Sweden: Syrian refugee gets two month prison sentence for child rape.


I just read a harrowing story from the Islamic Caliphate of Swedecuckistan, that shocked me to my very core. I am so appalled by this blatant case of racism and human rights abuses at the hands of the Swedish (in)justice system, that I’m strongly considering contacting Amnesty International, to see if they can help this poor, innocent Syrian refugee, who has had his human rights abused like this.

From Axpixlat (Translated by Google)

In December, an alleged 19-year-old Syrian, a 13 year old girl in a school toilet, where he raped her vaginally as well as anally. Today, the man was sentenced to two months in prison.

How awful is this? Two months!!! A two month prison sentence for a minor misdemeanor such as this. All this poor defenceless  Syrian child did was rape an infidel whore, and as we all know, she probably wanted it anyway, seeing as she wasn’t wearing a burqa at the time. It’s just so heartbreaking to see such a barbaric sentence being handed down, for such an insignificant crime. Is this Sweden in 2017, or Germany in the late 1930s/early 1940s? I honestly can’t tell anymore, that’s how despicable this is.

Damn you Swedes. How could you be so inhumane, with such a barbaric sentence, easily on par with a trip here? Haven’t you ever heard of “human rights”?

It was on Wargentinskolan in Ostersund rape occurred. Mohammed Maaz Moayed claimed at first that it was voluntary, since it was the girl who dragged him to the bathroom.

Of course it was voluntary. If she isn’t completely covered from head to toe, and has any skin exposed, that’s clearly a signal to any men who see her to “please drag me into a toilet and force me to have sex. Don’t worry, even if I scream and shout at you to stop, that doesn’t mean anything”. I mean come on, do the Judge and jury in this case know anything at all?

The man was also charged for another rape of children that took place a week before the on Wargentinskolan.

And was still free to act again.

In this case, a 14 year old girl. Although this man claimed that it was voluntary and that he did not know she was under 15. Östersund District Court believes that it was voluntary in this case, and then she would soon be 15 becomes rubric child sexual abuse instead of rape.

But we can trust his word in that earlier case. Sure, he blatantly raped a girl this second time, but he’s probably telling the truth about the previous case because… um because… um… it would be racist to suggest he could be lying. Yes, that will do.

Mohammed Maaz Moayed convicted of the rape of children and sexual exploitation of children to two months in prison and probation.

Two months in prison AND probation. Damn, it just keeps getting worse and worse. How can they be so barbaric? Remember when they gave that Somali 180 hours community service for raping a child? Sure, that was a pretty harsh sentence itself, but it was nowhere near as inhumane as this. Two months in prison is already a pretty excessive sentence for raping a child, but probation as well, really tips this into the realm of “cruel and unusual punishment”.

Some day, future generations will look back on this sentence, the same way we would look upon things like these.

He was acquitted of abuse in the court case, which concerned that he would have threatened to beat 13-year-old if she told anyone about what had happened.

“But it was consensual”.

No worship on the penalty occurred in the case.

I have no idea what this means. Unfortunately, Google’s translation software isn’t the best.

Anyway, there’s another article dealing with this same story.

From Expressen (Translated by Google)

The young man forced the 13-year-old girl in a school toilet – and raped her.
Now the 18-year-old – who initially was said to be 19 – convicted of child rape.
The verdict: Two months in prison and probation.

The rape should have taken place on 21 December 2016 at a secondary school in Jämtland. The then 17-year-old man, who since then over 18, there will have pulled a 13 year old girl on one of the school’s toilets, locked the door and then raped her.

Sounds consensual alright.





We do live in Bizarro World…right?

During the trial the convicted rapist age has been a major issue. His personal shows that he was born in 1998, and was 18 years old when the crimes were committed. But by his own admission he was born in 1999. In court, he has demonstrated the extract from his family’s family book from Syria, where he is a citizen.

The judgment that you have chosen to go the latter route, the man was 17 when the crime was committed.

“For a person who is 17 years for the offense usually sentencing value to be about 1/3 of the normal penalty for an adult person. In this case, the district court judge that the sentencing value is about 10 months in prison,” reads the judgment.

We can probably take him at his word, and assume that he was a minor at the time and should be treated as such. It’s not as if migrants ever lie about their ages or anything.

Just look at this Syrian child for example, happily playing with some other kids his age. Can you believe, that some racists out there think these children sometimes lie about their ages?

Sentenced to two months in prison

“He has forced the plaintiffs to withstand the sexual acts through violence, which consisted of him – even though she asked him to stop – pressed her against a wall, against her will, pulled off her clothes, bent her forward and stuck her hips” it said in the indictment.

18-year-old was arrested the same day as the rape and interrogated claimed that it was all voluntary, but the District Court yesterday on the girl’s line:

“Her injuries and conduct after the incident prove her story about intercourse in breach of her will,” writes Östersund District Court in the judgment.

Probably just playing hard to get. You know how those infidel whores are. First, they make it clear they want to have sex with you, by not dressing to the appropriate Islamic standards. Then, when you actually try to have sex with them, they pretend they don’t want it, by struggling, screaming, scratching, crying, etc. It’s really disgraceful really, how they can play such horrible mind games, especially with these innocent Syrian children, who have already suffered enough from the Syrian civil war.

The penalty is two months in prison and probation for child rape and sexual exploitation of children. He must also pay damages of SEK 25 000 to the girl.




It just keeps getting worse and worse. I thought the two month prison sentence was cruel enough. I thought the probation was absolutely barbaric. But now, I find out he has to pay compensation to the girl as well. When will his suffering end? The Swedish authorities should be hauled before The Hague for crimes against humanity for doing this. I mean sure, the compensation will probably be deducted from his welfare, meaning the tax-payer will pay it not him, but still…

Frias abuse of judicial procedure

18-year-old was also charged for abuse of judicial procedure. He’s going after the rape said to have told the victim that she “might be subjected to ill-treatment” if she tells anyone about what happened.

“The threat was intended to give the plaintiffs cause serious fear for their own safety to person,” reads the indictment.

On the charge was dismissed by the district court.

18-year-old was also charged for another rape, which should have taken place just over a week before the school toilet. Also this time were involved an underage girl, a 14-year-old. Even in this case, he argued that it was voluntary. The District Court considered, however the incident as child sexual abuse instead of rape because the act is “characterized by a degree of reciprocity.”

Nothing more to add here. I already covered these points when discussing the previous article.

Now I think I need to take a break. I’ve never become this exhausted from sarcasm before.

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