Massive rioting in Paris.

A few months ago, I wrote a post, giving my thoughts on an article I had read which was discussing the possibility of France being on the verge of a civil war breaking out, due to the complete collapse of social cohesion and unity in the country. Now, it looks as if we might finally be seeing the beginnings of that civil war. Lets check out the footage.

Isn’t it interesting to see, that in a country that is at least 80% white, that the vast majority of visible rioters seem to be either black or Arab? This is just part of the price we have to pay for diversity and multiculturalism. We’re not seeing any integration and assimilation, no matter what lies our media and politicians tell us. What we are seeing, is a conquering army that intends to exterminate and replace us, and we are seeing this conquering army being welcomed with open arms.

The claim has been made, that the reason the riots are happening, is in response to some racist French cops, who  anally raped a black man with a baton. This is probably to make people think that the riots are justified…lashing out against the racist, white supremacist, French state. However, the reality is, that these people don’t need an excuse to riot. They’ll do it no matter what. Here’s some footage from nearly a year ago.

Here’s footage from 2014.

I doubt any of these rioters give a damn about the anally raped black man. It’s just a convenient excuse they can use. I’d also like to draw attention to how little coverage these riots are getting in the mainstream media. We’ve heard bits and pieces about “protests”, but nothing about the severity of what’s actually happening. Meanwhile, the same media has been having a go at Trump for “lying about a fake terrorist attack in Sweden”, in a speech he gave the other night. But, if we actually listen to what he said.

You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.

There was no mention about a terrorist attack specifically. Just about massive problems they’re having, as a result of taking in huge amounts of people from incompatible cultural backgrounds, and these same problems are being seen all over Europe: Germany, Sweden, and yes, France too, clearly.

This is the kind of intellectual dishonesty we’re dealing with here. Massive riots have been happening in France the past few years, Sweden’s problems, I’ve addressed more times than I can count at this point, and the media is deliberately downplaying their coverage of what has been happening, and then accusing anyone who does draw attention to it, of being a liar.

There is absolutely no worthwhile benefit as I see it, for Europe to continue with this failed multicultural experiment. Can anybody answer these questions? In what ways, do the indigenous European people benefit in compromising our own cultures, and in sharing our living space with people from incompatible cultural backgrounds? Then, can they explain how these alleged benefits (assuming some actually exist) outweigh the consequences we’re seeing such as the increase in rioting, rapes, terrorism, social tension, etc.?

Diversity is NOT a strength. It has never been a strength. It wasn’t a strength for the various ethnic groups in Yugoslavia. It wasn’t a strength for the Native Americans. It’s not a strength for the Tibetans. It isn’t a strength for the various factions in Syria. It isn’t a strength for the Loyalists and Republicans in Northern Ireland. It wasn’t a strength for the various ethnic groups in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It wasn’t a strength for the various ethnic groups in the Ottoman Empire. It wasn’t a strength for the Roman Empire in its last years. It wasn’t a strength for the Muslims and Hindus in India, before it was partitioned. It wasn’t a strength for any minority living in Nazi Germany.

And no, it isn’t a strength for the formerly unified and homogenous nation states in Europe, that it has been forced upon against our wills. Diversity has led to nothing but division, social disharmony, and chaos. The fate of all those aforementioned civilisations who experienced diversity, is the same fate facing Europe in the near future. These riots in Paris are just a taste of things to come.


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