a malthusian catastrophe will happen instead leading to billions of deaths). Such population growth is a threat, not only to the third world, but to rest of the world as well, as excess populations are forced to migrate elsewhere for space and resources. That would make the current migrant issues look insignificant in comparison. Definitely not something I agree with him on. I think the third world needs some serious education in the area of family planning in order to prevent future catastrophes.


  4. Eh never mind over population what about sexual diaeases should you be saving the life of a child with one hand and taking it with another. Aids isnt gone. And abortion might be the excuse they use but no regulated NGO is going to just throw abortions at women the people that work there are there because they care about other humans they talk to them, give them all the info and support them. I have been inclined over the last few months to really not be on side with feminism but this is taking away the rights of women and its wrong. Ive ignored population issues btw because the world is terribly over populated but I think the main thing that freaks people out is that women in the western world are having one child or none in favour of work and we are being out ‘numbered’


    • Sexual diseases are obviously a big problem as well. As I said, I don’t disagree with you on this topic and am not going to jump to defend Trump on it. There’s a lot of issues that I support him on, but that doesn’t mean I’ll lower myself to defend the indefensible if he does bad things.


  5. Right now he just seems very very dangerous….also cause im too lazy to start a new convo the white vs jew thing how do you feel about Ben Shapiro?


    • He’s ok. He’s generally very well spoken and intelligent. I don’t agree with him 100% on things, but it can be entertaining watching him absolutely decimate people with information that often goes over their heads entirely. Speaks a bit too fast sometimes though.

      On the Jew issue, I’ve never claimed that every single Jew is part of the problem. It’s like with Muslims, were there’s definitely a disproportionate problem with Muslims and terrorism, or with sex attacks in Europe, but it doesn’t mean I think all Muslims are bad. Same with Jews, I believe there is undoubtedly a disproportionate amount of Jews in influential positions in the media, banking sector, academia, and the political establishment, who are pushing policies that I think are destructive to society such as radical feminism (just check here:

      see what I mean), mass immigration from incompatible people’s, and anti-white propaganda etc., but it doesn’t mean I think all Jews are part of this problem. Shapiro is one of the good ones that I have respect for, along with Nathanael kapner, Norman Finkelstein, Bobby Fischer etc.

      Though funnily enough, I remember Shapiro was part of the “Never Trump” contingent of Republicans during the election and he got a lot of abuse from Trump supporting anti-semites for being a “typical Jew” in their words.


  6. Okay wikepedia is not a credible source. Joseph Gordon levitt is not an extreme feminist. That list seems ridiculous. Yeah don’t agree with Shapiro on alot of stuff but I love watching him talk. He did make some good points on why he didnt want Trump and he is one of few who actually just tells it how he sees it and doesnt just try to spout conservative shit to keep people happy.


    • It’s not limited to “extreme feminists”, it’s just a list of prominent people who are known to identify as feminists, and categorised by their known religion. There’s a disproportionately high number of Jewish Feminists. Jews make up about 0.2% of the world’s population, and about 2% of America’s, yet make up about 55% of identified feminists who are prominent enough to have their own Wikipedia entry, and a lot of the early pioneers in the ideology, both in its development, and its increasing radicalism (like Gloria Steinem, Andrea Dworkin, Susan Sontag, Julie Bindel, and Betty Friedan etc) were Jewish, which is the point I’m trying to make. If you look at this meme for example:

      ^Not all of these women are/were radicals (I have a lot of respect for Christina Hoff Sommers, so add her to my “good Jews” list), but there are a quite few among them, and it seems to be disproportionate in terms of their population size. Though who knows, with gender studies courses getting more hateful towards men and western civilisation, indoctrinating young women in colleges, we’re bound to see a lot more radicals in the future from all demographics, balancing things out a bit more :/

      And yeah you’re right about Shapiro. I like how he just sticks to his beliefs rather than pandering to his audience.


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