“How do you do fellow white people?”

I have on several past occasions, discussed the common practice employed by Jews, whereby they claim to be white people themselves whenever they want to lecture “fellow white people” about how evil and racist we all are, or use peer pressure to trick us into making decisions that go against our own group interests, but will then hide behind their Jewish identity, whenever they want to feign victimhood, promote their own group interests, or avoid any angry backlash on white people, that they themselves have stirred up with the narrative they present about us. In fact, thanks to the internet, there are numerous examples of this habit that have been immortalised for all to see.

Lets take a look at a few.



No multiculturalism for us Jews, but my “fellow white people” must accept it.


Claims to be a white man  to tell us that we can’t experience racism.
Claims to be a white man to justify hatred towards white men.


Now you might say, what’s the big deal here? How is this any different than a white, Christian person talking about their Christian identity in some scenarios, while lecturing their fellow white people in other scenarios? Well it’s quite simple really. Christianity is just simply a religion. It is not a racial category, so when the white Christian talks about his Christianity, he isn’t renouncing his “whiteness” so to speak. On the other hand, there are a lot of people, including numerous Jews themselves, who consider “Jew” to be their racial category, not white, regardless of how light their skin pigmentation may be. They don’t consider themselves to be white in much the same way, that Australian aborigines aren’t thought of as “black” which is the racial category that we use to describe people of Sub-Saharan African descent, regardless of how dark their skin colour may be. In the same way, white as a racial category tends to refer to people of European descent, not simply to people with light skin.

Indeed there is a lot of reason to support this idea that Jews are a distinct race as they, having evolved in the Middle East rather than Europe, and later having been isolated away in ghettos from the general population of the European countries that they settled in for centuries, were limited to breeding only with each other. Therefore, they have a distinct gene pool that separates them from white people. Jews themselves are aware of this seeing as Israel actually uses DNA tests to test whether or not a prospective citizen is a Jew or not. Surely if Jews were just followers of a particular religion, then simply converting to the Jewish faith would be enough to be considered a Jew.

So you might be wondering, why exactly I’m bringing this up right now? Well, it’s because of a rather amusing video that was posted on YouTube the other day. You know how I pointed out above some examples of Jews claiming to be white people in order to lecture “fellow white people”? Well now we can see actual footage of an example of it in action.

Check it out…

I would like to particularly draw attention to the part 15 seconds in. Notice how he gives a nervous laugh when the camera man asks him if he’s Jewish? It’s as if he’s thinking to himself “Oh shit, my cover is blown”. It’s absolutely incredible to see because it’s almost exactly what leading Nazi, Joseph Goebbels says happens when they are exposed like this.


It’s very interesting to see him claiming to be representing “white men against Trump”, despite being a Jew, when you take into consideration the respective percentages of white men and Jews who voted for him.

Wow, 63% of white men voted for Trump.
But only 25% of Jews voted for Trump. Strange how white people in general overwhelmingly supported Trump, but not Jews.

This guy was attempting to promote his own Jewish interests, but to disguise it as the actions of a “white man” when doing so. It’s one thing for a group to promote their own interests, but to do so using deception and trickery, and making it look as if they’re part of another group entirely, is as low as it gets. And believe me, he knew exactly what he was doing, if his nervous laugh upon getting called out on it is anything to go by. If ever you see a Jew attempting to shame us into following policies that you think are at odds with our own group interests, it is probably a good idea to remember this video, and to remember this little piece of advice…


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