Riots in Swedish suburb.

This image will never stop being relevant when discussing Sweden, it seems.

I just never know when the inspiration to write will hit me. Sometimes, I may go a week or so without making a single post, because there aren’t any stories that interest me. Then, we have days like today, in which I’m compelled to write twice. Apparently, there’s riots happening in Sweden. This is just particularly amusing for me to see, after watching the big deal the media made about Trump’s “lie about a non-existent terror attack in Sweden” (even though he didn’t use the word terror at all when talking about the problems Sweden is experiencing). He just said that Sweden is having problems due to massive immigration, and now we see these riots occur just two days later. I really hope the normies connect the dots here, though I’m guessing what will actually happen, is that the media outside of Sweden just won’t cover the story.

From Speisa

When Trump said that Sweden is in trouble, the trouble could not wait to prove him right.



On Monday night police were forced to fire warning shots in the immigrant dense Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, after several people started throwing stones at police.

Lets take a look at just how “immigrant dense” Rinkeby is.

89.1% immigrant population back in 2007? It must be close to 95% at this point.

Wow, what are the odds? Riots are concentrated in a place where around 90% or so of the population has an immigrant background. I wonder why the areas populated with around 90%, indigenous Swedes, aren’t also rioting? I was always led to believe that all people and cultures are equal, so why aren’t we seeing this sort of thing happen at an equal rate across all demographics?

There’s only one possible explanation. The racist, white supremacist, Swedish establishment, must be horribly oppressing these people, due to an irrational hatred of the colour of their skin, and this is causing them to lash out. It must be that, because we couldn’t possibly expect them to be responsible for their own barbaric behaviour.


– We are still in the area, says Eva Nilsson of the Stockholm police, to Expressen.

The alarm came to the police at 20:18 on Monday evening.

When police detained a person at the subway, several people began throwing stones at the police.

The police patrol was so pressured that they were forced to fire warning shots in the air.

Here’s hoping that the next shots fired won’t be a warning.

– It has calmed down a bit now, it is not about any open fights, so to speak, says Eva Nilsson.

Yes, it has calmed down “for now”. But anyone who has been paying attention, knows this is only temporary.

A police officer was hit by a stone on his arm, but it is unclear how seriously injured he was.

He’s lucky that it was just a stone. It could have been something much worse.


Police classify the event as assaulting a police officer and rioting. Photos of the site show that many cars are on fire.

Those photos will probably be flushed down the memory hole quick enough, and never mentioned again. “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia, and there was never any immigrant riots here, Winston”.

Police have retreated without completely leaving the scene.

– There is no activity at the site now, but we are still in the area, says Eva Nilsson.


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